Invictus Plantae

Tab Moura takes you on a journey around the history and health benefits of cannabis.

  • Happy Mother’s Day
    by Tab Moura Happy Mother’s Day to the mamas brave enough to open the gate, bringing hope to thousands of children, never asking for applause. May you be supported and sustained to continue doing your valuable work. Thank you for standing your ground and giving your children your unconditional support.   Pediatric Cannabis Therapy: The
  • Community Wins
    By Tab Moura In uncertain times, we all begin to look around and consider what matters most to us. Considering the fact that an overwhelming amount of cannabis patients are immunocompromised, Covid-19 is a hot topic among us. What are our priorities and habits when we’re isolated from the outside world more than ever before?
  • Pediatric Cannabis Therapy
    Trial and Error by Tab Moura So, you are interested in using cannabis therapeutically for your child… What now? Next to our most frequently asked “why would a child need cannabis?” we frequently hear that parents would prefer something natural for their kids, but they could never give something like Cannabis to their kids without
  • Why would a child need Cannabis?
    by Tab Moura This is a question I have been asked more in my time as a cannabis advocate than any other question combined. Why would a child need cannabis? I admit, this question excites me, because it’s such an open ended question. Why wouldn’t a child need cannabis? For a moment, let’s think less