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compiled by Kayla Johnson

As of March 18, there are just under 70,000 patients in the state of Oklahoma. While there’s no shortage of growers and processors ready to put product on the market, there’s also a growing number of those patients who are choosing to grow their cannabis themselves.

Demand creates supply, and stores that stock everything needed to take your own cannabis crop from seed to cured flower have been opening since the first patients received their cards last year. One of those businesses is Skunk Grow Supply in Tulsa. 

Their doors officially opened for business in November 2018 and for owner Patricia Griffin, it goes beyond simply being able to make a profit in this new industry. “I was a substance abuse counselor when I was in the Air Force,” she said,” I’ve seen careers and lives destroyed or even lost due to prescription opioids.” A native of Las Vegas, Griffin has witnessed the benefits of medical cannabis first hand after they legalized it there in 2000. “It was hard watching people suffer knowing there were safer alternatives they could not access.” Like many others, she was taken by surprise at the demand. “I wasn’t expecting the sheer volume of patients and caregivers interested in growing at home, but I love it.” The benefits of growing your own cannabis extend beyond having your own supply at home. “I think there is very real, therapeutic value in gardening, and when they succeed, it’s a sense of pride and ownership.”

Skunk Grow Supply stocks everything from grow tents to nutrients and soil, even the equipment needed for a hydroponic setup, and a vast knowledge bank. “A good portion of our day at the store is spent answering questions from beginner growers,” said Griffin. While the store doesn’t do product installation visits themselves, Griffin said there are a handful of consultants that frequent the store that do home visits, and the store will be offering classes soon for those beginner growers. “We plan to have classes starting mid or late-April, and we also have a few links on our website to online classes and some free resources about growing.”

The demand and enthusiasm aren’t likely to start fading anytime soon, and for Griffin, it’s one of her favorite things about running her business. “Customers seem excited to grow something, often for the first time, and the people who say they kill any plant they touch come in and proudly show off photos of their healthy grow.” Beyond being able to help these customers, the feeling of community plays a strong role in her business. “Most customers come in, and just enjoy having conversations about their experience, and sharing their knowledge with others.”

For those who are eager to get their own home grow going, Griffin has some advice. “Start simple, with good soil and a full spectrum grow light. You can get started easily, without a lot of equipment, and if you choose nutrients, many of them have a basic starter kit to get you going, and instructions. If you stick to basic gardening principles, you should be good to go.” She encourages patients and caregivers to not be overwhelmed by the growing array of choices when it comes to growing, and to maintain their enthusiasm. “It’s inspiring to see patients take an active role in their health.” 

Visit Skunk Grow Supply online at or in their store at 8125 E 51st St Suite H, Tulsa, OK 74145.

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