Blunts & Bogeys by Michael Kinney

Jake Spiegel could be heard from far away. After dropping a long birdie putt, he and his playing partners screamed in excitement before giving out high-fives and fist pounds between each other. “I’ll tell you right now, this is the team you want to be a part of,” Ryan Bloemke said of the group. “The energy’s high. The weather’s great. The atmosphere’s great. Everybody’s having a good time. We couldn’t ask for more.”

This display of jubilation wasn’t at the Masters Tournament, which was being played at the same time hundreds of miles away, or some stuffy corporate retreat. Bloemke, Spiegel and the rest of their foursome from NexLeaf Cultivation were competing in the Blunts and Bogeys Golf Tournament. Hosted by Herbage Magazine, the tournament brings businesses and individuals from throughout the Cannabis industry together for an afternoon of golf, fun and Networking. The tournament was held Saturday, April 8 at the Choctaw Creek Golf Course.

“This event is important for team camaraderie and a little bit of exposure,” Bloemke said. “Just kind of exposurewith the community. But with that being said, I mean, we’re just here to have a good time and try to spread some awareness.”

With the temperatures hovering around 80 degrees, 30 teams convened in Choctaw for an afternoon on the links. But it was Exotic Cultivators who came out on topafter shooting an amazing team score of 52 over the 18 holes. Even those who didn’t take the top prize, couldn’t have been more pleased with the day, which included some very full and valuable gift bags, a catered lunch from DOPE Chef Jay , beverages and all the medical cannabis that patients could load onto their carts.

“We got blessed with the best day of the year so far for golf,” said Jamie Marshall of Dazed Cannabis. “So that along with the company getting to spend time with each other outside of work is always a positive thing. Andgetting to meet new people and getting to see what they’re doing and how they’re doing it is always interesting and fun.”

However, according to James Bridges, the Herbage Magazine founder and creator of the Blunts and Bogeys Golf Tournament, the event has always been more about bringing the industry together than the final score.

“We definitely wanted to show the overall unification of our community across the state,” Bridges said. “We had dispensaries there, we had growers there, we had processors there, we had photographers there. We had event people and festival throwers. We had distribution companies there. We even had apparel companies involved. And so, with all of these people, and with all of that, the thing I think of most is that it is VERY possible to have a group of like minded individuals gather onto a field of grass and play together as equals. Not just one sector of the industry. We can look at all the different sectors of this industry and have them come together and meet each other and have a good time and do all the things that we did in a big way. And we proved it.”

Sponsors and participants were made up of an eclectic group from around Oklahoma. They included: Oryon Cannabis, THE COWBOY CUP, Livesource Cloud, Electric Avenue Farms, Resonant Cultivation, 4H Pharms, HWY-Lines, Dazed Cannabis, NexLeaf Cultivation, The Laughing Goat, Well Rooted, The Cowboy Cup, UFCW 100, 77 Farms, Exotic Cultivators, Ruby Mae’s, Jagged Quail, The Pott County Hideout, Drip Cultivation, Stay at Home Dabs, B&K Buds, Bono-Ape, Pharm Phresh, Alliance Oklahoma, Holiday, Level Up, RX3 Gardens, and Vibe OKC.

During the past few years, Herbage Magazine has held several different golf tournaments. That includes the Herbage Golf Fall Classic, which was last held in September of 2022. Yet, this edition of the Blunts and Bogeys Tour is by far the largest he and his team have put on.

“I was more than pleasantly surprised,” Bridges said. “I think everyone benefits from it. The people that attended, participants, all of our sponsors. The golf course itself and the community of everyone that was involved. I think it was an overall success. So much so that we have scheduled our next two golf events for this year alone.”

Dan Carmel, owner of Oryon Cannabis, was excited. “As proud sponsors of Herbage Magazine’s Blunts and Bogeys, we at Oryon Canna were thrilled to see cannabis and golf enthusiasts come together. Our team is passionate about promoting the positive effects of cannabis, and events like these help us do just that. We can’t wait to continue supporting the cannabis community. Thanks again for having us, and we’re grateful to play a small part in the growth of Oklahoma’s cannabis culture.” Brandon Leinberger from Oryon Cannabis agreed with Bridges’ assessment of the need for the importance of industry-wide events like Blunts and Bogeys.

“It definitely ties people together,” Leinberger said. “No matter what you’re going to do, it’s got to make the community feel more together when you’re doing things representing the same thing and sharing fun experiences.”

The growth in the tournament can be tied to the growth in the cannabis industry and its strong ties in Oklahoma. Since medical marijuana became legal in the state, cannabis has evolved and expanded to become a lifestyle, a way of community support, commerce, and even fun.

“It’s been a great event to get together, connect and network with other owners, employees, everyone in the industry,” said Mike Cataldo of NexLeaf and LiveSource. “It’s good to be outdoors and be active and do something besides sitting around. It’s good to be out and about on a beautiful day and network. It’s good for being together with the employees as well as just talking to people. I think it’s important because it shows that you are part of something larger than just yourself. Just being part of the community is important to us and the Oklahoma cannabis community.”

Yet, it is still considered in its infancy, which is why industry events, like HerbageGolf, are important, said Hunter Hoppy from 4H Pharms. “You know the cannabis community is not too big in Oklahoma right now,” Hoppy said. “It’s still growing. So, getting everybody together and making sure everybody has their own back was good.”

Hunter used as an example the recent failed vote on State Question 820 that would have legalized the sale of recreational marijuana to anyone 21 and older as an example of why the people in the industry need to work together even more. “I work in the cannabis industry, and I work in the mobile home industry. They’re both small industries, but there is a lot of money in both industries,” Hoppy said. “So, we always stay tight-knit and we have each other’s back. I think that’s what it takes to be able to make this thing work. The vote for adult cannabis use just got voted down. I think doing things like this will keep everybody together and help make that happen one day.”

According to Cataldo, Blunts and Bogeys forces business owners to delete their more individualistic tendencies and look at the bigger picture. “I think events like this are a necessary part to grow together versus as individuals,” Cataldo said. “A lot of times we are closed off within our company and we just worry about ourselves. Events like this create partnerships where we can all grow together versus individually.”

One of the first-time competitors at the Blunts and Bogeys was Joe Lee, an organizer with UFCW 1000. His union was one of the tournament’s sponsors and provided the golf carts. As Oklahoma’s cannabis industry grows, Lee said his union wants to be part of their growth and make sure people understand just how specialized the workers are. “Cannabis workers are highly skilled professionals and should be recognized as such. They are extremely dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate about the industry. They deserve to be recognized and have a voice in the workplace. That is why the Blunts and Bogeys tournament is so important. It gave him a chance to meet and talk to business owners about what it’s going to take to help the industry grow and get stronger.

“We bring a lot of things to the table as far as political connections, affordable health insurance and retirement plans. Things like safety on the job and just helping support the industry as a whole,” Lee said. “There is a lot of people’s hard work, sweat and blood that’s gone into this industry and we want to help the industry survive and maintain.”

Almost to a person, the main word that was used throughout the day was community. Everyone seemed to know that whatever lies ahead for the Oklahoma cannabis industry, it is going to take the entire collective to keep it working and growing. “I think it’s important for us to have opportunities to get to know each other and spend time together,” Marshall said. “Because at the end of the day, we’re all in the same industry, in the same business. And there are a lot of things that it’s going to take a long time to get through all of this. I think we’re going to have to have a lot of cooperative things that we do right in order to overcome some of the challenges that we have and that we’re going to have.”

It may seem unrealistic to some that a friendly golf tournament can help strengthen and expand the cannabis industry. But those who have attended any of the past outings will co-sign on what the experience has done for them in terms of bringing people together. Bridges says that he has been grateful that the community can find a way to unify. “I know there are so many other creative ways we can accomplish such positive results. I hope others in our community can come up with new creative ideas. As always, I hope Herbage Magazine can contribute to that positive outcome in any way possible. We will continue to reach our goals by staying true to one another.. We all want the same thing. We all want people to have a better way of life. We want them to have a choice and we want them to not feel bad about that. In a way we truly are a big family.”

Herbage Magazine #53 May 2023

May 2023 Digital Issue of Herbage Magazine featuring cover artist @moedart

Read about Steve Miller and his battle with Kinetic Tremor. Hit it off with Hopper & Ron of the RX3. Check out our Feminine Divine – Hannah Pearl. A Toke of Wellness talks about mushrooms and you. As always, Chet Miller checks in with some Lettuce Learning. And let’s not forget, coverage on the Blunts & Bogeys Golf Scramble.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

It may be time to shatter any illusions you have of yourself or others. Peel away these misconceptions about your life and see yourself for the amazing being that you are and how you were intended to be. There is nothing wrong with you. Break those illusions they are not true. You or someone you love may be suffering from something painful confusing or unpleasant. You must endure and push yourself through these moments in life. You should know that you are strong and it may be incredibly hard to know that in this moment you will move past this into better times. You are not alone. Think about what it is you sincerely want out of life and whether you’re showing people your true self. Align your different personas into one and doing so you will conserve your energy. Think about situations where various personas work together to support your authentic self. Release the excess baggage from those personas so that you can find a free pass for your spirit and soul. Plan your next steps with an eye to the long term. Have patience; there are more good things to come. This is a time to end those addictions or codependencies. The difficulties are lifting. Information is coming to help you. It may be a bit uncomfortable to hear, but be present in your emotions and speak your truths with kindness Letting go of the belief systems that no longer serve you. Important life changing events and situations that will lead to significant opportunities of assistance in the forms of money, advice, and career. The outlook is bright when lead with your passion. Take a breath and know the stability you have been seeking is near.New friends will arrive and romance will flow. Take a break from society and commit to your spiritualgrowth. You have the potential to make life great!

RX3 has the R3m3dy

“Just a couple of old school stoners using new school tech to create innovative, clean, and highly potent cannabis products.”

That’s how Hopper and Ron, the team behind RX3 and R3m3dy Gard3ns describe their companies. A lot has changed in the 30 years since Hopper first started growing cannabis, and RX3 is evidence of that evolution.

The entire product line is single source, full spectrum, and solventless. It features the usual suspects- gummies and prerolls, but it’s the other products that put them on the next level. RHO is a solventless hash oil that Hopper developed while living in Humboldt County, California. The clean, solventless
version of Rick Simpson’s infamous cancer killing RSO is so powerful that a dose the size of a grain of rice is recommended to begin. He thought RHO was the pinnacle of potency, but then along came the newest addition to the lineup- RX3 Nanograms. Nanograms are made with RHO, using Nano technology, which increases the bioavailability of THC from roughly 9% to 90%. Bioavailability is the ability of a substance to be absorbed and used by the body. Simply said, it gets you really high, really fast, and lasts a long time. As Hopper calls it, “High school high”. The tiny amount needed for a big effect makes it especially user friendly. It can easily be added to any food or beverage, or drop a few drops directly in your mouth. Think everything from sushi to salsa to yogurt. The possibilities
really are endless. A package of Nanograms may only contain 25 milligrams, but because of the high bioavailability, it’s theequivalent of roughly 200 traditional milligrams, and unlike traditional edibles which may be full of sugar, dyes, animal products, and common allergens, Nanograms can be safely
used for any set of dietary needs or lifestyle preferences. Keto, vegan, low sugar, low fat, or vegetarian, it’s compatible with them all. This is truly the future of cannabis consumption.

Hopper explained that he had to leave behind the old school mindset of growing just to produce flower, and open his mind to everything that could be made with the plant, because the real product is the THC, not the flower. He also knows that you have to work with the best to get the best. That’s why they have partnered with Arcadia Brands in Edmond to make edibles and concentrates. “I’m not a gummy maker, so I found the best one there is” Coincidentally, Hopper had seen Arcadia owner,
Robert Cuthbertson, years before on a Pure Pressure YouTube video. Little did he know they be working together in the not so distant future. With their mutual love of full spectrum solventless extraction, Hopper knew it was the perfect fit. RX3 and R3m3dy Gard3ns are a labor of love and perseverance for both Hopper and Ron. The things they’ve been through since the beginning of the two ventures would have broken most, but they have chugged along. Hopper survived a near fatal case of West Nile Virus, and Ron tragically lost his brother to a senseless murder. If recovering and grieving while running a small business sounds hard, that’s because it is. “It was a tragic end to the year, with the murder of my brother,” Ron told Herbage, “but we’re back with a vengeance. We’ve been in the lab processing and making a lot of new products over the past few months. We brought our Elixir and Nanograms to market, and we’re working on a full spectrum, solventless disposable cart now. We have been working really hard these past couple of years, and on May 7th we’re going to celebrate.”
Coming up on May 7th, RX3/R3m3dy is putting on a concert at the Brickhouse Saloon in downtown Shawnee. After all the hard work they’ve been doing, it’s time for some fun, and they want everyone to come out and join them. Hed(pe) will be headlining the show sponsored by friends and business partners of RX3/R3m3dy. There will be tons of giveaways, lots of smoke, and maybe even a surprise or two. Tickets are available now on Eventbrite.

By: Pamela Jayne

There is Hope – Steve Miller Essential Tremor

Essential Tremor is a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary shaking or trembling
movements, most commonly affecting the hands and arms but also sometimes affecting the head, voice, or legs. The tremors can range from mild to severe and can worsen with movement or stress. ET is the most common movement disorder, affecting up to 1% of the population, and it typically starts in mid to late adulthood, but for Steve it began as a kid.

While the exact cause of essential tremor is unknown, it is believed to be due to abnormal communication between certain areas of the brain, particularly those involved in controlling movement. There is a genetic component to the disorder too. This hereditary condition has led his father, sisters, son and daughter to all having different levels of progression. When speaking to Steve he described the feeling as if you were sitting in a massage chair turned on high, vibrating intensely 24/7 and that’s what his day looks like, centered behind his diaphragm.

There is no known cure for Essential Tremor, but there are several treatments that can help manage the symptoms. These include medications such as beta-blockers and anticonvulsants, which can help reduce the severity of tremors, as well as occupational therapy and physical therapy, which can help improve coordination and reduce the impact of tremors on daily activities. In some cases, deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery may also be recommended, which involves implanting electrodes in the brain to help regulate abnormal movement signals.

According to Steve, he hasn’t had the best of luck with doctors being willing to hear him out and listen to him or even let him demonstrate how it’s effective, by putting a few drops of an RSO base oil, along with a combination of cannabis derived terpenes and cannabinoids. He doesn’t take any of the 43 different medications that he had previously been on for ET. Cannabis has been a major part of his healing journey for the last three years, when he started experimenting with this plant. There’s been multiple doctors who have lost Steve as a patient, simply because they wouldn’t listen to him. It also seems to be that they’re losing a Pharma patient because cannabis is healing him instead and it’s definitely a threat to the pharmaceutical industry.

Upon entering Steve’s home, he purposely didn’t want to medicate before we got there so we could see the severity of his shakes and then to see them subside. By using the RSO combo in the morning,(about 160-200 mgs) which is about 6 grains of rice, it takes quite a bit for him to help. He applies about six drops to his wrists. Eventually, he stops shaking and his symptoms are not as prevalent from the start. This is applied two times throughout the day, followed by a nice dose of RSO to help him sleep throughout the night. This formula is what he’s been experimenting with on his own, making his medicine with the help of other knowledgeable minds.

I got to sit down with Steve and chat with him about growing up, his experiences with Essential Tremors and figuring out what’s going on with it, and how he handles this disease on a daily basis. To get to know him a little better, I asked him how he grew up and what life was like dealing with ET.

Since third grade, Steve grew up in the house we were sitting in, that he currently lives in right now. I could only imagine the nostalgia and memories, being a 70 year old man living in the house you grew up in. 1962 is when they moved into the home and the main road was a dirt road at the time in the city; not anymore! Steve’s dad dealt with ET, and his mother had it too. Steve and both of his sisters also dealt with this disease, which I quickly learned can drive you absolutely mad, not being able to handle the symptoms. Steve has always had a gift of being a caretaker for other people and took care of his sister before she passed.

Drinking alcohol has been known to control the outer shakes and your cognitive function, but that can be a slippery slope. This disorder can cause people to create suicide by alcohol, and dealing with high anxiety symptoms. This method was always helpful, but not a good habit. Steve completely quit drinking though a few years ago and chooses to medicate with plant medicine only now.

Growing up was pretty tough for Steve and having Essential Tremors really affected him as a kid, even more so than being an adult. He started noticing the shakes whenever he was in first grade. His teachers even noticed it but didn’ know what to do with it, much like the doctors today he says. It wasn’t easy for him to make friends because no one wanted to talk to him, he was made fun of and always was alone, with horrible anxiety. He failed first grade and was happy taking an F, because he couldn’t get up in front of the class and talk at all. Even as an adult, he’s had trouble with finding work for the same reasons. No one wants to hire you if they see you shaking, while working on machines and working on cars often. Steve emphasizes on the fact that he’s had to reinvent himself so many times for this exact reason. The anxiety that ET brings you can come out of nowhere and makes you so anxious that you just have to keep going and allow yourself to stay busy.

