Divine Independence

Let Rayne take you on a mystical journey of plant based medicine right here in the Oklahoma Cannabis community.
  • October Strainology
    by Rayne Graham Your October 2020 horoscope and what Cannabis strain will help you get through it! Happy Halloween!  Aries: You might be feeling like the goop between the caterpillar and the butterfly stages of metamorphosis dear Aries. Keep pushing, this month will bring you growth confidence and clarity so you might just be at the end of this transformation
  • Hattie’s Holistic Healing
    by Brittney Graham When it comes to healing, holistic happens to be one of my favorites! Organic, clean, and good for the body, it is hard to beat. This can include natural whole foods, vitamins, physical exercise, stress management techniques, and so much I haven’t discovered. So, when I wanted to learn more about this field, who better to talk
  • Strainology
    Your July 2020 horoscope and what Cannabis strain will help you get through it! With all these planets going in and out of retrograde, I know it’s been a little hectic to say the least. by Rayne Graham Aries: Big changes are coming within yourself and your career this month fiery Aries. If things do not seem as though they
  • Blossom Canna
    by Rayne Graham Brian and Amber Hallum, the owners of Higher Health Medical Marijuana Dispensary and H&H processing, have really hit the Oklahoma Cannabis market by storm simply by sticking to their slogan, “Education before Medication.”. With products like Orion tablets and Blossom Canna Capsules, you will quickly come to have the same notion and me I am sure of
  • Ego Privilege
    “The ego is a false sense of self based on mental concepts. It is identification with the body and mind- identification with form, which primarily means thought forms.” -Eckhart Tolle by Rayne Graham The Black Lives Matter Movement is creating much needed, cried, and begged for racial injustice reform across the country and even the world. However, as anyone who
  • Horror and Cannabis with Hancock Art
    by Rayne Graham Meet Hancock, he is the creative mind and talent behind this month’s front cover artwork. I had the opportunity to sit and chat with him for a minute about what he does and his passion for it all. After our talk, I can say with confidence that he has a unique style all his own as well

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