Media Assistant to the Publisher

Herbage Magazine firmly promotes cannabis education, entertainment, patient information, and positive de-stigmatization of cannabis.  We give back, promote, celebrate, and learn along with our audience on a daily basis. 

A media assistant who reports directly to the publisher may be expected to create graphics for posters, advertisements and other promotional pieces, understand the basics of digital photography and graphic software and apps. A college degree or working toward one is preferred.

Responsible for working closely with a media team on tasks such as obtaining and analyzing media, using media software to keep track of performance, performing administrative duties, and developing and maintaining strong relationships with media outlets.

Media Assistant Requirements:

  1. Excellent knowledge of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc…
  2. Analytical skills.
  3. Excellent communication skills.
  4. Eagerness to learn about new innovations and software.
  5. Excellent time management skills.
  6. A degree in communication, marketing, or social media. (not required)
  7. Light WordPress and other website platforms.
  8. Perform duties as assigned by the publisher.
  9. Excellent knowledge of office software.
  10. The ability to self manage.
  11. Excellent time management skillz.

Currently we offer:

A reach of over 400 Pick Up locations across Oklahoma.

Super Strong Social following and growing.

Daily Digital Content on herbagemag.com

Events such as herbagegolf.com or

Oklahoma’s First Ever cannabis competition for Home Growers in conjunction with The Cowboy Cup.

2 Podcasts.

Brand Awareness team.

Writers and Content providers from all cultural walks of life.

This could be a perfect match for you.   Pay TBD on applicant qualifications.

Applicant needs own laptop and basic tools of the trade.


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