Anything with purple Steve says he is attracted to and it helps him. Myrcene and Caryophyllene are terpenes that tend to help with anxiety. His first time trying RSO happened to be a full-spectrum White Widow strain that was a 1:1. It calmed his inner tremor down to 50% of what it is normally and he could actually sleep. He currently has a grower, nourishing a 1:1 strain for him now.

The disease itself changes and you have to know how to deal with it, so you can live a life to where you feel like you have some kind of healing control of your body, without it driving you mad and living a miserable life. Sounds intense, but that’s exactly what ET is, it’s intense and affects your life, your brain function, your heart, and really all areas of your life. Cannabis has been a huge tool and trauma healer for Steve.

Steve’s main goal is to help kids with this disease. To have a program and the tools in place to diagnose kids in school with it and be able to recognize this disease and what to do so they could help themselves and be better students and take care of their wellbeing, without feeling lost and alone.

During our time together we also touched on the power of other plant medicine that he hasn’t had the opportunity to dive into just yet, but plans on it to see how other plant medicines are also very beneficial to our cognitive and physical functions and could actually be surprisingly healing and powerful to a body that is experiencing Essential Tremors.

Essential Tremor Awareness, Mental Health & Cannabis Awareness are what Steve is passionate about. The power of cannabis as medicine and what it’s doing for people who experience ET is truly amazing and deeply healing in more ways than one. You can’t help but think what it would be like for everyone to be able to have access to this plant, including those who are incarcerated. This plant will eventually be healing to an entire Nation, once it goes Federally legal. In the meantime, people like Steve can share their stories and he even had the chance to medicate in front of the OMMA team and they were very moved after seeing the results right before their own eyes. He’s living out his childhood dreams and it’s touching to see. It’s one step at a time with like minded people helping others and gathering as a community to be heard.

A Toke of Wellness

Mushrooms are more closely related to animals than to plants! That’s a wild, but true, statement. Mushrooms breathe like we do. They take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Similarly to plants, they are rooted and rely on their roots for nutrition! Over millions of years, plants and animals have evolved alongside our fungi friends, and we have developed a pretty intricate relationship with them.

Despite the lack of science, ancient cultures knew medicinal mushrooms worked. The fifth century alchemist Tao Hongjing described the appearance and effects of several medicinal mushrooms. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine practices have used mushrooms as medicine for centuries and still do today! Mushrooms are also mentioned in Hippocrates’ writings from 450 BC and in many ancient Greek and Roman writings.

In our modern world, spring has arrived! From immunity to allergies and a host of other benefits, it’s time to take a closer look at the role of functional mushrooms for our wellness routines.

Our Highest Intent tinctures contain two powerful mushrooms: Lion’s Mane and Reishi. Most people ask me, “Are these psychedelic mushrooms?” The answer is, no! Psychedelic mushrooms contain compounds called psilocybin and psilocin. These compounds act on serotonin receptors and lead to altered states of consciousness and other psychological eects. Functional mushrooms contain other bioactive compounds such as beta-glucans, terpenoids, and sterols, as well as compounds specific to each type of mushroom. These compounds have exhibited various health benefits including immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Mushrooms are fat-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, and low in carbs, calories, and sodium. Additionally, they are abundant in vitamin and mineral content, along with antioxidants, which are essential to a strong immune system. Let’s take a closer look at Reishi and Lion’s Mane!

Buying Mushrooms? What to look for!
The benefits of functional mushrooms are incredible, but not all mushroom products are created equal. When buying mushroom products, here are some things to look for:

Mycelium on grain vs fruited body
Mycelium on grain is used in some mushroom products instead of fruited bodies. Mycelium has amazing benefits, but most “mycelium” products contain very little. Unfortunately, there is no way to separate mycelium from grain when it is grown on grain, resulting in an end product that is mainly grain starch.

high extraction ratios
The extraction ratio refers to the volume of mushrooms used to make the extract. In a 4:1 extract, four pounds of mushrooms make one pound of extract. Mushroom density and other physical characteristics determine that number more than extraction thoroughness. So if you see a big ratio like 100:1, then many mushrooms were wasted.

If you leave myceliated grain long enough, it will form tiny fruiting bodies on the grain. If you ground that into a powder, it would technically contain mycelium and fruited bodies, aka full-spectrum. However, the reality is that the final product will still be mostly grain starch.

Might not even contain mushrooms
In 2017, 19 reishi mushroom products were tested for compounds consistent with Reishi mushrooms. The study found that 74% of those productsdid NOT contain the proper compounds! Always research the source of the mushrooms you buy.

Extracts vs powders
Beta-glucans, triterpenes, sterols, these are the magical compounds our bodies crave and they’re locked up inside mushroom cell walls. Because our stomachs are not capable of breaking down these cell walls, these compounds must be extracted to be eective in our bodies. A mushroom supplement that is not the result of a duel-extraction will not provide the most benefit.

Mushrooms are powerful, naturally medicinal allies that can improve the quality of our daily lives. It is imperative to do proper research before purchasing mushroom products. Herbal Academy, DoubleBlind, and Oklahoma Fungi are a couple brands trusted by many to learn about
mushrooms! You can also reach out to us on instragram to learn more.

Feminine Divine – Hannah Pearl

Embracing feminine divine energy is a personal and spiritual journey that involves acknowledging and honoring the qualities and aspects associated with the feminine, such as nurturing, intuition, empathy, creativity, and receptivity.

Hannah Pearl is an Intuitive Practitioner, an Herbalist, and an Astrologer. She enjoys re-
connecting people with the natural cycles. Hannah offers services like spirit plant drawing, which is a hand-drawn art piece that attunes our frequencies to the plant kingdom to draw wisdom. Within her expertise, she offers Reiki energy healing sessions, chakra alignment and aura cleansing, which is all helpful for mental/emotional blocks. She extends her gifts to clients by offering health consultations that incorporate astrology, principles from eastern philosophy to get a deeper insight to patterns of harmony and disharmony and ways we can rebalance these energies through our daily rituals and habits.
She can help you with activating and awakening your own inner healer, understanding how
plants and herbs can improve your health and well being, the cycles of nature and how to
incorporate them for a more fulfilling life.

“The land is always speaking, we just need to get quiet enough to listen”.

Hannah is a passionate plant lady that has a dream and vision of educating and inspiring others on their spiritual/herbal awakening. She has studied Western Herbalism as well as Eastern practices since 2014 and is currently working toward being a Doctor of Natural medicine.

Ultimately, embracing feminine divine energy is about connecting with our inner wisdom,
intuition, and power, and using these qualities to create a life that is fulfilling and aligned with our true selves.

“We are energetically connected to everything, like a thread woven into a
larger quilt, or the drops of water that make up the ocean”.

I personally have had the opportunity to spend time with Hannah, as she read me my natal chart and gave me a detailed explanation of my astrology reading. I’ve always admired Hannah for her herbal concoctions and her depth of knowledge with natural medicine and her passion for the entire Universe. You can find our conversation below.

1. Hannah, tell me about how you grew up and how you were raised and what initially
sparked a joy within yourself for the outdoors, Mother Nature, and tapping into herbs,
healing and astrology?

I don’t remember having much of a consistent home until I was about 9 years old. My mom
traveled across the states with my brother and I, where we spent a lot of time outdoors. I believe that really instilled a deeply rooted love and appreciation for nature early on. My mom has always taken an alternative perspective when it comes to health preferring a more natural approach. She has been doing reiki since before I was born and she taught me the practice of meditation by the time I was 5. I took a lot of it for granted and struggled to connect, until life took my hand, or more like shoved me. I was about 16-17 years old when I developed some health issues, had already had a few traumatic life experiences, and by 19 I got hit by a car which was really the culmination point that led me down the path of integrating and aligning my mind-body-soul. It spiraled me back to the natural path and into the world of herbs and constellations. I ended up completely pivoting from trying to pursue a career as an esthetician and focusing only on the surface to diving much deeper into understanding more about my inner workings. Herbalism, nutrition, energy work and astrology are all just vehicles that have helped and continue to help me to develop a stronger connection with myself.

2. One way to embrace Feminine Divine energy is to cultivate practices that promote self-
care, self-love, and self-acceptance. In what ways do you practice these?

I practice self-love, acceptance and care through consistent conscious awareness of my inner
monologue. For a long time, I shamed myself for not doing or being enough. I was always
striving for “perfection”. If I didn’t do X,Y,Z then I was a failure. It didn’t matter what I did or didn’t do, there was always a void. I realized that the void was just calling me to come home to myself. It’s not about all the things outside of us, but what’s on the inside that counts the most. I believe that the way we speak to and treat ourselves sets the stage for the type of experiences and choices we will make in this life. When I “should” or “shouldn’t” myself, staying consistent with my practices is near impossible. It inevitably ends with self loathing. When I speak to myself with love and compassion, when I accept and sit with all of the parts of myself, even the ones that don’t feel too great, I naturally want to care for and nourish myself through healthier choices, for example doing meditation, yoga, breathwork, eating + growing + preparing nourishing foods and herbs, and whatever else feels relevant in the moment.

3. You’ve mentioned before that Mother Nature is your religion. What does this mean to

I believe that we are all a part of nature, and the idea that we are separate from our environment is an illusion. As above, so below. The macrocosm and the microcosm. Everything is so deeply interconnected, we can see this physically with the root systems and the mycelial networks underground that are constantly sharing nutrients and information bridging the seemingly separate environment. We are energetically connected to everything, like a thread woven into a larger quilt, or the drops of water that make up the ocean. I personally have found the most peace, acceptance and love for all of life when I am out in nature so it only feels right that my devotion is to my body and to this land that I inhabit.

4. What types of activities bring you joy and fulfillment?

I find so much joy in communing with nature in general, more specifically though foraging,
identifying and learning more about the flora and fauna in my area, holding sacred space for my community, holding space for my body, creating art, making herbal preparations and nourishing foods for myself and my community, and being able to share all of this with my son and loved ones.

5. How do you embrace your own Feminine Divine energy?

By fully trusting myself even when on the outside it doesn’t make sense. I believe deep down I have everything that I need within me and I don’t require external validation. And that to me is where my true power lies. Placing proper boundaries that protect my peace, I no longer take responsibility for others and their emotions. If someone doesn’t resonate with what I have to say then it wasn’t for them anyways. I do not shrink myself any longer, or reserve myself to make others feel comfortable, growth is uncomfortable and if it triggers someone that is an opportunity for them to look inside of themselves and gain new perspectives that could catalyze and shift their reality, it is not up to me. My feminine divine energy is the part of me that knows that I am not here for anyone else, I am not here to please anyone, I am here to surrender to the greater unknown that lies within and to embody my authentic self in all of its essence so that I may step forward with confidence into my divine masculine or action with a solid foundation of trust.

6. What is Ethnobotany and how do you use it to understand how our ancestors used
and honored herbal medicine?

Ethnobotany is the study of plants and their traditional uses by indigenous peoples, using this information can help us to understand the deeper relationships and importance of specific plants to the land and to our ancestors. Our ancestors had an intimate relationship with plants, without needing technology to validate their importance and I think we can all at least acknowledge that, if anything, we can use our scientific understandings of the medicinal properties of plants to validate what our ancestors already instinctively knew. We too can develop deeper relationships with plants around us by connecting with the environment. The land is always speaking, we just need to get quiet enough to listen.

7. You’re an herbalist. What’s your favorite herbal blend that you recommend to use on a
daily basis and why?

It’s hard to say, everyone is so vastly different and our needs are going to vary from person to person. I will say though that living in cycle with the seasons, using what is readily available to us in our immediate environments and paying attention to the plants that are coming up around us can make a world of difference for overall health and wellbeing. Plants release certain constituents that help them to survive as well as support the ecosystem as a whole, the types and amounts of constituents that are released are based on different environmental factors, such as the temperature, sun exposure, water, soil quality, etc. We are also exposed to these factors, so we can benefit from those specific protective and preventive constituents by utilizing the plants and herbs that are growing around us. Some examples of springtime herbs are dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), henbit (Lamium amplexicaule), deadnettle (Lamium purpureum) and wild violet (Viola odorata). As they start to blossom, they are supportive for our bodies in different ways such as strengthening our elimination pathways, alleviating allergies, boosting our immune system, and more, so that our bodies have an easier time transitioning into summer.

8. Can you tell me about your company, Eighth Chakra Healing and what your vision is?

Eighth Chakra is a company that my mother, Virginia Underwood and I started. We provide
various tools, services, classes as well as facilitate ceremonial circles for the community with the intention of providing a space for individuals to develop a deeper connection with
themselves so they can begin to tap into the innate divine wisdom that is available to us all. We have an ultimate goal of having a regenerative retreat center, where we will steward native species and provide a place for the community to gather and integrate their wholeness by connecting with the land, themselves, and one another.

9. Being a mother amongst all of the other things you do, how do you find balance in
your work and life?

It’s a practice, every day looks different. I focus on taking it moment by moment, breath by
breath. Tuning into and prioritizing my needs helps me to find harmony with all the moving parts. I find that if my cup is full, then I am able to pour into everything else more readily.

10. Do you have any books that you’re currently reading that you really enjoy or absolutely recommend? I love to know where minds are attracted to.

There are so many books that I love, the list could go on and on but one book in particular that very much changed my life and still holds relevance to this day is called, You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter by Dr. Joe Dispenza. This book is a great example of how powerful our minds are, that what we believe about ourselves and our capabilities can determine how external influences affect us. I finished this book the day before I was hit by a car, I sustained some severe injuries and I am lucky to be here now. When I woke up 3 days later, I had a completely different perspective on life. Whereas before I was overwhelmingly depressed, I had no motivation to keep going and I was praying for something to take me out so that I could escape myself, and all of my feelings. When I awoke, I was renewed and all I could express was gratitude for being alive another day. The hospital staff was shocked at how fast my burns and bones were mending and I truly believe that my outlook, and attitude towards the situation changed the outcome. For this reason I would without reservation recommend this book.

11. If you could go back and tell your younger self anything that you needed to hear
during a time when you didn’t receive it. What would you say?

You are not responsible for anyone else’s emotions, thoughts or actions, all of which are merely reflections of the way people feel and what they believe about themselves. Keep doing you, it is okay to be misunderstood. It is okay to stand out from the crowd, you were never meant to fit in. Your unique perspectives and expressions are a blessing. Keep cultivating respect for yourself, and don’t give your power away or play small for anyone else, you do not require anyone else’s validation in order to be worthy, you are innately worthy simply by being here, that’s the only validation that you need. The only thing you can control in this life is the way you perceive it and the responses you have to it, forcing your way will only create more resistance and suffering. Trust that you are making the right decisions, there are no mistakes. What is meant for you will never miss you! I love you.

12. As a woman and everything you embody, how are you creating a life you love on your
own terms?

I am following my heart, regardless of the external “noise”. If it doesn’t feel right, then it’s not for me even if everyone else is doing it. I believe that only we as individuals know what’s truly best for ourselves, and we have the power to tap into our inner knowing by developing a deeper relationship and understanding of ourselves. Continuing to be present with and creating space for all that comes up, for all that I ever was, will ever be and all that I am.

Hannah is such a beautiful and intelligent soul. I’m sure you agree after ending up right here. I love how she’s fully embracing her inner wisdom and Feminine Divine. Her passions and drive for life, community and listening to her inner wisdom really takes her the places she wants to go and is inspiring! Our thoughts and words are extremely powerful and Hannah is here to remind you of your own innate wisdom. Don’t ever forget, no one is you and that’s your power.

You can keep up with Hannah and services she offers at www.eighth-chakra.com
You can also get to know Hannah more and find her featured on The Cannabis Hangout
Podcast, Ep. #87.

Lettuce Learning by Chet Tucker

With a saturated cannabis market here in Oklahoma, it’s important to understand not only basic economics but also how your product or service fits or outshines. At the date of this writing, we have over 6,800 licensed growers serving a medicinal market that makes up about 10% of the state’s population (aka Med-Rec with the ease of getting a medical card). That number would still be considered high even if it were serving the 4 million residents (and those traveling in) had the vote gone recreational. Obviously, had our vote gone recreational, it would have “bailed” out thousands of
businesses that are fighting for survival. Add the fact that we have 1,800+ processors and we all get the picture … there’s no green rush! That ship has sailed for the foreseeable future which means those that are here for the long haul have to continue finding ways to improve and diversify to remain.

Specific to the wholesale vendors, how do your businesses do more than survive in such a flooded marketplace? I believe it takes a plethora of angles to do more than make ends meet. First, I believe you have to truly have a passion for what you’re producing and selling. Sounds like a no-brainer but like any other business or product, there has to be a rooted passion for what you’re doing to truly excel but even more critical in a market that has nearly 10,000 different businesses competing for consolidating dispensary shelf space. So, whether you’re here producing flower, carts, edibles, topicals, tinctures, etc., you first have to be all-in with your work ethic and passion for setting you and your business apart!

