The Chronisseur

By Pamela Jayne  12 years and 1300 miles ago, before dabs existed and the idea of legally growing and using cannabis in Oklahoma was inconceivable, The Chronisseur debuted in Nug Magazine, a west coast cannabis lifestyle publication. At the time, Hopper was the founder of a referral-only medical cannabis collective in his hometown, San Diego, […]


  THC’s endocannabinoid counterpart by Kevin Ferdowsian, JD Kevin is an attorney, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and homeopathic practitioner. Kevin graduated from Duke University and OCU law, and lives with his wife Anna and two children, Ivan and Arthur. Because cannabis sativa contains more than .3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it is classified as a schedule I – status […]

Painted Pistols Cannabis Co.

By Veronica Castillo Painted Pistols Cannabis Co. Providing an avenue for the community of Chickasha to experience clean, organic medicinal cannabis.   In a city about 35 miles away from Oklahoma City, exists a cannabis cultivation company owned and operated by life-long Chickasha residents- Painted Pistols Cannabis Co. Painted Pistols is located in a stand-alone […]

The incredible wellness balance between cannabis and nutrition

by Amy Lee Certified Cannacian and Wellness Coach As a Certified Nutrition and Cannabis coach I get one of two responses when I tell people what I do for a living, its either “oh, that’s interesting” or “…is that even a career?” “Uhh…Yes. It is now!” I reply. The next question is somewhere along the […]

Brush strokes

by Jennifer Couffer It’s 6 am, I can’t sleep. All I can think about is how much my life has changed in the last year. Can you really take almost everything that a person knows and loves away from them and they still be able to find a way to survive? Well my heart is […]

From Darkness to Light

by Ashley Sartin Story While my  life had, by no means, been a “bowl of cherries” leading up to November of 2015,  my life was very much like most everyone else I knew. Then I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.   CRPS is a condition caused by damage to, or a malfunction of, […]


Enjoying her best life  by Yetta L. Bragg If we were to meet, you would not think I medicate with cannabis. I work in a profession where the topic does not come up often; however, I am always willing to share my knowledge to educate society on the benefits of cannabis.  I am an avid […]


by Chad Mathews My Grandfather, Carl, spent a lifetime building walls. My uncle, Royce, followed in his footsteps. Between them, I imagine they’ve wrangled armies of bricks and blocks and stones. I spent a few weeks one summer laboring for Grandpa when I was 16 or so. I hauled every brick, shoveled every grain of sand, wheel-barrowed […]