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This month I sat down with the Co-founders of Rosebuds Kayvon Olomi and Alex Rose in Tulsa, Ok.  I was super stoked for this visit because Alex taught me how to grow in California. We were both born and raised in Tulsa but at that time I was living in Los Angeles, working at a “real job.” While Alex was living in Oceanside, growing cannabis and playing in a band with some of my friends. I would go down and hangout every weekend I could. We would all go over to Alex’s like it was Eldorado. I’m sure most people reading this know the feeling you had the first time you saw a cannabis plant. When you walk in the room and that sweet, sweet ganja smell smacks you right in the face by well circulated wall mounted fans. Your eyes widen and your mood brightens. The massive colas sway back and forth with the breeze like a beautiful hula dancer inviting you in for a closer look. The trichomes glisten from the blinding light of high pressure sodium, with the sticky residue on your fingers as you try to peel them a part. The feeling of knowing you’re about to be smoking straight chronic in a few more weeks as you laugh and dap your homies.

Man, I love marijuana!! Alex provided me with that life changing experience. After watching Alex for a year and slowly starting to hate the 9-to-5 more and more, I started a little two lighter in my bedroom. I would call Alex for tips and with his knowledge I was able to skip a lot of rookie mistakes. As we both continued sharpening our skills, the industry pulled us in different directions. I went back to school to learn organics in Iowa and Alex ended up in Michigan for a couple years. I haven’t seen his plants in a few years so I had to get an interview with him to chop it up like the old days. I know he’s going to be providing the patients of Oklahoma with top quality medicine.

SLEEPY- So what’s up man? It’s been a long time. Tell me about how you got started growing and how you ended up back in Oklahoma.

Alex- Basically, I had the interest to grow when I was young in Oklahoma. I would go to borders with my mom when I was fifth-teen and sneak a High Times magazine home. I just started becoming more and more interested in it and thought it was really cool craft. Then I went to Pasadena, Ca in 2007 for music school. That’s where I picked up my first grow from my sister’s boyfriend at the time. He was the one that taught me how to grow. After music school I moved back to Tulsa but I still had the passion to grow. Since, it was illegal in Oklahoma I moved to Oceanside, Ca to continue honing my craft. I hopped around southern California for a while then I moved to Michigan. Michigan was under the caregiver act so it wasn’t licensed like it is here. It was more like how California use to be. You could be a caregiver and grow 99 plants. So yeah, once I heard Oklahoma passed 788 I knew I had to come back home. This is where my support system is. I couldn’t turn down this opportunity.

Sleepy- So how did you and Kayvon meet and what made you guys decide on Rosebuds?

Alex- A mutual friend of ours, Perry, told each one of us individually that we should meet each other. When we were in California Kayvon actually almost invested but it wasn’t serious enough at that time for him. Then about a year and a half ago he reach out when I was in Michigan and started picking my brain about it. So, we started putting together a plan. We picked it up and put it down like 3 separate times but finally it felt right so we pulled the trigger.

Kayvon- Ya, that’s the truth. The name came from the grow master Alex Rose and these are his buds, so Rosebuds. It just kind of went together.

Sleepy- What kind of growing method are you running now a days? Are you using pesticides?

Alex- We’re Hydroponic and we do drain to waste but we don’t use any harsh chemicals. We definitely believe in providing our patients with the cleanest flower and any by products from that flower. We want to be known for putting out the highest quality possible. We always make sure that were keeping everything clean and as organic as possible. When you smoke Rosebuds flower the ash will be white. That’s one way to tell you are smoking clean flower

Sleepy- how long have you been growing?

Alex- The first time was in California when I was Nineteen. So, that’s 14 years now.

Sleepy- So, you guys just had your first harvest and dispensary grand opening. What’s your favorite strains right now?

Alex- I’d say Wedding Cake, Layered Cake and Wonka Bar’s #11 are my favorites. The Wedding Cake tastes like sugary cake. Layered Cake takes me back to California and the diesel OG’s. The Wonka bar’s because of its terpine profile and complex flavor.

Kayvon- That a tough question. Candy Rain if I am needing a good Indica. It has beautiful colors and it smells and taste so good! If I am looking to start the day with one of our Sativas, I would go with the Logan’s Run or Triple Cheese. Out of our hybrids, you can never go wrong with the Layered Cake and Blackberry Trainwreck.


Sleepy- What kind of an experience can people expect as a customer at Rosebuds?           

Alex- Our vision has been the same since the beginning. We only want to sell our own bud. So, say you want to get the black dog. Right next to the black dog flower will be the black dog oil. All the edibles will be made with oil from our flower. Everything in here will be made with Rosebuds flower. We will be one of the few dispensaries in Tulsa that gets all of its products from the grow on site. So it will be a farm-to-table like experience. Growing it in the back we can tell customers everything about our strains and how they were grown because we grew them right here. It’s not like we are buying it from someone else and we don’t know how their grow looks or what they feed and spray on the plants. This way we will have full quality control and you won’t be able to get Rosebuds anywhere else besides the Rosebuds dispensary.

Kayvon- Couldn’t have said it better. We are really focused on providing top-shelf products and experience and that’s just half of it. The foundation of Rosebuds is our mission of spreading love and building the community. This is what drives us. There’s a lot of love and a lot of care and I believe everyone that comes to Rosebuds is going to feel like family and that they’re part of something bigger than just the product.

Alex- We just really want to create a brand where when people think about Rosebuds, it’s not just good cannabis. It’s about the community. It’s feeling like family, it’s doing all the little things right and not cutting corners. We really want to partner with the community and help as much as possible. When God blesses you with these kinds of amazing things, you give it to other people, that’s what it’s for.

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