Next, you have to determine how you’re setting yourself apart from the parking lot full of vendors vying for dispensary and patient need and desire. Flower makes up a majority of sales, especially if you consider pre-rolls which are followed by carts, edibles, concentrates and then to the even tighter market of the variety of products that make up the remaining 5% of sales. If you’re diversified in the space, it could certainly help if you’re standing out in a few different product categories. With so many options for patients and dispensaries to choose from, what makes your product or service stand above the rest? Is it a unique or sought after product or strain? Is it backed with product guarantees to the dispensary and patient? Is it professionally packaged and distributed properly? Is it consistent quality? With the state of the market, it really needs to be all the above!

So, how do you even make it in the door? One of the first wins in business is being “first to market”. For those that’ve been here since inception or have expanded from other states, they will have a much higher success rate than those just entering the market. Dispensaries and patients have had years to become familiar with and trust the quality and consistency of the vendors that have established themselves. For the thousands that have come in over the last year or two, it’s about all of the aforementioned and the value add of being professional and consistent in your sales approach. In my last article, I shared that you certainly have to be patient and kind as you understand that not every dispensary will carry your product and let’s be honest, there are some that you may not want to be in or that can afford certain tiers because their geography within the state doesn’t match the dollars that can be spent.

When the market first took off, dispensaries were scrapping for any and all products they could get in and even when trying to build long term relationships and/or contracts, most weren’t willing to make said deals because of the supply and demand and the uncertainty of whether those businesses would last. However, the market is still lopsided with the supply being high (yes, I said high) and the demand not meeting the level of production that’s coming out of cultivation and processing facilities. Sadly, there’s been many frustrated with this flipped conundrum and taking it out on each other. That’s not good business. If you’re in a single lane (not vertically integrated), it’s important to understand that while some dispensaries may be negotiating at high margins, many are passing on the savings to the patients to compete at the retail level. Retail cannabis spaces don’t have the “luxury” of the expense write-offs that other cannabis businesses are able to leverage. Additionally, they will typically have a higher cost of real estate (lease) and more compliance certifications and fees within their respective city limits. Last, they are responsible for the 7% marijuan tax on top of all other taxes and expenses. Let’s wrap with some of the basics and etiquette that can be shared between both the retailers and wholesalers.

It’s important to respect each other’s time and business space. For vendors that are out there hustling face to face, store to store, be respectful and mindful of the retail space in which you enter. You certainly will always take a back seat to any patients/customers that are in the store and I believe most everyone gets this “rule of thumb”. If you do come face to face, bring your professionally packaged samples/products … and bring your best. Too often, I’ve personally heard, “well this isn’t what we currently have” or “this is some older stuff, our new stuff is much better”. You will quickly lose any credibility if you’re bringing older samples or stuff that isn’t professionally packaged to display/pitch. There are far too many that have it together so you’ll be wasting your gas and time if you’re not coming to make the best impression. Next, respect the owner, purchasing manager, or budtender that may say “no” to even seeing the product or declining it. They may have other appointments or they may not be taking in new products at that time. Shoot for a date and time on a calendar if they are interested. If they do agree to check out your product, make sure you’re sharing what you need and that you’re not taking up too much time. The good ol’ elevator pitch of 2-3 minutes should be enough to make the impression needed for a small chance at an on-the-spot sale or a chance to come back for a sale and delivery.

For dispensaries, I feel it’s equally important to be open and honest about where you’re at with products and needs. No need to waste anyone’s time if you’re not taking on any new products or if you are only looking for a specific product. Additionally, it’s not hard to be kind to the person that’s out trying to share their products and earn a living. If they call or come in, be kind and respectful and guide the person for a future date or sharing that you will take a card or look them up and get back with them. Most importantly, if an appointment or sale delivery was made, someone should be there for the appointment or to call and reschedule ahead of time if they aren’t going to make the appointment. If there is a delivery, it’s critical that money is there and the transaction is completed. I’ve personally experienced deliveries to dispensaries where there was no money or they weren’t prepared for the delivery even though it was properly communicated. That’s unfair to the vendors and the person that’s on a schedule of deliveries. Last, many dispensaries have websites with customer/vendor contact form to make appointments. It’s a wise use of everyone’s time to leverage these for making appointments or avoiding wasted time with a business that’s not interested in taking on new products. All in, it’s common courtesy and doing your best to respect your fellow man. Next month, we’ll dive into the power of online awareness and communications and how they can streamline and improve credibility and opportunities.

420 – Ours to Keep

The name “420” has become synonymous with the cannabis lifestyle and a celebration that occurs every April In many parts of the world, it’s a day when people come together to get high and enjoy cannabis infused foods, drinks and music. But the origins of this cherished date are so complex that it can be challenging to figure out where it came from and what it means.

Originally, the term 420 was a code that five high school students in San Rafael California, used to refer to their daily meeting at 4:20 pm. They called themselves the Waldos and met at a wall outside their school to discuss weed.

They had heard about an abandoned marijuana crop based on a treasure map, and they decided to search it out. They drew a map, found their meeting time, which just so happened to be 4:20, and planned to go to the Louis Pasteur statue on campus to start their search.

Their plan was to light a joint at the Louis Pasteur statue and then drive around the area in their car looking for the plot. They didn’t find the plant they were looking for, but they did make a plan to meet again at 4:20 pm and light a joint again, which became the basis for 420.

They later passed on this code to their friends, who also began saying the word 420. Eventually, the term spread throughout California, and it was also adopted by Grateful Dead fans, who started to use the phrase as well 420 has become a part of the language of cannabis culture and there is no end in sight!


Cultivation Corner

You’ve been waiting for me to talk about the flowering stage, so here we are, just in time for 4/20!

While 4/20 is a ceremonial event for us all, it really has no bearing on our cultivation schedule. As indoor growers, we pick and choose when we want to grow, and if we want to grow all year ‘round, so it shall be!

While spring time is great for our brothers and sisters in the greenhouse and outdoor sectors to start planting seeds and sourcing clones, us indoor growers have our own schedule.

In last batch of articles, I have been discussing the importance of setting clear goals and objectives for your annual cultivation plan, as well hammering home the importance of running a strict operation during your vegetative stage. As I’ve said before, nail your chore list during veg and you set yourself up for great success during flower.

In this article, I want to run down how to transition your plant from veg to flower.

Preparing your Plants for the Switch from Veg to Flower.

Prior to flipping your plants into flower, go ahead and prune them 1 to 2 weeks prior to the flip.You should really clean them up before switching your light cycle. Why?

Because of the post-vegetative stretch (or the pre-flower stretch, depending on your preferred nomenclature).

After your plants get used to the additional rest time from the extra amount of darkness…they will blow up! Literally. It’s like watching teenage boys go through puberty, but in an even shorter time frame.

During the first three weeks of the 12/12 light cycle, expect your plants to double in height. They will produce tremendous growth, vertically and horizontal. Expect lots of foliage underneath.

Which means get ready for some defoliation and major canopy management!

This is why we advise you to get a head start on this madness by pruning during the last week or two of veg.

The Introduction of High Intensity Light to Immature Plants

Through trial and error, we have found that plants respond best when we don’t immediately hit them with 1,000 watts of HPS lighting the day they are switched from veg to flower.

Instead, we have found it optimal to titrate the light intensity in a linear fashion during the first three weeks. This reduces shock and stress on immature plants going from one extreme to the other. None of which is necessary.

Your plants will be just fine under very modest amounts of PPFD1 during the initial week. Remember, your plants were just under veg lights, which are usually equivalent to 300 or 400 watts.. not very intense. You don’t want to immediately pound them with 1,100 watts!

Hopefully you are using a light that allows you to dial in the exact output/intensity. We recommend starting your flowering stage with your lights set around 600 watts. From there, you can increase each week, or every few days.
By the end of second week, you should be around 800 watts or so. From there, you will keep increasing. You will want to hold peak light intensity between Weeks 3 and 6, and then start cranking down your light intensity in Week 7. (You can also start turning down your temps during this time to bring out maximum color expression).

For more on light cycling, check out this video:

Managing your New Canopy

Canopy management is a big part of achieving huge yields, as well as quality buds. How well (or how poorly) you manage your canopy of flowers will dictate the outcomes, both in quanitity, and quality.

Poor canopy management will lead to low yields, larfy buds, and less than ideal bud density and quality. Ever seen a bud that just looked like it didn’t finish all the way? Sub-optimal outcomes can be attributed to many things, but most of those can be deduced down to canopy management.

In the next article, we will discuss the importance of tackling defoliation, utilizing trellis netting, and how to coast to optimal outcomes during your flowering stage.

A Toke of Wellness

Delta 9 thc, commonly known as just THC, is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. It is responsible for most, but not all, of the plant’s medicinal effects. When inhaled, ∆9 THC is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and swiftly distributed to cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. This rapid absorption means onset time is quick, but the effects aren’t as lasting as edibles. When ingested in oil form, ∆9 THC is metabolized by the liver and converted into a new compound, 11-hydroxy-THC.

11-Hydroxy-THC is more potent and longer lasting than ∆9 THC. However, in this case “more potent” and “longer lasting” don’t automatically mean “better” or “more reliable”. With 11-hydroxy-THC the onset and duration of its effects can be more unpredictable than ∆9 THC. This is because the time it takes for the liver to metabolize ∆9 THC can vary depending on the person’s metabolism, the dose consumed, and whether they ate shortly before or after.

Full-Spectrum Extract refers to extracts that contain all of the natural compounds found in cannabis plants, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Rather than a single compound on its own, this combination of compounds work together and rely on each other to produce a greater therapeutic effect.

BROAD-Spectrum Extract The CBD market, defines broad-spectrum cannabis extracts as a type of extract that contains a variety of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids (minus THC). However in the THC market, broad-spectrum refers to an extract that maintains a variety of cannabinoids, but no terpenes or flavonoids. While terpenes are medicinal compounds, they are volatile oils that often get destroyed in digestion and are better absorbed via inhalation.

ISOLATE Extract To obtain a single cannabinoid from the cannabis plant (like CBD or THC), an isolate extraction is utilized. In this process, all other components of the plant, such as terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids, are removed. Typically, harsh techniques, like solvents, are used to strip the targeted cannabinoid from the rest of the plant material. The end product is a highly concentrated, powdered form of the single cannabinoid. Most of the cannabis products on the market that are formulated with specific ratios of cannabinoids (1:1, 12:1, 1:1:1, etc.) typically rely on cannabis isolates to achieve these exact ratios.

CANNABIS OILS , whether they are full or broad spectrum, are highly concentrated extracts made through various extraction methods. However, when cannabis oil is consumed in an edible form, most of the therapeutic cannabis material is destroyed during digestion as oil and water do not mix, and the human body is mostly made up of water. As a result, only a small amount of the ∆9 THC in the oil can be absorbed by the body. Once absorbed, it is metabolized into 11-hydroxy-thc which is responsible for the “edible high” from oil-based edibles.

NANO EMULSIFIED / WATER SOLUBLE Cannabis oils can be made more bioavailable by emulsification. This process breaks down cannabinoids into small particles, increasing their surface area for better absorption. Nano cannabinoids can be up to 10x more bioavailable than traditional oil-based cannabinoids, thus improving their therapeutic effectiveness. Nanoemulsions keep THC from being converted to 11-hydroxy-THC, bypassing liver metabolism and entering the bloodstream directly. As a result, the effects are more predictable and consistent, reducing unexpected side effects.

NATURAL FLAVORS + COLORS Cannabis edibles can be flavored and colored with many natural ingredients. Most of them are made from essential oils, extracts, or distillates of natural ingredients: fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, minerals, and animal products (unless they’re vegan!). Natural ingredients are often preferred over artificial because they do not contain synthetic chemicals or artificial

ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS + COLORS Synthetic and artificial ingredients can pose processing challenges for the body both in the short and long term. These components have the potential to disrupt the body’s metabolic and hormonal functions. Often, artificial ingredients are derived from natural sources and chemically modified to enhance flavor or color. In contrast, certain ingredients such as Yellow 5, Yellow 6, and Red 40 are entirely synthetic.

SUGARS + SWEETENERS Edibles can be sweetened with natural or artificial options. Fruit puree contains naturally occurring simple sugars, fructose and sucrose, making it a natural choice. Allulose, found in some fruits, is a rare sugar, but not necessarily environmentally sustainable when produced at scale. High fructose corn syrup is a cheaper, commonly used sweetener, but associated with health risks such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Sugar-Free can be beneficial for some patients’ particular needs, however artificial sweeteners are often substituted in place of natural sugar to achieve a sweet sugar-free edible.

MELATONIN Sleep and wake cycles are regulated by melatonin, an essential hormone produced by the body. Supplemental melatonin can disrupt the body’s natural production and can sometimes cause unwanted side effects such as daytime drowsiness, headaches, and nausea. Reishi mushroom, which encourages the body’s own melatonin production, is a more natural sleep aid.

GELATIN is derived from collagen found in the skin, bones, and connective tissues of animals, usually cows or pigs. It’s commonly used in the production of cannabis gummies to give them their shape and texture. Because gelatin is derived from animal collagen, it is high in certain amino acids that can be difficult for the gut to break down. Occasionally consuming gelatin is not harmful, but regular consumption can cause health issues such as irritating the lining of the gut, bloating, gas, and constipation.

Raise Your Highbration

Vibrational medicine is a wealth to add to anyone’s skill tree, be it a novice smoker, or a seasoned stoner! After all, just because someone’s proficient in an art doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to learn, and we all want the most holistic high we can create for ourselves, right?

Let’s begin by defining ‘vibrational medicine’.

Everything and everyone has a vibration. It’s a state of being that can be high or low depending on the stimulus on your everyday environment and how you choose to relate to it internally.

Cannabis has a vibration too, and that vibration changes the more the plant is tampered with, for example, with PGR’s (plant growth regulators) or even the disposition of the grower as its tending to budding plants.

Interestingly enough the plant, alongside carrying its own vibration acts like an enhancer for the overall current an individual carries with their vibration at the time of ingestion. So what does that mean exactly?

It could mean many things. It could mean that if you’re buzzed at a party you don’t even want to be at, but are because you’re actively people pleasing, have 89 problems on your plate and no solutions, only complaints – the weed that your deciding to ingest is going to shut you down and numb you out, or on the other end, make you panic.

Low situatons breed low results.

Alternatively, it could mean that you just took a big step for yourself in terms of self care and set a healthy boundary with a friend or family member, moreover you had a balances nourishing meal and took the time to meditate like you keep reminding yourself to do.

So when you sit back for the evening, and partake in some choice cannabis, it’s going to generally Inspire you and cradle that warmth you’ve shown yourself that day, because you matter! Great job!

Now those are two random situations, the point is if you’re surrounded and full of self love, the medicine is going to enhance that as long as you’re medicating smart for your body.

If your focus is chaotic and honed in on failure, stress, and the opinions of others before your own, your medicine will latch onto that state of ennancement and bring little benefit and more distraction.

Distraction may show auick results, but in the long term it’s not doing anyone any favors.

Now if you’re anything like me, step by step can really put it in perspective, so maybe treat it like a nightcap ritual, or a morning motivator if you have the ability! Dedicate some time just for you and your medicine.

Seed to Buds

Meet Randon. He’s the operator of Well Rooted Genetics here in Oklahoma and he’s a connoisseur of consumption, with food and cannabis! He’s a big time foodie and has a memory with smells that take him back. He has learned about curation and flow with the different experiences he has had, with the plant having more textures and smells than any other species we have. He enjoys a good salad mix and bringing people together, because we’re ALL artists.

I had the opportunity to attend the very first exploration dinner, “Seed to Buds”. Which was an experience where artisans of two separate crafts came together to create. This is where the Underground Ghost Kitchen comes in. It was an experience curated by Randon with Well Rooted Genetics and the UGK team. Roger curates the events and Jesse is the main chef for private dining events.

By providing experiences like this in Oklahoma, we’re essentially bridging the gap and blending the two worlds, by elevating the state and opening up new doors for the evolution of plant medicine. The goal of this dinner pairing was to utilize all of the plant in ways that compliment luxury ingredients.

Upon walking into Randon’s beautiful home, I was greeted with a cocktail and smiling faces. More people started rolling in, all faces of industry gems. Conversations and laughter flowed throughout the whole night. There was good hash rosin present, along with glass tip joints, that I have to say I need more of in my life! The glass tips are such a game changer when it comes to taste and flow, so take note. Everyone found a seat at the table, with a guided menu on what to expect for the evening and then it began.

There were many many intricate dishes that made this experience special, along with the option for mocktails for those that requested them. The UGK team also caters to those with food allergies and different preferences. The dinner menu was set up to complement strains like Zacio, Birkinz, Frosted Waffles, and Gelenade. Here are some descriptions on what I got to taste!

