Boho Oils Co.

Hey Ya’ll I’m Amy Lee, the hippie heart and soul behind Boho Oils Co. 
My passion as a Canna Coach began in 2012 when i suffered severe interruptions throughout my endocannabiniod system resulting in a multitude of health issues. These interruptions appeared as high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, postpartum depression, anxiety, inflammation, gut issues, hormone imbalance, migraines, fatigue, nutrient deficiencies and extreme weight gain. I knew I needed wellness but struggled to find a way that worked for my body. That’s when I discovered a more holistic approach for wellness and said goodbye to 10 daily prescription medications and shed a total of 125lbs.

As certified Cannacian™ and certified Health Coach, I specialize in offering a one/one Cannabis & Nutrition Coaching program to assist you in reaching your ultimate wellness. I have several coaching programs to fit every goal and budget. 

Boho Oils Co. takes pride in offering products that follow USDA Organic growing, handling, extraction and processing guidelines.

We love planet Earth and hope that you do too, please recycle your empty containers when through <3

  • Layers
    by Amy Lee One of the most amazing aspects of the cannabis Sativa plant is its botany classification of non-toxic. By definition, non-toxic is considered non-poisonous and harmless to the human body. Does this mean a person can over-consume cannabis without a negative experience? No, it does not. Although cannabis is classified as non-toxic, when
  • Blueberry Hemp Protein Bars
    by Amy Lee These delicious granola bars are the perfect snack before or after a workout, hiking, boating, or while relaxing at home watching TV. With this super simple recipe you can satisfy all of your munchie cravings, sweet, salty, savory, and crunchy. These bars are loaded with ALL the Omega Fatty Acids, Organic
  • Ganja Mom
    by Amy Lee There is a shift happening in society within the “mom groups” and I support it 100 percent. Emerging from the shadows of social media groups is a force of “new” moms standing tall in who they are and what they stand for unapologetically. These moms aren’t new to society, oh no, they
  • Medicated Lemon Meltaways
    by Amy Lee It is easy to substitute the regular coconut oil with an infused coconut oil and create delicious edibles with a low dose, perfect for microdosing. The strain I used was provided by Envie Cannabis Boutique in Tulsa, OK and is Sativa dominant to assist in stimulating my endocannabinoid system.  These delicious
  • Healthy-intine
    by Amy Lee It’s day 5654 of self-quarantine and like many of you, the snacks are slowly taking over my household and attempting to expand my waistline. Personally, having a surplus of food in the house has been a trigger for unhealthy habits as well as increasing my anxiety levels. It triggers one of the

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