Pick of August 2019

Exodus Cheese

by Kayla Johnson

Cannabis is known for having some pretty bold scents and flavors to go along with some pretty powerful medicine. From fruitier strains to bold, piney notes, terpenes offer an incredible boost not only for how in affects you, but the scent that goes along with it.  This month’s pick, Exodus Cheese, is no exception. 

Also known as U.K. Cheese, this classic strain smells exactly like the name suggests: very cheesy, with a very powerful undertone akin to wet dirt. The first thing I thought of when I smelled it was blue cheese because it  has a very distinct and very powerful odor. Though not necessarily unpleasant to most, the potency of it took me by surprise, and if you’re sensitive to strong smells, this is important to keep in mind. If you have a smell-proof container or bag, this is the time to consider using it, if you don’t want your home, purse, or bag to smell like bud. Though the exact origins of Exodus Cheese aren’t truly known, it’s believed to be a distinctive phenotype of Skunk #1, which could explain the intense aroma that goes hand in hand with this strain. Be warned: this will stink up your house when you’re smoking.

As strikingly cheese-esque as it is on the nose, it is more olivey in appearance. Generally, Exodus Cheese nugs are a bright to medium grassy-green color, and in combination with the dark orange hairs that cover this moderately frosty hybrid, it has a very foresty, fluffy appearance, especially under the light where the trichomes almost give it a dewy appearance. While the buds I tried were a bit smaller, this strain generally produces big, fluffy, beautiful buds.

Despite the less-than-iced-over appearance, Exodus Cheese offers potent and quick acting effects. While it’s a hybrid, it does lean more into a sativa, and it offers a balance of energized relaxation; you’ll want to do things, but you’ll want to listen to some great music while you do it. If you’re any kind of creative person, this could be a great strain for evening creating, or hitting those last minute deadlines without getting overly tired right away. It can be great before a social situation as well, if you’re feeling anxious or stressed, and it offers a great physical relaxation to go along with the mental one once you’ve finished your to-do list. While it’s balanced more than many strains, continued consumption can increase the odds for couch lock, so keep that in mind if you’re wanting to be productive while you medicate.

Because it offers that great relaxation, Exodus Cheese is a powerful choice for patients in need. The balanced effects it brings to the table can be exceedingly useful for those who suffer from moderate to severe stress or anxiety, and can even be effective for those struggling with depression. Physically, it helps relieve pain, especially chronic pain from conditions like Lupus, and it’s great for those who have nerve pain, as the relaxation it offers helps to sooth flare ups. That extends to those who suffer from migraines, but the mild, relaxed effects also make it a solid  choice for those who may suffer from any paranoia, panic attacks, or who just prefer a more mild strain for their doses. While it does pack quite a punch, it also brings some serious dry mouth and dry eyes along with it, and in excess, it could be sedating enough to make one dizzy, so if you begin to feel parched or unsteady, drink some water and wait before consuming anymore just yet. 

While the strain may not be as powerful, either in the energizing or relaxation arenas, as other strains, it offers an unusually well-balanced range of effects and benefits for patients who are looking for a mild, motivating strain that melts right into relaxation when they’re ready for it. If you find yourself at odds with stress, anxiety, or pain during your week, whether work related or not, Exodus Cheese could be exactly what you need to end your week on a high note. 


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