The snacks were a favorite of mine and consisted of Pani Puri, herbed boursin, greens and a lavender clover club cocktail to pair with Gelonade. There was also a cauliflower salad with asparagus, espuma and a Monstro Striga Cerasuolo d’ Abruzzo to pair with Zacio, and for the main course we had an herb crusted loin coated in East Side OG kief, with peas, potato, and a Maison Passot Fleurie wine paired with Birkinz. To cleanse our palates, we smoked Superboof that was rolled with a glass tip by Zenoa Cultivation, along with orange granita, mango sorbet and strawberry. (the mango sorbet was a favorite of mine). We then followed that with a dessert that was a creme fresh honeysuckle lemon cake with a Lambrusco drink, paired with Frosted Waffles. All of the signature craft cocktails were made by bartender Paul, with Thirst Wines.

We had Chef Jessie Gomez explaining every dish to us, down to each ingredient and herb used and why. As the dishes were presented at the table, it was something I appreciated so much! It brought an intimate experience for everyone there. The cocktails were all so delicious and I truly enjoyed every one, with every dish!

What an experience this seed to bud dinner pairing was! Such a beautiful thing to be a part of. From all of the yummy and refreshing drinks to pair with the food and different tasty strains from local growers, it was beautifully curated with so much intention and passion poured into it, from the creative minds that brought an experience like this to life!

Cheers to some really good company and really good cannabis. So cool to see it! This is what we need here in Oklahoma and I’m stoked to have been a part of this in Oklahoma City. It’s amazing what all we can do together when we combine the things we all love.

Feminine Divine – Mel Cortez

“Living and standing in your full divine feminine truth with grace and love is something that no one can take from you”.

Meet Mel Cortez. She’s a passionate advocate for the Cannabis plant, a Cannician trainer, a mother and a part of Papa Jesus Farms here in Oklahoma. She’s always spreading the love and it’s noticed and appreciated by many in the community! From my first time ever coming into contact with Mel, and having the pleasure of seeing her at a variety of cannabis events, I’ve grown to love her and the energy she carries. Mel has all the loving mama bear energy, she cares for people and truly shines her light, with being such an easy soul to connect with. I had the pleasure to chat with Mel, as she shared her heart with me. I always enjoy digging deep with people and feel that it’s an honor when they choose to open up to me. She makes the conscious habit of expressing appreciation on a regular basis, big or small. She embodies her Feminine Divine in more ways than one.To get to know her more, you can read our chat below.

Q & A:
To get to know you a little Mel, tell me about where you grew up, how you were raised,
what life was like etc.

I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. We grew up pretty poor and lived in the projects with government assistance, until I was about 11 years old when my mom married my dad. He moved us into Scottsdale, where we lived a modest blue collar family life. I had a pretty challenging childhood to be honest. My mother was manic depressive, bipolar with borderline personality disorder, who was extremely neglectful. My biological father was an addict. I was molested at age 7, put into intensive counseling/hypnosis therapy, and have had to learn how to be a human through my parents’ mistakes. Through my childhood, I learned what not to do as a parent moving forward. I’m thankful for the rough upbringing I had, for it led me to who I am today. My step dad helped to change and save our lives, which I’ll be forever grateful for. He’s actually the only parent I still have and I talk to him and call him dad to this day.

You’re such a great follow on Instagram Mel, because of the uplifting things you say and share, with a great sense of humor. I love your vibe and social media can say a lot
about who we are. How do you follow your own intuition and remain true to yourself?

This was actually a very important thought process to me when I started my canna IG. I’ve had different ones in the past for my hair/makeup business etc, but I felt in my soul this one had to be different. I originally started Mel.purehempstress when the peak of Covid hit and we all went into lockdown. I was managing a dispensary in Claremore, and I had patient after patient coming to me worried, crying about the lockdown and not being able to see each other and connect. So I started a instagram page as a means for us to connect on some sort of level, since we couldn’t have our long daily visits and conversations anymore. I purposely put out loving and funny uplifting posts to ensure others that there was someone that loves and cares about them. I’m HUGE on mental health, and knew that isolation could potentially cause some of my patients to act out of character…by making this page it was a way to express and show love, joy, happiness and a little silliness in a time that was unsure.

What are some everyday rituals or routines you have that are sacred to you?

I immediately wake up every single day and before I open my eyes, I think and say several things I am grateful for, then I make my bed, take a morning bong rip and cuddle Aries(my cat). That is literally my ritual. I then like to journal 10 things I’ve been grateful for that has happened within the last 24 hours, ten goals I have for myself (can be realistic or not..what resonates with you will stay), followed by which one of those goals I’m going to work on that day…and/or I just release into my journal about life. This is probably the most sacred to who I am…having an attitude of gratitude mindset on the daily. It has changed who I am today.

Getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of life can be a lot and it’s up to us on if and
how we choose to slow down. How do you take the time to turn inward and feed your
inner child?

To be honest, the inner child really gives me no choice!! I had a pretty traumatic childhood that I’ve had to do a lot of healing work from. I’m extremely thankful for a therapist that has taught me many healthy coping mechanisms to help calm the inner child, when she goes rampant. I have fed the inner child by giving her something she never got enough of: LOVE, ATTENTION, & AFFECTION. Sometimes I just sit in silence and hug oneself, and tell the inner child how much she is loved and how proud I am of her. I often validate the inner child by eating cake for dinner, or going to see a late night movie at the theater alone, or grabbing up my kids and acting like kids, I dance, tell silly jokes…I act like the child I was never allowed to be growing up.

“Sometimes I just sit in silence and hug oneself, and tell the inner child how much she is loved and how proud I am of her”.

What does harnessing an ‘attitude of gratitude’ mindset look like and where do you think it takes you?

The attitude of gratitude mindset has completely changed my life!! I actually LOVE to talk about this with people! My therapist taught me this way to ‘rewire’ my mindset/brain about 4+ years ago and I’ve never looked back! I feel by truly embodying this mindset, you’re grateful for what happens no matter the circumstances. I feel grace and gratitude go hand in hand. I wake up everyday saying what I’m grateful for, and continue to do so throughout the day. At first, I kind of thought my therapist was joking…like really how will this actually work?! However, after just a few days I noticed differences in how my days went and continued to say, write or think in the constant state of gratitude which I feel has brought me to where I am in life right now.

“I feel by truly embodying this mindset, you’re grateful for what
happens no matter the circumstances”.

If there was anything you could go back and say to your younger self, that you needed at a time and didn’t receive it, what would that be?

I love this question..mostly because I love to connect with my inner child to self regulate. I would tell her, ‘Melina, I love you, please be patient’. I’ve had such a crazy life, I’ve lived life backwards in my opinion. I had neglectful parents, childhood trauma, I was a high school drop out, I had children at a young age, toxic relationships, several jobs, which made me feel lost and alone…like why am I here..why did I through all this?! Now it all makes sense. I had to learn how to be patient and love who I am (and have been) in the now. Everything makes sense now that I’ve come full circle and I’m able to relate and help so many others that have been, are, or could be in the same positions I’ve been in before. For the first time in life, I am proud of who I am and what I’m doing to impact and help others.

How do you tap into your own divine feminine power and embrace it? What does that
look like for you?

I learned several years ago that to fully embody what I feel divine feminine is: by gracefully loving yourself from the inside out, so much that you’re able to stand by your thoughts, words, and actions no matter the circumstances because they all come from a place of love. To love, honor and cherish yourself enough to set the standard and example for not only how you should be treated, but others as well. I can finally look in the mirror and say ‘I love you’ without feeling weird or crying and genuinely mean that. There is power in self love. Living and standing in your full divine feminine truth with grace and love is something that no one can take from you.

Are you a book reader? If so, please share what you’re currently reading right now! I
love to know where people’s minds go.

I’m actually a HUGE book reader!! I love, love, love to read! Fun fact: I don’t watch television! I own one for guests and kids, but I rarely turn it on. My favorite pastime since I was little has always been reading. It was a way for me to escape life. Then it became an addiction to fuel my brain with knowledge. It’s how I learned to have a healthier mindset and lifestyle. Right now I’m currently re-reading a favorite, (I do this a lot lol) The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It’s SO good! I sometimes forget to stay in full presence and by reading it again, it helps to ground who I am and reminds me that all I can do is Live in the Now.

You’re a huge Cannabis advocate. What do you cherish most about this plant?

I absolutely adore this plant and how it’s changed my life, as well as many others. The fact that we get to have the freedom to medicate with it as we please is what I truly cherish!! There are SO many variations of cannabis products these days and it’s absolutely mind blowing what we’re doing with it. I also cherish the fact that I get to help people through several avenues on the daily with plant based medicine!

Is there anyone along the way in life that has inspired you deeply to be where you’re at now?

My children. They have seen me through it all. I’m extremely thankful for the support that they’ve given me and continued to give on this journey. I’m hoping that I’m able to be a solid example for them throughout their lives. I pray/manifest that we’ll continue to be the best lights we can be to the world.

As a woman, who you are, and everything that you embody, how have you created a
life you love on your own terms?

By having time for solitude and living alone. I know that sounds crazy…but times of solitude have taught me more in this life than anything else. I learned to set boundaries, meditate, exercise, take care of myself, love who I am, I learned what I want, and most importantly what I don’t want or won’t settle for. I had a wild childhood and was thrown into adulthood early. I never got the chance to learn, nor was taught any of these things. I always wanted to be in a relationship and/or married to feel complete. Only to feel the total opposite. I finally took charge of my life and set boundaries. I’m still carving out the life I want to this day with full grace and love at the forefront of it all.

Are you glad you read until the end? What a beautiful soul! I hope you take something away from this conversation, that maybe you need or inspired you in some way!

To get to know Mel more, listen to Mel’s episode on The Cannabis Hangout Podcast, episode #168.

Herbage Magazine April 2023

Digital Issue Herbage Magazine #52 – April 2023
About the Cover: Can @sean.Bono bring cannabis to Costa Rica?
Cannabis has become a major topic of discussion all around the world, with countries legalizing its use for both medicinal and recreational purposes. While some countries
have embraced cannabis with open arms, others are still hesitant to legalize it due to various reasons. Costa Rica, a country known for its beautiful beaches and tropical
climate, has yet to fully embrace cannabis as part of its culture. However, Sean Suh, the owner of Bono-Ape, aims to change that.

Sean Suh is no stranger to the cannabis industry. He is the owner of Bono-Ape, a state-of-the-art cultivation facility located in Oklahoma. The facility is known for producing some of the finest cannabis products in the world, including their in-house Medusa strain, which boasts an impressive 42% THC level.

Bono-Ape is also capable of producing consistent quality products month after month, thanks to their team of world-class growers who continuously push the envelope for quality and quantity. Two years ago, Sean Suh decided to move to Costa Rica to bridge the gap between genetics and bringing top-quality cannabis products to the country. He recognized that Costa Rica was currently in a CBD phase and saw an opportunity to introduce high-quality cannabis products to the Costa Rican population.

Sean and his team at Bono-Ape understand that Costa Ricans, like Oklahomans, admire and appreciate quality products.

Sean says, “We recognize the ability to bring high-quality products at very affordable prices, not only toOklahomans but also to Costa Ricans.”

He believes that there is a direct correlation between the sense of family and national pride in bothOklahoma and Costa Rica, making it easier to introduce cannabis products to the country. Bono-Ape currently has an office in Costa Rica that is dedicated to working with local and national government agencies while developing the necessary infrastructure to be the first cannabis company in the country. Sean acknowledges that cannabis is a culture in Costa Rica and is embedded in their music and way of life.

He says, “You can also say that Costa Rica is the Jamaica ofCentral America.”

The introduction of cannabis in CostaRica is not without its challenges. In 2019, the Legislative Assembly approved a bill that would legalize medicinal cannabis and allow for its cultivation, production, and distribution. In addition to this, there is growing support for cannabis in Costa Rica. A 2019 poll found that 58% of Costa Ricans support the legalization of medicinal cannabis, while 38% support the legalization of recreational cannabis.

Since opening the office in Costa Rica, Sean has been immersing himself in the language and culture of the country. He says that his kids go back and forth from Costa Rica and Oklahoma so much that they even get confused about whether they are Oklahoman or Costa Rican.

The country is still hesitant to fully embrace the plant due to various reasons, including concerns about drug trafficking and addiction. However, Sean believes that with the right education and infrastructure, Costa Rica can reap the benefits of cannabis without the negative consequences.

Sean Suh and his team at Bono-Ape are ready to introduce high-quality cannabis products to the CostaRican population. Withtheir state-of-the-art facilities and team of world-class growers, they are poised to revolutionize the cannabis industry in the country. While there are still challenges to overcome, Sean’s passion and dedication to the industry are sure to make a positive impact and be the first cannabis company in Costa Rica.

Cultivation Corner

So the last several articles have touched on sourcing your genetics from seeds vs. clones and getting through the vegetative stage. It’s about time for us to start talking about the flowering stage, and how to optimize your bloom cycle for the best buds you can grow!

In the next few articles, we will start tackling all of the tips and tricks to tweak your flowering cycle for maximum optimization.

But first, let’s make sure we haven’t forgotten any chores during our veg cycle.

Why is Veg so important?

As we’ve explained before, what you do in Veg greatly impacts what you can do during the flowering stage. There are all sorts of tactics that should be employed during the flowering stage, but many are unavailable or just won’t make a difference, if you slacked off during the vegetative stage.

The vegetative stage is when plants are pliable and capable of being trained. This is very important. Also, veg can be extended if necessary. Unlike flowering stage, which has a set end date, the veg stage can be prolonged if necessary.

During veg, you can exercise much greater control, and you should, so that you can  take full ownership for the shape of the plant. This way, you set yourself up for success when it comes time to flower.

Checking off your “To-do” list while in Veg

Now, during veg, you should have done some low stress training and pruning. The goal here is to make your plant look less like a Christmas tree, and more like a Hanukkah candle. We don’t want it growing up tall and skinny. Such a structure won’t yield much, and all but the top buds will lack that rock hard density we prefer. So we solve for this problem by pruning our plant during veg, and by training it to take the shape of the Hanukkah candle.

But how do we achieve this shape? The answer is well-timed topping.

How to Top your Veg Plants to create a SCROG canopy during flower

We prefer to wait about five or six weeks into veg before we top our plants. Some may top earlier in veg, and we have done that as well. But we have found that topping small plants severely stunts growth, which either prolongs the length of veg, or you end up with a smaller plant during your normal veg cycle (for us, about 8 weeks).

When we top our plants, we are looking to create a “crown,” that is, a group of
surrounding branches. Kind of like a 360 degree Hanukkah candle, to use the reference from earlier.

To do this, we cut the center branch right off.


Yes. Really. We go to the main stock, in the middle, that would ordinarily possess the king cola of the plant. And we chop it off at the node about a foot down. You may be shocked that we would do this, because the plant has basically been cut in half. Did we just waste 6 weeks of growth?

The answer is “No,” and here is why: this style of topping actually accelerates the growth of the surrounding branches.

Within one week of chopping the center stalk, the surrounding branches will have risen up to the original height of that center stalk. No time lost at all. In fact, it will seem like you just jumped into the future!

Now you have a plant that is ready to be SCROGGED (spread throughout trellis netting) to create a SCROG (screen of green) canopy.

Preparing to “flip” your plants into flower

Now that you have topped all of your plants, you are about ready to flip your light cycle to 12/12 and start flowering. But not yet. Let’s wait just a couple more weeks. During this time, you will want to do another session or two of pruning. Really create that lollipop shape during the last week or two of Veg. This will set up you up for the greatest success in flower.

Next article, we will move on to the flowering stage!!

Cannabis Corner – Lettuce Learning

As we start a new editorial chapter, I want to frame up the goal of what I hope to share through Cannabis Corner. I am a business owner of a full vertical which also includes some other cannabis partnerships. I have been in cannabis for about 10 years, 4 years here in Oklahoma, but many of those were travel ventures in NorCal. I grew up in the infamous Lawton, OK and cut my teeth in a town known for its grittiness. I then made my way across the Red River where I worked for big ol’ corporate America for nearly 20 years. With a background in real estate, finance, sales, marketing, and communications, I’ve worked with a smattering of professionals all over the world. Last, I’ve always loved the creative aspects of writing, photography and design and they have kept me constantly expanding in areas that keep me feeling young and inspired.

Now, with some of the foundation laid, I hope to accomplish a vibe that’s encouraging and uplifting while being real and informative. My ways or opinions may never align with everyone and certainly aren’t the gospel. However, the way in which we treat and uplift the growing cannabis community is what it’s really all about. No matter what business or position you hold, it’s important to accept new ideas, criticism, and honest feedback. Not everyone is built the same so some may be more direct than others but in the end, it’s loving our neighbors and business partners as if they resided under our own roofs.

I plan on sharing perspectives from every angle of the business that I touch and some that I’m dipping my toes in to understand and request feedback and positive resolutions. Whether it be some basic sales etiquette or ideas on how to keep your world compliant, I hope that there’s a new learning or at least an “aha” moment that jogs your brain or inspires you to take a step back and improve your daily grind.

