Let’s get you published!

Do you have some great talent that needs to be seen?  Are you engaged in the cannabis friendly lifestyle and consider yourself an expert in one way or another?  Do you wish to help with the cause, which is propelling the education and acceptance of healthy living and ridding the world of cannabis from that silly stigma some might call “reefer madness”?  Then let’s do this!

As a general policy, we cannot guarantee placement based on your abstract, and we approve submissions contingent upon space allowance. We currently have minimal editorial space for unsolicited pieces, but please know that we look at all submitted works daily—and we love getting new contributors involved.

We only include original content that hasn’t been published elsewhere, including websites and blogs.

First, write a short bio describing yourself, your writing, photography, and/or illustrations style. Also please let us know if you have been previously published and, if so, where.

If you are submitting photography, illustrations or videos that have already been completed, it must have not been published elsewhere previously (including online).

If you have multiple ideas, please submit them in one submission.

Please send email to james@herbagemag.com