Strainology – March 2020

Your March 2020 horoscope and what Cannabis strain will help you get through it! Remember, these are based on your Sun signs!

by Brittney Graham

Aries: Until the sun enters your sign on the 21st dear Aries your head might seem a little foggy. You mind seems to be full of a lot of unnecessary worry at the beginning of the month which could be throwing you off balance. Stay focused, energetic, and uplifted as you navigate March with the Indica Killer Queen.

Taurus:  Mercury Retrograde has been highly unhelpful for you lately dear Taurus. You have been experiencing complications with travel and being on time, but no worries the middle of the month will have you back in the clear. On the other hand, a lively investment will come to fruition for you this month. Keep yourself relaxed and stress free by picking up some of the Indica Medicine Man.

Gemini: Your famous quick-witted responses might have you in hot water with those around you this month Dear Gemini. Blame it on Mercury Retrograde, but while we wait for it to pass, maybe consciously thinking before you speak might be the best. Stay focused but still talkative by grabbing the Sativa Candyland.

Cancer:  March will be smooth sailing except around the 11th, when some one close to you might be a little too uncooperative. It is super temporary though and by the 14th everything will be cleared up for the better. On a lighter note, your hosting and entertaining skills will have time to shine in the spotlight this month. Keep relaxed during the stress by picking up the Hybrid Banana Kush.

Leo:  If you have been experiencing financial issues as of late dear Leo, do not fear, it looks to be clearing up around the 21st of March. On the other hand, starting the 5th your love life will be heating up whether you currently find yourself committed or single. Stay energetic and uplifted during everything going on with the Sativa Super Silver Haze.

Virgo: This month will bring communication issues between you and some on you are romantically involved with. You are usually great at communication dear Virgo; however, March isn’t the month for you when it comes to such abilities. Have patience, as the month draws to a close you will both find a solution. Stay uplifted during the commotion by picking up the Indica Sweet Tooth.

Libra:  The good news for you this month Libra is that your love life will be like a dream. The bad news, however, is that your work life didn’t get the memo. There will be a little chaos and confusion at work, but your ultra-diplomatic self will handle it with ease. Stay in your feelings while catching a euphoric buzz with the Indica Pink Panties.

Scorpio: March is a time for you to go with the flow dear Scorpio. Be extra cautious not to shrug off ideas and opinions of those close to you. There just might be an opportunity your ready to jump on hidden in those thoughts. Stay focused and relaxed while you navigate all these opinions with the Hybrid Bear Dance.

Sagittarius:   If you have been feeling a bit in a rut when it comes to the romance department Sagittarius it has been from a lack of motivation on your end. However, March brings you the perfect opportunity to be more adventurous in your love life and with your attitude towards your partner. Keep up your energy and stay uplifted with the Sativa White Nightmare.

Capricorn: This month is the perfect time for you to be your most Capricorn self when it comes to an investment idea being thrown your way. Make your pro and con list but be sure to make your decision before time runs out. Keep focused with the Hybrid Double Dream but keep snacks on hand because you will get a case of the munchies!

Aquarius:  An exciting and interesting month awaits you in all aspects of life dear Aquarius, but especially if you have met some one new. You will have to make some sacrifices to your love of independence if you want to truly give this blossoming relationship a chance.  Stay happy and relaxed while you self-reflect on possible changes with the Hybrid Chronic.

Pisces:  Your season began at the end of last month and you are smoothly swimming in its currents as this month begins. The only thorn in your side, or gill so to speak, is Mercury Retrograde. No worries little fish, the 5th of this month will have you back in your power and ready to excel in both your work and personal life. What better way to celebrate your power and season than with the energetic Hybrid Green Queen? I’ll wait.

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