I’m sure I’ll bounce around each edition with something that’s more recently impacting me or my businesses personally and expound upon anything from processing to growing to packaging to retail sales. Whatever it is, it’ll be done with goodwill and an intent for people to dig into and learn beyond some of the tips or strategies that relate. There’s so much out there to experience and I hope that I can share as much to keep you from running into walls or knowing whether it’s worth it to jump into a new facet or arena that you may be considering.

With a short and sweet intro, I want to start with something simple for the next edition by sharing that it doesn’t cost you a dime to be considerate and kind. And though honest feedback and self evaluation may not feel kind at times, it’s critical to avoid taking too many things personally unless you’re going to evaluate them and take charge to improve. So, be mindful of how you communicate in person, on social media, on chat boards, and over the phone/text. Communication is a key player in improving yourself as an employee or entrepreneur. People will take note and many times things can be misconstrued if you’re not clearly and kindly working to share your point of view or make a sales pitch. See you next article for tips on booking appointments and making face to face sales calls  with your buyer/customer. I appreciate the opportunity to write and share some of my biggest learnings and for the time you spend reading along.

The Laughing Goat

“The Laughing Goat thrives off good energy from good people. We believe that the quality of our cannabis directly enhances the quality of our lives.Unlocking and accessing a higher power, healing and bringing people together”.

The Laughing Goat is powered by a solid team of people and I remember Dan saying that he got all of his employees from his previous landscaping business and moved them to Cannabis! They were so happy and I think that’s so cool. Betteringpeople’s lives! I had the chance to tour their facility, and it seems like a great place to be with happy employees that feel the love, along with the plants.

Visiting their cannabis grow was such a treat. It has an at home feeling, with good people and energy running the place. I tend to catch the vibe quickly upon walking into any room and I’m pleased to say nothing got in the way of how this place made me feel.

I chatted with the owners of The Laughing Goat, Dan Fleuridas and Christie Owen, to really get to know them and their passion better. You can find their Q & A below!

You both are brother and sister and that’s so cool to see you guys living the dream side by side. Where did you guys grow up and did you ever see Cannabis as your future?
Dan: No, not until the possibility that cannabis might become legal in Oklahoma. Then, I thought right away that’s what I wanted to do.
Christie: Not even in my wildest dreams. We grew up in Victor, New York and couldn’t stand each other when we were kids. We moved to Oklahoma in the
nineties and that’s when I introduced cannabis to my little brother. We have been best buds ever since. Now, we live three doors down from each other.

Where did The Laughing Goat spark from and what made you want to get in the industry?
Dan: Cannabis has always been a big part of my life and something that I will always be a part of. Before The Laughing Goat, I was the owner of a landscape and irrigation business. I was dealing with chronic back issues. I found relief for my pain with cannabis. I had a home grow and was fascinated by the whole process and the results. I always asked for top shelf flower too at the dispensaries to see what strains worked the best. Then, I was offered the chance to buy a rodeo arena on some land. When the seller said, “it’s a perfect place to grow flowers” I said, “not those kinds of flowers.” I knew this was my opportunity to grow my own medicine on a large scale and share it with everyone.
Christie: Construction on the farm started right about when lockdown began and Dan asked me to be the Marketing Director. It’s the perfect combination. I have been an artist, graphic designer and cannabis lover for the past thirty years and now I get to help document and share our trip.

Tell me about The Laughing Goat and the type of product you guys offer!
Dan: We take a craft approach to our process and carefully monitor all aspects of the grow cycle which allow us to deliver a consistent premium product. We offer ten high potency legacy strains on our regular menu, along with six new exclusive strains.

Your flower is amazing and I’ve tried it myself! What do you guys take pride in when it comes to the quality of your flower and the process?
Dan: Thanks for the high compliment! We take pride in making sure we only use the highest quality ingredients and the best genetics. We run an immaculate facility and we follow a strict code of standard operating procedures. We make sure to keep an eye on every little thing and do not skip any steps. Fire in fire out.

Every time I’ve had the opportunity to come see the cannabis grow, it’s always been such a great experience, filled with lots of love and passion in everyone’s eyes. How do you all stay inspired and keep people on their toes?
Dan: We are all growers up here and watch each other’s backs. Everybody works together and equally as hard as a team. In order to make a great product for our patients, we collectively strive to maintain consistency, find solutions for any problems, learn, and always look for innovative ways to improve. We’re like a family up there.
Christie: Everyone vibes and communicates really well with each other and we protect that culture. You can feel that positive energy and dedication from each and every employee. There is no room for negativity or slacking. Team GOAT really crushes it seven days a week and we are so grateful for all their hard work,
knowledge and passion.

I appreciate on your website how you guys have all of your strains listed and you can actually click on them to learn more about them. You don’t ever see that and it’s super helpful! How many strains do you all grow at once?
Christie: Thank you! We work hard to ensure that we provide the information on our website to educate the patients on our strains. With regard to how many strains we grow at once, we harvest an average of eight strains every two weeks.

I always love to hear what advice others have from experiences they have been through, which made them who they are today, that maybe they wished they would have received earlier on in life. What advice would you pass on?
Dan: I believe in karma. What goes around comes around. Put out into the
universe the positive energy you seek in return. Earn your own respect and
stop caring about what other people think. Be confident and live in the
moment. Realize that it’s never too late to make a change
Christie: I think that all the roadblocks, setbacks and failures are in fact learning experiences that set you up to navigate through more challenges. Believe in manifestation, be focused and disciplined. You will accomplish so many amazing things and look back one day at your struggles with a whole new perspective.

I always have to ask what stigma surrounding the Cannabis plant, people would like to see changed. It’s always a unique answer, unique to each individual. What stigma would you like to see changed?
Dan: The stigma that people who smoke pot are just stoners. They think people use it as an excuse. I really hate the stigma around it. I think some of the smartest and most creative people in the world love cannabis.

What’s the most rewarding part about doing what you guys have the opportunity to do?
Dan: I’d say it is intellectually stimulating and challenging. It’s not an easy job. You start a three month plant cycle and you need to be on top of it the whole time. So when things turn out really good, like fire, it’s such a huge reward. I think that overcoming adversity and problem solving is the most rewarding part of my job. It feels good to know that you are giving it your all and striving to reach your fullest potential.

What can the Oklahoma market expect from The Laughing Goat in the near future for 2023?
Dan: In the near future, we’ll be releasing another series of exclusive genetics and we are developing a new line of pre-rolls, gummies, carts and concentrates. We are also in the process of opening our first dispensary on NW 59th & May Ave. in Oklahoma City


Brannan Bell is a writer & contributor for Herbage Magazine. She is the Co-creator of The Cannabis Hangout Podcast.


A Toke of Gratitude

The pace of life today is fast and stress is an inevitable part of that, but it doesn’t have to take over your daily experience. Stress can be turned into a helpful ally by cultivating a better relationship with it, thereby increasing resilience, and
improving your overall well-being. The article discusses the role of the endocannabinoid system and cannabis in addressing stress, as well as tips for reducing your stress levels and feeling more peaceful every day.

First, we need to understand how stress works in the body. When we perceive a threat, our bodies release stress hormones. This activates the Sympathetic Nervous System, preparing us to fight or flee. In order to protect us from danger, the Sympathetic Nervous System provides energy and strength to overcome the threat. When the threat subsides, the Parasympathetic Nervous System takes over. The system promotes relaxation, rejuvenation and repair. It also reduces the activity of the Sympathetic Nervous System and stimulates digestion and reproductive functions – bringing our bodies back into balance.

The key to building a resilient relationship with stress is to promote the Parasympathetic response so that it can work its magic! There are many tools that we can use to do this, including mindfulness, movement, and plant medicine.

Cannabis + Stress

Cannabis helps manage stress through its interaction with our internal endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS functions like a control center in our bodies that helps keep things balanced and working properly. It does this by using special molecules called endocannabinoids, which connect to receptors in our bodies to regulate things like our mood, hunger, sleep, and how our bodies feel pain.

Consuming cannabis is a great way to promote a Parasympathetic response, initiating our body’s healing state. Cannabis contains powerful compounds called cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN, etc.), which bind to our body’s endocannabinoid receptors and help calm down the nervous system, control inflammation, promote balance, and ultimately reduce stress.

Double Your Stress Support

Incorporate a gratitude practice into your cannabis consumption! By focusing on what you are grateful for, you can become more mindful and present. This shift in perspective can help to calm the mind and soothe the nervous system, reducing the effects of stress and promoting feelings of peace and contentment. We call this a “Gratitude Sesh” and here’s how you can try it for yourself

You’re Prepared to Sesh Intentionally!

At the end of the day we don’t have control over what’s happening around us, but we do have control over what happens within. By harnessing the benefits of plant medicine and promoting a positive mindset, you create a more balanced relationship to stress and can cultivate a happier, healthier, and more peaceful life.

Bridget is a practicing embodiment coach. She 
holds certifications from AFPA in holistic
nutrition, as well as specializing in herbalism
from Herbal Academy. Bridget founded Inner
Calm Co., (@innercalmco) a wellness company,
with the desire to help her clients find balance
and confidence in their wellness journeys.

Feminine Divine – Miranda Cummings

My name is Miranda and I am a marketer, a creative, and an entrepreneur that is currently spending most of my time on my favorite project to date — the Chief Innovation Officer of Creature Flora, my family’s craft cultivation operation in
Southern Oklahoma.

For as long as I can remember, I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to make a positive impact in the world we live in. I know the term legacy holds a revered and important meaning in this industry, and I have an immense amount of gratitude and respect for those pioneers that have paved the way before us. For our family, legacy also means building something together that we
are truly proud of — something that the generations following us will have pride in as well; and Oklahoma has given us the opportunity to do just that. We also grew up and have family all over the midwest, so Oklahoma’s charm is very much home for us!

The two I think I use the most often are, “The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know” – Aristotle and “A rising tide lifts all boats”. Those  sayings come up a lot for me in this industry as bro science dominates cannabis education and collaboration over competition is quickly becoming a sur-
vival skill.

To be completely honest, this is something I’ve been really trying to work on since the new year. As a family business, wearing many hats at all hours of the day and night comes with the territory, and finding time for yourself becomes an increasingly difficult challenge. When I am able to, I love starting my mornings with my coffee in our plant room, bouncing between solfeggio frequencies and smoking one of our sativa leaning strains, (Jackie O or Strawberry Fields is perfect for the morning), while watching our dog Benny bathe in the sun in our backyard. But that’s a dream scenario more times than it is reality. In reality, I listen to a free morning affirmations spotify playlist in the car with my coffee and a smoothie to go on the road to the next sales meeting.

Currently I am working through Project 369 The Key To The Universe. One of my dear friends sent it to me when we first started our journey with Creature Flora and I am just now getting around to reading it and it is truly divine. A book that was extremely helpful for organizing our family into a business and formalizing an operating system would be the book, Traction by Gino Wickman. A book that I would recommend and still have post It notes on every page from my undergrad days is, Words that Work by Frank Luntz. It’s a very helpful sales and marketing tool to this day.

First, I think it’s really important to make sure you truly enjoy and are passionate about what you do. A sense of purpose has proven longevity in the average human, and as much time as we spend at the cultivation facility every single day, I can’t imagine what it would feel like to dread going to work. With that being said, cooking delicious meals at home, taking a short walk in between tasks, and utilizing time on the road to catch up with old friends are just a few of the ways I make sure my own cup is full. Two things I would like to get back into for an even fuller cup, is playing volleyball and getting back into my yoga practice!

Plant medicine has benefited my life in just about every way! Consuming plant medicine has allowed me to slow down my thought process for more intentional conversations, participating in the cannabis industry lead me to my soul mate and business partner, it reduces my stress levels which trigger my psoriasis flare ups, and most importantly, has prevented me from having to be prescribed anti-anxiety medication for my diagnosed GAD. I wholeheartedly believe that we are just getting started with unveiling the vast benefits of plant medicine and I plan to
be an active participant every step of the way.

“Consuming plant medicine has allowed me to slow down my thought process for more intentional conversations”.

There are so many people that inspire me within the cannabis community and outside of it. Gen-erally speaking, I am truly inspired by those that have been negatively impacted by the war on drugs and are still fighting the fight to decriminalize and destigmatize plant medicine across the country and across the world. They are the true champions of a better tomorrow and we wouldn’t behere without them.

I embody my own Divine Feminine by owning it. I am so proud of myself and how far I have come in my accomplishments. I impress myself every day with my tenacity and I allow my childlike curiosity to explore what other possibilities are within my realm. I know manifesting is a current buzzword, but I believe I embody my own Divine Feminine by already being present in my greatest desires, as if they are already mine. Also, listening. As a communicator, it has always been a struggle for me to be a good listener, but as I hone in on that skill I feel there is something very divine and feminine around listening and absorbing.

By implementing boundaries. In a past life, I did event planning/community programming and that required a lot of energy put into pleasing others. My boundaries were all over the place and I often felt overbooked, underappreciated and straight up depleted. I think it’s important to know your limits and set boundaries for yourself and for others. Nobody can protect your energy as well as you can!

Being popular is not NEARLY as fun as being unique. Quit crying over boys, your prince charming is everything you wanted and more. Please quit skipping
math and science – you end up using both quite often in your day to day so your impressive reading comprehension is no longer cutting it. Also, maybe take it easy on all the bumper stickers and status updates on facebook – they are actually quite embarrassing 20 years later.

“Being popular is not nearly as fun as being unique”.

The most rewarding thing about being a creative woman and standing confidently in your own light, is giving other women and girls the confidence to do the EXACT SAME THING.

Follow Miranda Cummings @mirandamacy and @creaturefloraok






Worm Moon

Worm Moon
By James Bridges
The worm moon in March is one of the more interesting full moons. It is the final full moon of winter and gives us our first glimpses of spring. In fact, it is a supermoon and occurs two days before the spring equinox.

In Native American culture, the worm moon is referred to as a herald for the beginning of spring and new agricultural cycles. It is also known as the Sap Moon, because of its symbolic significance of maple syrup in some tribes.
As the earth warms up in the spring, worms begin to appear as well. A sign that the soil is starting to warm up.

The full moon was once called the worm moon by Southern Native American tribes, but it is not a name that the Northern tribes would have ever used. In fact, earthworms were an extinct species in the Northern parts of the world until they were brought back into the soil by colonists or transported plants with them in their roots.

The spiritual meaning of the full worm moon is a signifier that it is a time for people to shed their old habits and seek to become a newer, wiser version of themselves. The worm moon is also a great time to get in touch with karmic change, which will help you to move forward with more clarity and enthusiasm.

In addition, it is a good time for resolving conflicts and addressing issues in your life that are no longer serving you. The worm moon is also an excellent time to set goals, especially those that you have been thinking about for some time now.
The full moon in March is a powerful time to be in touch with the spiritual meaning of life and your place in it. It is a time to make a new beginning and be prepared to embark on a journey with faith in yourself and in the world


Digital edition of the MARCH 2023 print issue #51 of Herbage Magazine.

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A Toke of Wellness: Herbs & Intimacy

The fast pace of todays society and all of our digital distractions can contribute to a feeling of disconnection from what’s truly important in life. This sense of disconnection directly affects our ability to be vulnerable and share intimate moments with loved ones. We might crave closeness with our loved ones and ourselves, but it may be hard for some of us to get in touch with and express our deepest emotions and intentions. As humans, we are hardwired for connection. At our core we are looking to feel heard, seen and accepted for who we are without shame or judgment. Current neuroscience research shows that feelings of disconnection share the same neural pathways as physical pain. Isolation, feelings of loneliness, and a lack of intimacy can feel like a physical injury. It is vital to overall wellbeing to have healthy and stable relationships in our lives.

Humans have been in communication and relationship to the plant kingdom since our beginning. Throughout history plants have played a significant role in assisting humans in adapting to our surrounding environments. On a personal level we can continue to harness the wisdom of plant medicine to help us to grow and evolve in our modern lives by finding intentional ways to incorporate herbs in all that we do. When it comes to intimacy, we need to look inside in order to address some more personal patterns, however leaning on herbal allies can offer assistance on the journey to understanding and developing more meaningful connections in general. Whether you’re looking for more shared emotional depth with close associations, intensified physical sensation and/or an overall amplified sense of intimacy with self and others, these are herbs that can help!

Roses personify love and passion. Rose works on the heart both mentally and emotionally through it’s high content of volatile oils. These oils attach to our mucous membranes through inhalation or ingestion and this communicates to our nervous system that we are safe to relax, slowing down our heart rate and softening tense tissue. Rose has an overall anti-inflammatory effect which can aid in a calm heart and mind, making space for vulnerability.

