Freedom Flower


By Chet Tucker

At what point have we given up our rights to cultivate? The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 (and even before that 29 states had already criminalized cannabis) essentially criminalized all uses and forms of the plant, including hemp. Though we’ve come a long way,in nearly a hundred years of prohibition, we are still allowing Uncle Sam to regulate the use of a plant and more importantly tax us for said use. Why? Have we fought so hard to regain our rights only for Uncle to squeeze citizens of their own hard work and dollars? Has the Green Wave become both a replacement of the
mammoth pharmaceutical industry’s consumption and tax?

Sure, we’re overcoming the real drug pushers in big pharma but at what point do we overtake the right to tax medicinal cannabis (which is all cannabis no matter how you categorize it to me)? So many activists have pushed and pulled and fought for the right to medicate as we please and while it’s been an amazing set of victories, we still have laws that govern how many plants we can grow on our own property as well as how much can be purchased and consumed. Why do we allow ourselves to bow with thanks to a machine that keeps our rights at bay while imposing a tax?

Essentially, we live in collective of states that have brainwashed us for hundreds of years that we are “free”. Yet, we are consistently wrangled into laws of man and no laws of the land before man. From an illegal taxation entity of the IRS to it’s illegal counterpart and elite money printing bonanza of The Federal Reserve (which is not a part of the US Treasury), we’ve been blinding accepting our “freedom” as an almighty gift from the corporation of the United States of America (it’s a dead entity). What happened to common law and our true freedom? Where did the true
constitutional republic go?

In the name of “what’s best” for us, the US Government and all it’s supporting “corpserations” and elitists, we’ve been governed and indoctrinated since birth to believe that our amazing freedoms are so far beyond the rest of the world that the swelling pride has overrode our logic and true understanding of what it is to be free. Taxation is theft. Think
on it and if you do the basic math on the amount of payroll taxes, based on the number of people in the US and the median tax rate, you end up with an astronomical figure that could feed the world two times over.
For “fun”, just use $35,000 times a conservative 20% tax rate and you get $7,000 annually … multiply it by the number of working Americans (about 150 million) and your apple ph
one will give you 1.05e12 which it’s way to abbreviate because there’s not enough room to display, $1,050,000,000,000 … a TRILLION dollars on the backs of hard working Americans in payroll taxes alone. This doesn’t count any tax you pay for every transaction you make.

Add in those taxes, plus property taxes, and there is no way that a government can’t run on a fraction of that amount.

So, let’s consider what we’re doing when we’re pushing these petitions and programs. Why should the government earn a percentage of taxes ON TOP of the compensation they’re paid for licensing fees, OBNDD fees, city and county “certificates of occupancy” etc? Yes, we need some policing and regulation to ensure consumers are getting clean products and that people are treating workers fairly. But where’s all the money going? Who’s really winning?

Our applauding citizens because we have a right to a medicinal/recreational plant or the governing bodies that we somehow allow to “award” us while stuffing millions. It’s time for a change. It’s time for Big Brother/Uncle Sam to take a seat to the people that demand true freedoms without taxation … or at minimum the exploitive taxation that we can and should reject.