Half Baked News 

by Brittney Graham 

Big Money for Illinois 

Cannabis became legal on New Year’s Day in Illinois and it was big money to say the least. CBS News reported that 37 state dispensaries made 77,128 transactions the first day of legalization. This translates to over $3.17 million is sales and woah can you say green on green? They sold so much that dispensaries ran out of product!  Fun fact, one of those transactions was none other than the Lt. Governor of Illinois herself, Juliana Stratton. Now, that is a supportive state government right there!

Can You Say Cannabis Rosé?

In the last few months, three California wine companies have released nonalcoholic, cannabis-infused rosés: the women-centric brands are House of Saka, Viv & Oak, and the stoner-friendly Rebel Coast.  They promise less attention than smoking and more control over dosage than an edible. The 5 to 10mg THC per serving of the cannabis rosés create a gentle buzz that comes from a couple glasses of wine; which has been hard to find in cannabis edibles.  I am interested to see just how far this trend catches on. A nice little medicated pink drink sounds lovely, doesn’t it? It is safe to say, I will be on the look out for this in Oklahoma, and I will let you know what I find.

Nice End of Year Stats Oklahoma!

2019 was a big year for the Oklahoma cannabis community, and since SQ788 passed, we have been making waves!  By November of last year, 5% of Oklahomans had a medical cannabis card and in the same period, state officials approved more than 1,400 dispensaries and 3,000 growers.  Overall, we have generated $18.1 million in application fees, along with $3 million in taxes, according to recent data.  To this we say, you’re doing fine Oklahoma, well more than fine, and you know you want to sing it now!


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