Damiana can be traced back to the Aztecs who used it to foster connection with a greater power, and with one another. It is very well known for it’s aphrodisiac properties, so much so that the traditional name is —T. aphrodisiaca. It has an ability to stimulate the nervous system which intensifies physical sensations and desires. Damiana often produces an uplifting and euphoric feeling within the body that can help to relieve anxiety and dissolve any dense feelings.

We spend our entire lives with ourselves. This truly is our most intimate relationship. Cannabis awakens our senses, and can encourage us to surrender to the present moment. This gives us access to our innermost truth, and increases our ability to feel pleasurable sensations. Cannabis helps activate our body’s parasympathetic state, bringing us into a more stable and relaxed internal environment. Combining Cannabis with select other herbs can intensify specific desired effects.

Try Them Together! Roll one up with equal parts dried ground rose petals, damiana, and your favorite relaxing cannabis strain. Enjoy with your lover or close friends to intensify and activate rich connection. We also encourage you to enjoy a mindful session on your own. Get in touch with your emotions and deepen your relationship with yourself. It is ultimatley the quality of the relationship with ourselves that provides the wellspring from which all of our other relationships benefit. 

Hannah is a practicing herbalist, nutritionist and Reiki master. She works with patients through her own business, Sacred Nourishment. She formulates the Highest Intent products. @hannahpearl.222. This information is Intended for educational purposes only, not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. If you are on any medication please consult a doctor or qualified professional before consuming any herbs.

*Mountain Rose Herbs is our favorite online source of ethical, sustainable and organiclly grown herbs!


For as long as I’ve been in Broken Arrow, this little shop has been my go to dopamine machine.

Whether I’m feeling achy, my emotions are running amuck, or if all is well and I’m just wanting to top it off with a little joy, my answer is chocolate!

Nouveau has a lot of great selections that are staples in their store, as well as seasonal bangers that truly keep one upping its predecessors.

My favorite staple flavors are the coffee varieties!They’re just the right mix of sweet and bitter, and the differences between each one is noteworthy!

When it comes to seasonal, they’ve got something called the ‘Spiked Pumpkin’. It’s milk chocolate with liquor and pumpkin. Let me just say, with such eloquence: holy schnikeys.

If your more into the Christmas vibe, they bave something called “spiked eggnog and it’s white chocolate.

But wait! There’s more! of course there’s more, these guys aren’t one trick ponies.

It doesn’t stop with single pleces. They have dipped pretzels, nuts, fruit peels! You name it they have it or they can probably create it.

Nouveau brings the heat with their Belgian hot chocolate, not to mention their hot cocoa bombs! They have latte’s milkshakes and ice cream!

Honestly, no matter which way you go, you’re going to find something amazing when you walk through that heavy door into the warmth of family and thoughtfulness. Because that’s what they’re doing every day that they do what they do. They’re thinking of you!

Every time I visit, there’s a smile on my face, and thats something I’m thankful for. Thank you Melvin and Hailey for making BA a much warmer place to be.

White Chocolate PB Edibles

  • 2 1/4 c. Sugar
  • 1 1/3 c. Peanut Butter
  • 1 1/2 sticks Butter
  • 7 mg THC oil
  • White Chocolate of choice for coating

Warm peanut butter until runny.

Melt the butter until liquid in a separate bowl.

Blend in Peanut butter into melted butter.

In 1/4 cup increments, blend in powdered sugar until well mixed.

Add vanilla extract and THC and blend.

Place in the fridge to let it harden. May take up to 30-45 minutes.

Once hardened, you can roll peanut butter into small balls. In a bowl microwave 250 grams white chocolate for 1 minute. Take out and stir. Microwave for another 1 to 1:15 minutes. Stir until creamy.

Take your peanut butter balls and dip them with a fork in the white

chocolate, shake and place them on a piece or parchment paper.

“We are a true small mom and pop business. We are here to serve the community the best chocolates. We are BA natives and love to support local businesses. We have 3 kids, 2 birds and a cat. We have owned nouveau for 4 years, worked a total of 7 years and have been within the community as a business at the main street location for 20 years now.”

The Future is Trippy

First things first, it’s fun-gee not fun-guy, although the mascot for Oklahoma Fungi certainly looks to be a fun guy. The adorable cartoon mushroom dons a giant smile while pitching up a peace sign. His inviting persona is no doubt an extension of his creator, Jacob DeVecchio, owner of the Oklahoma City-based mycology supply store. In 2020, Jacob decided to leave his normie life and launch into entrepreneurship. Not only did he decide to strike out on his own, but he also chose to follow his passion and has since grown Oklahoma Fungi to be a recognizable and reputable resource for the tools, supplies, and knowledge necessary for anyone to inoculate their own mushroom garden. Jacob’s real passion is education. A scientist by trade, his decision to leap into entrepreneurship facilitated him the opportunity to learn while teaching people. As a mushroom guide at the forefront of another psychedelic revolution, Oklahoma Fungi has been presented with many opportunities to teach. He hosts how-to classes for burgeoning mycologists, provides consultation for home cultivators and for discerning entrepreneurs, and maintains a stock of high-quality mycology supplies to meet the needs of his clients. Jacob explains that homegrown mushrooms are fairly easy so long as the endeavor is approached with a bit of patience and respect for a clean environment.

Mushrooms are fascinating organisms which are disqualified from being plants because they do not make their own food through photosynthesis. They aren’t a part of the animal kingdom either, although some mushrooms share more DNA with humans than we do with our closest evolutionary predecessor. Mushrooms are fungus and that is one of the five biological kingdoms of living things. In the fungus kingdom exist a number of molds and mildews, including single celled yeasts (yum, bread) or multicellular mushrooms. Fungus are an extraordinary source of nutrition and act as antioxidants. The National Library of Medicine (NLM) recognizes over 130 medicinal benefits of mushrooms and acknowledges that mushrooms have been a part of human medicinal and dietary practice for more than 5,000 years. With such comprehensive data reflecting the dietary benefit of mushrooms, Jacob is hopeful to usher in an era of further understanding for magic mushrooms.

Before getting into the conversation of entheogenic/ hallucinogenic research and therapy, Jacob warns that magic mushrooms are “not a silver bullet” for health conditions like depression or addiction. He goes on to explain though, that the Global Drug Survey deemed psilocyn (the metabolite in magic mushrooms) to be the safest psychedelic on record, exceeding even the safety rating for cannabis. This determination is the result of the low incidence of emergency treatment as compared to other commonly used psychedelics. Another mitigating risk factor in favor of mushrooms are their low likelihood to be laced with another more potent hallucinogenic, opiate or amphetamine which allows consumers relative peace of mind when acquiring the fantastic funguses.

One of the winning arguments in favor of magic mushrooms is that even a “bad trip” can result in monumentally positive outcomes. A bad trip often is characterized by feelings of dysphoria rather than euphoria. During a bad trip, consumers may feel nauseous, anxious, deeply sad, or remorseful. A bad trip is nothing more than the user’s already existing emotions being amplified by the hallucinogenic experience. For proponents of mushroom therapy, “bad trips” can be wildly enlightening. A bad trip is often attributed with emotional breakthroughs or what is commonly referred to as “ego death”. The death of ego is a sought-after outcome from macro-dosing mushrooms. Outside of tripping for fun (bright visuals, heightened senses), modern medicine recognizes the benefit of hallucinogenic therapy.

With a low probability for poor outcome or addiction, magic mushrooms can be an enticing party drug or at-home therapy solution. Jacob, and pretty much every medical professional ever, strongly recommend not utilizing mushrooms in place of therapy but rather in conjunction with therapy. While most doctors are still unable to pursue their interests in administering psilocybin and psilocin due to its listing as a Schedule I narcotic, many practitioners eager to see more research. Fortunately, Oklahoma may be at the forefront of the next psychedelic revolution with H.B. 3414, a House of Representatives initiative to allow Oklahoma’s universities to participate in the cultivation, manufacture, and clinical trial administration of these two compounds to patients in order to determine their efficacy in treating depression, suicidality, alcohol and drug abuse, and more. As a leader in Oklahoma’s mycology industry, Jacob is most excited to see research opportunities on our horizon and continues to provide learning opportunities. On February 23rd, Oklahoma Fungi is hosting a policy update at Flora Bodega in the Paseo District in Oklahoma City.



Feminine Divine: Bailee Bruce

Harnessing the Goddess energy that exists in all of us, through breath, movement, nature, and meditation.

Bailee is a guide, visionary, gatherer, mover, teacher, & a student of life. I’ve always admired what she’s created, the experiences she provides, through shining her light and turning inward, while listening to her own inner wisdom. Through her social media channels, she really gives you a visual insight with information on what she does through engaging Instagram captions, photos and videos that she puts her own divine touch on.

She’s a lightworker that’s all about connection. She’s paving the way for Reiki, Native Movement, natural health, and is so passionate about every aspect of it, here in Oklahoma.

Born and raised in the heart of Oklahoma, Bailee has devoted her life to studying the mind, body, spirit connection as well as the Traditional Medicine practices of her Cherokee + Choctaw ancestors. Throughout her career, she has gained professional experience in dance, yoga, energy medicine, somatic healing, natural health & more. She is a firm believer that the majority of our human suffering stems from the disconnect we have with our spiritual selves, with the land, with each other, and most importantly with the innate wisdom of our bodies.

Bailee offers regenerative healing, reiki sessions, somatic healing, native movement, private group sessions, ceremonies, trainings & retreats using these Four Pathways: Embodied Spirituality, The Fundamentals of Wholeness & Sustainability, The Sacred Language of Signs & Symbols, Connecting to the “Energy of Oneness” through the Heart for Holistic Healing and Nervous System Regulation.

Throughout her career, she has helped individuals reconnect to their own innate wisdom for healing, preventive health, vitality and well being for the mind, body and spirit.

“We are all just walking each other home” – Ram Dass

Her trauma informed approach is safe, open, gentle and nurturing. The philosophies and methodology she integrates into her offerings & teachings are rooted in & influenced by Zen & Tibetan Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Native American Spirituality.

She’s such a natural and beautiful, free moving soul. She enjoys plant and energy medicine and is always motivating, inspiring, and pouring into so many.

Whatever sparks community and connection with people, is what she lives for. While giving people tools and practices for their own well being, Bailee expressed that the exchange is so special. I got to chat with her while she shared her heart, passion, and expertise with me.

What is Native Movement and what does it embody?

Native Movement is a somatic practice centered around embodied spirituality. It is the creative force, innate and instinctual movement within each of us. It is an alchemizing, movement-based practice that helps one release or resolve stored emotions, stress, traumas & outdated beliefs in order to embody a desired state of being. One that feels like truth, safety, expansion and liberation. We use the pillars of: Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Storytelling, Somatic Resourcing, & Somatic Integration to help us connect to and embody the authentic expression of our spiritual “soul” selves. Native Movement integrates multiple techniques & therapies into one practice. (Breathwork, Meditation, Writing, Improvisational Movement, Yoga, Touch, Aroma Therapy, & Sound). These somatic tools support our efforts to realign with our wholeness, aliveness, intuition, wisdom, power, purpose, joy, unique individuality, & loving essence.

Where did your passion form? Where did it stem from?

My passion formed when I quickly realized I was a sensitive & empathetic being at a young age. I saw a need for empathy, sensitivity & healing just from the state of the world. Over the years my passion for helping others has grown the more I hav studied and learned about psycho-somatic illness and the healing modalities to support such imbalances. Now, I feel this passion has evolved into something greater than myself and I am just along for the ride, wherever it is meant to take me.

You pour into other people and show them different ways to heal. How do you fill your own cup up?

When I can intentionally spend quality time with just myself and my own energy doing the things that I love and that bring me joy & nourish me (i.e., meditation, writing, movement, plant medicine, getting out in nature, reading, eating good food, etc.,) that naturally fills up my cup and helps me stay energetically centered so I can engage with & support others without their energy influencing mine.

What is Reiki and what does this type of work look like? What are the benefits?

Reiki is an alternative relaxation therapy that uses hands-on-healing and works with the spiritually guided life-force energy within all living things. Reiki helps attune the mind, body, and emotional states of the individual to the frequency of “universal love, wholeness & oneness” or to the client’s desired intention. We are energetic beings who are alive and function because of this life-force energy. When this energy gets depleted, blocked, manipulated or imbalanced, dis-ease and illness can manifest in the body. Reiki does no harm and is a holistic therapy by nature because, in order to harmonize and align the energy of the individual, we have to work towards balancing the beliefs & thoughts in the mind, — that directly influences our emotional states and so forth. Everything is all connected! Reiki empowers the client to connect to their own inner healer within. It benefits the nervous system through regulation, strengthens one’s immunity, increases vitality, and enhances self-awareness & spiritual connection overall. It is a great therapy for preventative health & is complimentary to conventional medical treatments.

Tell me about the work you’re doing at The Integris Cancer Institute.

I am one of the Practitioners for the Mindfulness & Meditation Program that takes place at the Integris Cancer Institute in the James L. Hall Center for Mind, Body & Spirit. This new program is the very first in the state of Oklahoma to offer several alternative therapies such as reiki, yoga nidra, somatics, sound healing and more alongside the patient’s conventional cancer treatment. I just started working there in November, providing reiki to the patients undergoing cancer treatment as well as those who are in remission. The program is still very new as it just started in the fall of 2022. I look forward to seeing how this program can continue to grow and influence modern medicine. I am just beyond grateful to be a part of something so groundbreaking!

Do you have any mentors that you look up to, that have inspired you?

I have many inspirations, elders, mentors & teachers (in person, from books & online) Danielle Laporte, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Anodea Judith, Debi Dunbar Mahoney, Sun Bear, Joe Dispenza, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Sarah Blondin, and Stephanie Serafina to name a few..

Connecting to your own innate wisdom and coming home to yourself. What’s the simplest way to explain the concept of how to do this?

Anytime you can be fully present with yourself, taking some deep breaths with awareness of sensation, placing the hands gently on parts of the body that are carrying tension or moving your body in the way that it speaks to you, — are some of the simplest ways to come home to yourself & connect with one’s own inner wisdom.

Tell me about Origins of Spirit and what you have going on there & the exciting things for 2023.

Origins of Spirit is a Lifestyle Brand, Holistic Wellness Studio, Community Event Space, Eco Market & Apothecary located in Bethany, Oklahoma. Myself & my business partner, Deanna are Co-Owners & Lead Facilitators. We both offer wellness services, classes & collaborate events in the space. For 2023, we are working on building our retail space & creating the upcoming product lines for our seasonal wellness kits. These kits help to support & nourish you during the transitions of the seasons. Give us a follow to learn more! — @originsofspirit

How do you personally embody your own Divine Feminine?

I allow myself to soften more often. I allow myself to trust & surrender to the flow of life. I allow myself to be guided by my intuition vs. my analytical mind. I allow myself more opportunities for creativity & co-creation. I allow myself more time for play & rest without guilt. I allow myself to choose safety, beauty, & pleasure as my baseline over fear, comparison, & stress.

How have you created a life you love, on your own terms?

At a very young age, I was able to connect to my gifts of vision, creativity, curiosity, intuition & manifestation. I believe this life I have created thus far is because I was able to trust in and utilize those gifts early on. Sure, I also worked really hard for many years, did the corporate 9-5 thing with a side hustle while going to school part time and dancing professionally, accomplishing big dreams at a young age. I quickly became burnt out and felt disconnected from my true self & purpose. I was living my life to please others. I found myself often questioning who am I in this world and what do I want to do with this one precious life of mine? Since then, I have been on a journey to reframe the way I think of success, work, hustle culture & how I go about achieving what I desire. Creating my life will always be on my own terms and always has been. I think when we can recognize the true power we hold as humans to manifest our lives, everything shifts and we stop comparing & living for the validation of others, and we start living from the wisdom & intention of our hearts. I love my life, every aspect of it. The good, the bad, the ugly, the exceptional. I think I will forever be creating it & falling in love with it repeatedly until I take my last breath. I think the secret to truly enjoying & loving the life you are living is to feel worthy of it, slow down & be present with it, make it sacred & show gratitude for it. That keeps you in a place of receiving, divine trust and abundance no matter what life throws at you or blesses you with. I look forward to manifesting more of what speaks to my soul & makes this one fleeting life worthwhile.

If you’re a book reader, what are you currently reading and do you have any books that have been life changing that you recommend?

I’m currently reading a few books at once. The books I’ve listed below have been some of the most life changing and supportive for me over the years. I am usually always recommending them to friends, family, & clients.

1. “Heart Minded” by Sarah Blondin

2. “Eastern Body Western Mind” by Anodea Judith

3. “The Science of the Sacred” by Nicole Redvers, ND

4. “The Practice of Wholeness” by Lorena Monda

5. “Rise Sister Rise” by Rebecca Campbell

What does attending a retreat that you host look like?

My retreats can look like a lot of things, but what they feel like is connection & presence. No matter the type of retreat, what time of year it is held or where we are gathering, participants will have the opportunity to embody the energetic pillars of presence & connection. Retreat attendees get to connect to nature, to each other on a deeper level, to wellness techniques & spiritual practices that in turn connects one more fully to themselves. Retreats are a great place to “fast track” one’s innate ability to reset the mind & body, expand consciousness & self-awareness, and reconnect back to one’s wholeness.

What are some of your everyday rituals that are sacred to you?

I may not be able to do them EVERY day, (I am only human) but they are consistent enough in my life to be considered sacred rituals for daily support. Those rituals include: Breathwork, Drinking Plenty of Water, Eating Nutrient Dense Meals, Native Movement, My Skincare Regimen, Prayer or Gratitude Practice, Plant Medicine (Cannabis / Flower Essences), Self-touch (Reiki / EFT Tapping) and Aroma Therapy. Even the simplest or mundane things we do to survive & thrive here on earth can be considered sacred when done with intentionality of the heart & full presence of the mind.

What’s the most rewarding thing about getting to do what you do?

Getting to connect with others at the soul level, practicing empathy and humility, expressing my creativity & providing holistic resources to the community is so fulfilling that it goes way beyond just a job or what I “do”. I believe it is my calling, my purpose, my gift, and to be able to embody that in my own unique way that also supports my dream life is what’s most rewarding!

Always learning and evolving, Bailee finds her creativity when she’s moving and in her element, helping others find and utilize tools to heal, and tuning into her own creative expression that naturally flows throughout her body. I’m thankful for the work she’s doing in our community and how she’s changing peoples lives through different, healing approaches. This woman is a gem, making waves in Oklahoma!

To learn more and stay in the know, you can head over to her website: 



Cannabis Inamorata

The average Valentine date includes a gift, flowers, a nice
meal, maybe wine, chocolates, and (hopefully) a little sexy time. For the newly coupled, this opportunity to lovebomb one another can feel giddy. For seasoned lovers, it can be a tool for reinvigorating romance. For the unattached, hopefully the heart-shaped holiday inspires a commitment to self-love. The indulgences of Valentine’s Day provide an excellent opportunity to acknowledge the heart’s desire but to do so, let’s have a brief (maybe true) history of Saint Valentine and the holiday as we know it.

Saint Valentine was the patron saint of epilepsy and beekeepers, which is a far cry from Cupid and chocolate truffles. It was around the circulation of Parlemont de Foules, a 14th century poem by Geoffery Chaucer, that the Roman saint became associated with love and mating. In the poem, the protagonist drifts to sleep and is escorted through the heavens to a “well of grace” beyond the gates guarding Venus’ celestial temple. Upon finally passing through the Goddess of Desire’s temple, the subject steps into a bright spring day to find Nature conducting a parliament of birds. Under Nature’s watch, a young bird is to choose her mate from three competitors. After some time, the formel requests that Nature allow her not to choose; Nature obliges and thus grants free will to the young formel.

In the wake of Chaucer’s poem, lovers began to send letters and poems to each other, with increased fervor during the Valentine’s season. Interesting that a poem identifying the nature of love and lust to be free will would generate the consumerist bonanza that we identify as Valentine’s Day in the 21st century. Everything is freaking pink and covered in hearts and even the most romantic
among us must feel a slight roil of disgust at the onslaught of marketing campaigns aimed at coupledom, or more starkly – at the absence of coupling.

Whether blissfully (or even unwittingly) single or happy in love, Valentine’s Day should be a whimsical and fun way to feel a little passion. For cannabis enthusiasts, there is no better way to show love than with a healthy dose of THC. Enjoying any holiday,
but particularly one so amorous, does require a supreme level of chill. To reduce anxiety, choose cannabis varietals that are rich in terpenes such as limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and linalool. You may be familiar with these terpenes and how aroma affects your mood when you recall lavender, vanilla, and pumpkin spice – all scents made with essential oils featuring the same terpenes.

To settle into your Valentine’s experience, you might consider an indica-dominant flower that carries limonene – a terpene that has been shown to reduce anxiety and increase focus. This combination can be found in Skywalker OG, an indica varietal that users state helps them get out of their heads and into their bodies without feeling foggy or too high. Other favorite varietals for amping up the love connection include Wedding
Cake (caryophyllene) and Zkittles (linalool). For fellas looking to increase libido, try heady Gelato, rich in myrcene. Girl Scout
Cookies is a varietal featuring linalool that has been reported to work particularly well for vaginal arousal.

Having fire flower is just the first step to a satisfying Valentine’s experience. Punctuate your evening with cannabis infused and
derived treats for all of your senses. Pick up a mocktail kit from Mimosa Creek Mixology to get your cannabinoids in without getting high (or drunk). Feed your sweet tooth with any of the lickable spreads from Mystery Baking Company. Indulge your senses with a MariBliss Candle featuring terpenes and fragrances engineered to elevate your mood, a bath bomb from Feel This Skincare loaded with cannabinoids to nourish your skin, or a massage featuring any of the outstanding infused topicals available in the Oklahoma cannabis market.

Speaking of topicals, Bison Extracts, an Oklahoma processing company with a firm understanding of the power of terpenes introduced me to their infused lubricant. Their product, Liberation, was initially developed to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome, a painful condition that causes infertility. Owner Necole Cantu explained that Liberation was formulated with gynecological oversight to ensure that the full spectrum cannabis oil and proprietary essential oil blend are safe and effective for consumers who need relief from this impactful condition. As a secondary perk, users reported that the product encouraged sexual stimulation and lead to increase in libido. Of the number of lubricants surveyed for this article, Liberation was the easy
winner for texture, scent, uptake time, duration, and clean up. The infused lubricant takes around 20 minutes to “kick in” and
the increased arousal sensation lasted through climax.

Whether you’re showering your sweetheart with affection or focusing on your own needs this Valentine’s season, you can certainly find some amazing ways to incorporate cannabis.

Dict For V-Day

by James Bridges

I broke up with that disgusting and dreadful monster 4-years-ago and I think about her every day.

I couldn’t help the temptation. The blissful period when the thoughts stopped swirling in my head was my muse. She was, without a doubt, the one that would always be there to comfort me when I needed her. I told myself at a young age that one day we would part. In actuality, I counted on the fact that I would forget that promise to myself one day and my relationship would last forever.

I thought I loved her, but I realized, not as quickly as I would have liked, that I was under a spell. That spell that she cast had a hold of me and would not allow my thoughts to wander too far away.

Many other people have had “relations” with this overbearing and smothering polygamist. Though she is very committed to seeing that your side of the relationship is followed through, she could care less about the expectations that any of us have had of her.

She is the epitome of everything I know, love, and hate with a passion. “But it’s been 4 years!” you say, and I hear it. I just can’t wash it away. Sadly, I believe it may have been true love…

My thoughts have shifted over time. I’ve invested in the “new” me. I noticed early that I judged myself constantly. I started to think that this must have been the way I’ve acted toward myself for the majority of my entire life. Who was I to judge?… Then I started to wonder why I would do this to myself. With that, of course, came more self-judgment.

I’ve entered into a new space, now that it’s been 4 years. This space does nothing to take me away from the love that I still feel in my heart for her. I can’t seem to shake that. However, I am doing my best to play an active role in creating more changes for the betterment of my life. This new level of clarity is definitely becoming the most psychologically challenging aspect of my growth. It’s just so hard to get away from that cold hearted beast.

I struggle with calibrating my thoughts to align with my actions. I see it with my mindseye, yet I cannot fix it. It feels electric. The vibrations and emotions that are flowing as you watch yourself behave as if you are no longer in control. It’s a very unusual and strange experience. I’m sure many of you can relate.

I’m told it’s just a phase. Another stepping stone to get away from attachments, which may lead me back to her. Even though, a lot of the time, I struggle to have any desire to lift my foot, in hopes she may call again.

For now I will replace my old Valentine, called addiction, with something a little more pleasant. The thought of what is to come. This keeps me going. I know that someday my relationship with her won’t be so rocky. Maybe then everything will be aligned.

About The Cover – Czr Prz

Czr Prz

February 2023

Star Child 16’x20′ painted for Plaza
Walls Mural Festival Oklahoma City
OK 2022

Czr Prz is an urban contemporary artist working in sculptural fabrication, large scale aerosol murals, and all manner of design.

Born and raised in working class Chicago, Prz’s 20 year creative career has spanned America all the way to Europe. Across their multifaceted media, Prz’s artworks tell stories in the folklorico tradition instilled by his Latino-Caribbean upbringing.

Prz recovered from Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2015, a battle that halted his trips abroad, resuming his creative practice without missing a beat. In the
past year alone, Prz has painted murals for CATAN in Albany Park and Paint Memphis Fest in Tennessee. Prz’s fine art fabrication has shown at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco and Epiphany Center for the Arts, where he’s the curator behind Idol Hands, a group show centered around craft on view through Feb. 2022.

Prz is also one half of Ava Grey, a creative firm based in Chicago’s South Side.


Digital edition of the February 2023 print issue #50 of Herbage Magazine.

Herb•age strives to bring you fresh content regularly.

We cover a wide range of cannabis culture and medical marijuana-related issues. In other words, It is our mission to be the voice of the growing cannabis industry in the state. Through fair and open discourse we hope to continue the trend of bringing cannabis out of the shadows and into the mainstream where it belongs. So, please join us and help us grow with Oklahoma!


Steve Miller – Essential Tremors Breakthrough Using Cannabis


This is an update and a breakthrough discovery regarding Steve Miller and his battle with essential tremors. Miller has suffered from severe tremors his entire life. A group of cannabis researchers have come up with a formula they believe could lead to a solution for many who suffer the same.

Steve Miller
By Michael Kinney

Steve Miller has tried to live a peaceful life. Despite numerous medical battles, he does his best to stay stress-free.

However, in early July, Miller was at his breaking point. It was a place he had been just a few times in his 69 years of life. But this time it was worse.

Miller suffers from a disease called Essential Tremors. It causes his body to violently shake, especially when his anxiety rises. As Miller cared for his sister, who was going through her own issues, he had what he called a psychotic break that affected him mentally, emotionally and physically.

“When she was trying to get off alcohol and stuff we both kind of started feeding off each other’s anxiety she ended up in the hospital and going to the emergency room because she didn’t know how to handle it,” Miller said of his sister. “I didn’t know how to help her. She actually had seizures that morning. So, I called an ambulance and got her. And then she got back home. And I, I can’t tell you how many days it was, but about 3, 4, 5 days later, I had to call 911 for me and take me to the emergency room, full chest pains.”

Miller said the pains felt like he was having a heart attack and he couldn’t breathe

“I had been shaking so much for so long and so hard that my intestines were just tied in a knot,” Miller said. “. Once you get anxious, you kind of get a little bit psychotic when it gets real bad.”

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A Toke of Wellness


Over the past two decades, wellness and self-care have significantly evolved. It is astonishing how many products and practices are available to us in the modern era, including plant medicineslike psychedelics and Cannabis! It might also seem a little … overwhelming? Confusing? Dare we say, sometimes, suspect? Which ultimately begs the question: How do we approach our wellness journeys in an educated, confident and intentional way?


Our educational sources range from nutrition and wellness experts to social media influencers and more. Realistically, consumers don’t always have the time to research these products and practices the way we would want to. What we really want is a friend who knows and has done the research – an educated guide! Someone we trust; we’re here to help you with that!

HANNAH PEARL – Herbalist + Nutritionist 

Hannah is a practicing herbalist, nutritionist and Reiki master, earning her certification from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Arizona. Hannah works with patients through her own business, Sacred Nourishment. She also
co-owns and formulates the Highest Intent products.

ANNA WILDER – Wellness Education & patient advocate

Anna is a cannabis, psychedelic and wellness educator. She researches and analyzes wellness products and practices commonly available. She and her husband founded Highest Intent with the goal to help people proactively care for
themselves through the power of plant medicine.

BRIDGET FRANCIS – Herbalist + Nutritionist 

Bridget is a practicing embodiment coach. She holds certifications from AFPA in holistic nutrition, as well as specializing in herbalism from Herbal Academy. Bridget founded Inner Calm Co., a wellness company, with the desireto help her clients find balance and confidence in their wellness journeys.

Together we make up the Highest Intent wellness education team

Highest Intent offers daily wellness tincture that combine three of nature’s most powerful medicinal plants: cannabis, functional mushrooms and ancient herbs. We wanted to make a product that we knew was 100% natural, delicious and trustworthy. With this brand, we hope to introduce others to the ongoing discourse surrounding the impact of nature’s medicines on our health. We’re thankful to Herbage that you’re reading these words, because that means we’re
achieving our goals!

Self Care vs. Wellness

Yes, wellness and self care can be different things. Self-care can exist as ensuring you’re drinking a proper amount of water each day to maintain good hydration, while wellness is knowing that purified water is devoid of the minerals our body needs to adequately process the water we are drinking. This knowledge translates to understanding that purified water will strip the body of mineral stores in order to process the water we are drinking, granting our bodies the tools to stay properly hydrated.

Wellness is educated self-care

Self care is recognizing that we need to take care of ourselves each day in order to maintain a good quality of life. Wellness is knowing that there is pivotal information to be learned andapplied in order to maximize the benefit of our self-care routines.

Our education team often discusses the fact that when we go to the doctor,we’re typically not asked about our diet, sleep habits, wellness routine, daily stressors or exercise. Meanwhile these are all of the things that are foundational to our daily health. Doctors have a wonderful intention to help their patients live healthy lives, howeverit can be hard to give singular attention and accurate proactive health advice to the 9th or 10th patient of the day! Over the coming months, we plan to introduce, educate and familiarize you with simple and accessible proactive wellness tips. We believe every person has a right to understand their bodies and feel confident in their wellness decisions and routines. We want to lend a helping hand as you cultivate your own journey!

Let’s Connect!

For regular wellness information and education from our team, make sure to follow @ highestintent2.0. We’ll see you next month with some juicy information
on cannabis, herbs and intimacy!


Herbage Golf – Spring 2023

Spring 2023

WHEN: Saturday, April 8, 2023, 10:00 AM


Plan to arrive by 10:00 AM for registration. Shotgun start at 11:00 AM.
Look forward to having fun and enjoying friends while your team participates in playing the “Best Ball” hit down the fairways.

We will have guest dab bars and plenty of giveaways available from our amazing sponsors.

Plenty of fun contests will be on the course, including a $50,000 prize for Hole-In-One!
Win prizes – Network with cannabis industry colleagues – Have fun!

WHERE: Choctaw Creek Golf Course and The Country Club Restaurant, 2200 North Hiwassee Road, Choctaw, OK 73020


The Path Continues

The Path Continues
By James Bridges

“That was a long year.” How many times have you heard that? Usually in a negative tone it seems. Well, it has been a long year. A year is a long time. 365 days to be exact. Each and every one of those days are long too. Each day. Each Minute. Each second. Soak it up, buttercup.

What are you going to do with it?

There was an abundance of, what seemed like, magic in the air starting from the moment SQ788 passed. It seems so long ago. However, sometimes it’s a blur. There have been so many shifts in the industry as it matures. 2022 may have been the ugly pre-teen years, if you were to compare to what I believe is to come.

You need to remember why you wanted cannabis to be legal in the first place. That, my friends, is your own personal choice as well. Medicine comes in many different forms. No one has the right to tell you differently.

I’ve witnessed the market in Oklahoma shift from a territorial atmosphere into what has now become more of a collaborative effort to navigate not only the market trend, but also the constant changes tossed down from our governing bodies. This, in my opinion, is key. If there ever were a plot to kill legal cannabis, then this idea of collaboration could indeed squash it.

Now I go to my creative mind. I like to imagine dark,angry, and dried up individuals sitting around a boardroom table and pounding their fists out of anger and frustration. One of them stands and screams, “Why must they fight together!” The dark “overlords” smoke their smokey cigarettes and discuss ways to split the damn pot heads up. I digress.

The simplest way to kill something is to gain its trust. It is a shady way of doing things. It’s a way of doing things that we all must look out for. It’s ok to listen to your intuition… Unfortunately many businesses in the cannabis industry have failed. That’s not uncommon in most industries, to be honest. However, the way that it has come about is a tad tacky in my book. I don’t speak much about politics publicly, but I do love my community.

There are mom-and-pops in this great state that feel robbed. They feel that the system which was put in place during the first years of legalization in Oklahoma was a money grab. They blame many players involved in the governing bodies. They feel that those players would benefit the state rather than the industry itself. Some feel that this grew into an even more greedy situation. Major players within the cannabis industry itself have been accused of having a hand in the pocket of some of those benefitted.

It’s been interesting to observe to say the least.

I won’t give you a BS promotional speech that makes you feel that there is a pot of gold waiting for us all. What I will do is encourage you to keep moving forward. Make a more collaborative effort to accomplish your goals. Stick together and create your own ideas. Have fun doing it. We are in a cannabis industry.

That’s supposed to be fun right?

Those that oppose our lifestyle and understanding of what good medicine is are waiting for us to trip up. Make sure they trip first. They want this to fail. When it all comes down to it, this is about money. The blanket of fear that is covering the eyes of justice must come down once in a while. At times Justice needs to look the liar in the face in order to gain access to the truth.

The Cultivation Corner January ‘23

Cultivation Corner

Brought to you by Smokey Okies Cannabis

It’s a new year, and for many people, that means making resolutions and setting goals. Well, if you are a home grower, or aspiring home grower, I encourage you to take a big picture look at your grow schedule for this year. Don’t have one? That’s okay. The purpose of this article is get you thinking in terms of an annual cultivation plan, as opposed to just planting some seeds and hoping for the best. Don’t know how to put one together? That’s okay too. In this article, I am going to show you.

First, we are going to tie in the last couple Cultivation Corner articles that had to do with veg, and I am going to show you how to apply that advice to the context of your situation, within your annual cultivation plan.

Sound like too much for a beginner grower? Just keep reading, I promise you will see the big picture by the end of this article.

First, get a clear vision of the end goal

When you plant your seeds or clones, you will have this tiny little plants in small pots. Now in order to know how long you will keep these plants in a vegetative state, you must have a clear outline for the entire growth cycle.

As you put together you plan, consider the following:

• How big is your grow space?

• How many strains do you want to grow?

• How often do you want to be flowering or harvesting?

As you ponder those questions, you will want to ask yourself a few more:

• Do you want to grow only a few but large plants?

• Would you instead prefer many small plants?

• Do you want to get as many harvests as possible  in a year?

• Are you satisfied with fewer harvests?

Once you start asking yourself these types of questions, you will get yourself in thinking in terms of the big picture. Don’t just grab some seeds and talk about planting them. No, instead, I want you to think about mapping our your entire year!

Creating a Cultivation Plan based around your Grow Space

If you have a small grow space, such as a tent, you must acknowledge your limitations. The most obvious is ceiling height. Compare that to a 2-car garage. A grower using his home garage has more space than a person using a tent. But killer out-comes can be achieved in both scenarios, if you have a plan!

Tips for Small Grow Spaces

For small spaces, the goal is to grow small plants. Which means you get to master the art of getting a decent yield out of small plants. Part of the secret to getting yield with small plants is to simply increase the number of plants. You cannot grow big plants in a small space, but if you do things right, you can grow many small plants in a small space.You therefore want a shorter veg cycle. But as you condense your veg cycle, you shorten the amount of time you have to get all your chores done! That is okay, you can adjust.

You will want to first use smaller containers. You don’t need 7-gallon pots for a small tent. Stick with 2-gallon. You could even go smaller. The smaller the pot, the more plants you can fit in your tent, and that means more strain variety. You will need to top these earlier in veg in order toget the plant to start forking out, which will control your vertical growth. Remember, plants will double in size during flower, so we can’t let them get too big during veg.

Keep your veg cycle to about 4-5 weeks. Get at least one topping session in, and at least one pruning session, either before or after your topping session. At this point, you are ready to switch to 12/12.

Your 2023 Cultivation Plan

With a small grow space, you can focus on get-ting in multiple runs this year. With two weeks for a seedling phase, or for a clone to root, combined with a short veg (4-5 weeks), plus an 8-week flower cycle, you can get three and a half flips in this year. That means you will harvest 3 times and have a fourth cycle halfway completed going into the new year. With this type of plan, you get multiple harvests, a decent strain variety per run, and best of all….Lots of practice! Which is the most important feature here.

Getting three bites at the apple per year, you will triple your experience level than if you only had one run per year. If you have access to additional grow spaces for vegging your next batch of clones or seedlings, you can increase that number to five flips in a year. Imagine your experience level after a couple years of doing that! Of course, you could go with an entirely different plan of growing really big plants and aiming to get the biggest yield per plant. We will talk about that type of a strategy in next month’s issue

For Obvious Reasons, No Receipts

For Obvious Reasons, No Receipts

By Kathleen Barker

Oh how far we’ve come from 1986 and getting our weed through reefer Rick! Though I think many of us can agree that we’d drop a lot of cash to do a deal with Eddie Munson. But here’s my question, what kind of flower does our favorite metalhead prefer? Is he more of a sativa smoker? Or an Indica kind of guy? And what about Terps?

Let’s ask some loyal Tumblr fans what they think, aye?

Lei: “Ooh, my first instinct is to say he’d go for a sativa. He’s a high energy kind of guy, I think that he might want something that would stimulate his mind and fuel his creativity when playing guitar or writing campaigns. Though perhaps on other occasions he may want an Indica just to be able to chill out and wind down, become one with the couch so to speak. He sells it so he’s got choices you know? Options at his disposal for different needs. The terpenes that stand out to me with Eddie in mind are Limonene, Myrcene, and Pinene. Limonene for the elevated mood and anti-depression. Eddie is a naturally positive person so I think he’d appreciate added benefits here. Myrcene for the added creativity that psychoactivity brings, and Pinene for memory retention and alertness since it seems pretty clearly to me that Eddie has ADHD and would really benefit from some help in those areas!”

Johnny: “Given that he’s well-versed in alternative medicine, maybe even a damned witch doctor due to being a dungeon master, he probably smokes both, but as far as a preference goes I guess sativa. He has lots of high-yielding energy, he’s very outgoing, so I don’t see his preference leaning towards couch potato vibes which would be Indica. As far as Terpenes go? Definitely some Limonene but after that shit with Chrissy? Linalool. He needs to relax and sedate himself after all that.“

Tess: “Eddie Munson is definitely a mood smoker. Majority of the time, I see him smoking a sativa dominant hybrid. His creativity is flowing and he is Vibing like the true metal man he is. However, when he is wanting to play guitar alone in his room, I can see him appreciating an Indica. No matter which mood he was sporting that moment in the day, he is definitely lighting up something skunky, linalool, or alpha – pinene dominant.“

Becca: “So I strongly feel Eddie goes for the sativa strain. As a musician and a Dungeon Master he needs all the alertness he can get and Indicas do the total opposite. Indicas I feel are more for relaxing. As for the Terps, I see him being into limonene, Myrcene, Linalool,  Borneol, and Eucalyptol.“

Well there you have it puppet’s! Majority rules in favor of sativa for the Master of Hellfire! Personally, that was my vote as well, it just seems to make sense for our lovable metalhead. But hey, maybe Kas the bloody handed will have a different taste…dun dun DUN!!!! He’s alive dammit, there’s no convincing me otherwise. UNTIL NEXT TIME – Kat

Hilltop Gardens Hash Camp

On The Hunt For Hash Rosin

Hash Camp 22’
By Brook Miller

Quality rosin are certainly synonymous terms
when I describe my opinion of Hilltop Gardens.
Connor and Jono, founders of the Hash Camp,
also know how to host a great event.

I had the opportunity to attend Hash Camp 22. It
was full of good vibes, good food, and amazing
people. We were given specific GPS coordinates
to navigate to the event. This was an added touch
to keep the location discreet. That was a pretty
cool experience in itself. Between GPS
coordinates and camping under the stars…the
vibes were set.

Upon arriving I ran into some familiar faces and
connected with everyone there. The rosin that
was entered into the contest. This was certainly
the first thing on the menu for me. There were
seven different entries into the Hash Camp
competition. The Holy Goat, Evok, Chrome6,
Nature’s Kiss, Live Source Labs, Kanati and High
Rise. This, in my opinion, was an incredible line-up
of some of Oklahoma’s top brands offering hash

The entire evening was full of incredible hash,and
authentic homemade tamales to top it off. “Some
of us” were able to get our camping areas set up
before the rosin kicked in.

The winners were announced after we ate and had a
change to try. I have to say, they were all on point.

3rd – Chrome6 – with an amazing King’s Hawaii packed
full of all the “Terple terps” you could handle.
2nd – The Holy Goat – with a very smooth Brandy Wine
that carried some serious weight with floral, citrus gas
1st – Nature’s Kiss – with their Chem-D that packed an
extreme punch of diesel and citrus.

All of the entries were top tier in my book. My personal
favorite was The Holy Goat’s Brandy Wine. Definitely a
contender against the Chem D that Nature’s Kiss put up.
Cheers to everyone that brought the heat to Hash Camp
and helped continue the vibes into the evening. I am
super grateful we set the tent up before we started
playing merry-go-round with the hash rosin.

We all had a great time with some talented, incredible
people. At one point we were all around the fire taking in
the experience we had been a part of throughout the
day. Picture all of us by the fire with full bellies, laughing
and having fun. Smoking hash, listening to great music
and enjoying each other’s company by the campfire. It
was the best vibe. I am already looking forward to Hash
Camp next year and what’s in the future from Hilltop gardens!



Pressing For Gold – Wellevate Farms

By James Bridges

We pulled into the parking lot of what was obviously a structure built to move heavy machinery and vehicles, I noticed the sign for Wellevate Farms, but I couldn’t help but wonder. I thought to myself, “Why is that large, roughly 75 foot tall, gas rig blocking my parking space?” Then I took a good look around. I noticed more heavy equipment, trailers, and yes, even more rigs that stood tall and inoperable. I thought to myself again, “Maybe I should open my eyes and stop listening to that constant repetitive voice coming from my speakers?”

I felt as if I had driven into the wrong address until I recognized a smile. The smile was large and the man behind it couldn’t seem more welcoming. Adam Stockman presented himself as one of the directors. The man that wears many hats with a team of fellow multi-hatters designed to accomplish whatever is put in front of them. We were invited inside.

John Hughes himself would have been jealous and may have even made the motion to dial his attorney if he were to walk into the facilities at Wellevate Farms in Skiatook, OK. The large, almost circular interior structure with a maze/classroom aesthetic would have him screaming at the old troupe to gear up and shoot The Breakfast Club 2.0.

“So this room will soon be the house dispensary.” Adam pointed over my shoulder. “That’s why we picked the one with the exterior door.”

We met Adam during the Cowboy Cup in December 2022. One of the late nights of the cup led both myself and Brook Miller to a table where Adam and a new product awaited our introduction. The product is actually designed and offered by Wellevate Farms themselves. It’s called the WelleVape.

I will do my best to describe the product. The product is vaporized inside of the device. The vapor then flows and fills the chalice or glass. Then bottoms-up! You drink and repeat. It’s surprising, unique, and comes with an experience to accompany your meds.

We were invited to repeat as many times as desired. We made sure we had plenty of “introduction” time for one another.

“We found a way to procreate our own dispensary.” I listened as Adam opened up more. “Yeah. and, we’re about 60 days out. We were lucky for how we found ours though. I mean, I’ve heard $$$$ over and over, and we found something nowhere near those numbers. We were able to acquire this and even own the building. Most licenses are not available the way ours was, and for that we are very grateful.”

He must have noticed the twitch in my brow as he spoke and peaked my interest. Adam continued, “Yeah. The old owner just didn’t ever put anything together here. We took it off his hands. We think we can do something special with this place. That’s what we are here to do.”

The informed and intelligent Adam pointed out that the goal was to become more of an appointment only dispensary. They want to offer medicines to those specifically in the area that are in need. However, because that is where their cultivation and lab is located, they feel it best to keep the main gate closed to the public.

“Everyone always says they want to carry our product.” Adam showed that giant smile again. “We know we have the right product.” Adam’s confidence was sure. “Our sales have already given us a very positive projection. Now it’s time to network, continue marketing, and advertising so we can become more top of mind for patients when they choose.”

These guys definitely have a “There’s nothing in getting our way” attitude. They have a fully operational grow facility. They are smashing killer solventless hash rosin on a press made for giants. They have 120 Square Feet of freeze drying space. They even have their own CO2! Afterall, we were essentially standing on top of a natural gas well. I couldn’t have been more impressed.

Adam continued to show us around. “I mean, with the equipment that we have and the facility that we have, it’s been a long haul. We are all-in on the investment, time and money. More than I could have fathomed. So it’s a long game. We’re honest with ourselves though. We have an accountant. Other than accounting, we don’t really outsource anything. Everything is pretty much created in-house, even metric.”

The team at Wellevate was surprisingly small compared to the output of the facility. There’s Adam Stockman who is the general manager/all hats, and a very knowledgeable lead cultivator, Brandon Summers.

We ran into Devon Gaines and Chad Upton. Both are hash washers for Wellevate. They help press the magic, which is Wellevate Farms signature hash rosin. Fluid for the god’s, if you will. We actually had the opportunity to witness the making of said fluid.

The press was more than a press. We walked into the dedicated press room and sat back and watched as they prepped the product. At 180 degrees this beast will smash 3 full 15 gram pouches at one time. That is 45 grams in one press. They use a Low temp V2 Medusa. They have also fabricated a custom mechanical arm, which adds tilt to the base of the press to assist the drip. The team claims that they have noticed a slight change in quality since implementing this lift system. I was more than impressed.

photo by Justen Christensen

“It’s a lot like a family around here.” Adam explained a common scenario in the cannabis industry. However, this one seemed to be run by individuals that have the mental capability to set boundaries around those emotions. They were there for business, and they all knew it. “Yeah. I wouldn’t say that on any given day, we all get along by any means. But at the end of the day, I also know that if I need something, I’m going to call one of these guys. We butt heads, because we all have real high expectations of what we want to happen. We know that we’re on the right team. We are like a bunch of brothers and sisters around here. We’d probably be better off with some boxing gloves some days. In the end we love and respect one another.”

Adam walked us through the place as if he were showing us his newly remodeled house. I felt that if Adam had a second home it would have been the apartment he slept in and paid rent for about an hour away. I even had the thought of asking him for random shop items. I had an inkling that he would be able to whisp off for a minute and retrieve anything that I requested.

I was curious about his thoughts on cleanliness and managing quality and testing. Knowing now of how small the crew was that operated such a large space, I wondered if there might be issues. As I looked around in every room there were signs of constant cleaning. Some of the spaces looked as if the equipment had just been installed. These guys had the process down for sure. The convincingly honest Adam opened an eye, “My strategy for taking lead for testing is to reach my hand into the big tub and get five grams of random nugs. I’m not cutting the top. I’m not cutting the nicest, prettiest bud off the top of the nicest, prettiest plant in the room. I literally want to take an honest sample. I think it causes us to get lower numbers sometimes. But, I’d rather somebody get a bud from us that says 25% and they get home and they get 30%.”

One of the largest factors keeping the overhead so low while also giving Wellevate Farms the ability to operate with a crew of only five is automation. “Whenever we harvest, we’ve got the bucker.” Adam started pointing at massive and sometimes intricate pieces of hardware inside the expansive main floor. “We’ve got the sorting table, I’ve got the machine trimmer, and we have a room over here that holds 288 plants. We can harvest that in one day with only three people. Our goal is always to go from a live plant to the freezer in a maximum of 45 minutes. If we can hit 30 to 40 minutes, that’s where I’m happy. An hour is acceptable, but not desired.”

After viewing the rooms, which included three mom rooms, a separate clone room, and 13 others used for cultivation, I was asked to enter another part of the building. As I walked through the doorway I felt as if I had entered a portion of the building which was its financial nucleus. It was warm and inviting, yet very much more formal than the rest of the building. I was introduced to two partners. Blaine Heg and Gary Lewis were welcoming and relaxed. I felt comfortable as we spoke.

photo by Justen Christensen

“When you get the right people all pushing in the same direction it’s hard to stop.” Blaine seemed very savvy. His demeanor demanded respect, however I felt the desire to give respect even with my eyes closed. He seemed very well established and I could sense that any ventures that peaked his interest would certainly be solid.

“We’re more hands on.” Blaine took the lead, “We come from a world where we realize that everything mechanical is gonna break and it’s nice to know we can fix it. One of the biggest things for us is the ability to have everything right there. If we don’t we can usually find it or fabricate it ourselves.”

The owners at Wellevate Farms have been able to incorporate the use of other subcontractors. “We’ve brought subs in on our buildouts. These are local electricians, plumbers, contractors, builders, and more. We work side by side with them. Honestly the questions they’ve asked have been game changing. It’s valuable because I never thought of it the way they bring up specific issues.”

Many leaders in cannabis, as well as so many other industries, tend to think they can purchase success. Some go out and purchase the “best” lighting systems. Maybe go look for the most expensive starting quarterback when all they needed was to look around at the team. Blaine and Gary didn’t want that. They had no desire to go scouting. They wanted to build a strong and long lasting environment with people they knew and trusted. So they did both.

Fortunately they did, in-fact, find the experts fit for Wellevate Farms. However, in this case, they didn’t have to go out and seek it.

photo by Justen Christensen

Herbage Magazine January 2023

Digital edition of the January 2023 print issue #49 of Herbage Magazine. Herb•age strives to bring you fresh content regularly. We cover a wide range of cannabis culture and medical marijuana-related issues from around the state of Oklahoma and beyond. In other words, It is our mission to be the voice of the growing cannabis industry in the state. Through fair and open discourse we hope to continue the trend of bringing cannabis out of the shadows and into the mainstream where it belongs. So, please join us and help us grow with Oklahoma!