The Feminine Divine

Nobody Puts Tessy in a Corner; From Crunching Numbers to Liberating Oklahomans, a Woman’s Story of the Reclamation of Her Own Power by Jessi Lane, Patient Advocate Tessy Copeland-Dukes, EA is a trusted, kind-hearted woman with a take-no-bull disposition. She understands that you can catch more flies with sugar than you can vinegar. She strives […]

Cover Artist – Sean Vali

By Sean Vali I get so hypnotized when I’m drawing or painting. everything around me can disappear in a deep State of Trance that can really place you inside of the moment. Creating for me is trying to capture a vision that’s popped into my head and attempting to translate it into a physical form. […]


Digital edition of the AUGUST 2022 print issue of Herbage Magazine. Herb•age strives to bring you fresh content regularly. We cover a wide range of cannabis culture and medical marijuana-related issues from around the state of Oklahoma and beyond. In other words, It is our mission to be the voice of the growing cannabis industry […]

It’s The Little Things

By Charles “Uncle Chuck” Duncan The term “everyday things” refers to something which happens or is used every day. We tend to make those items not important and make big things like vacation trips and anniversaries our “big ticket” items. Photo-opts and scrapbook fodder. Posed grins and smiles to complete the experience. Ironically, we spend […]

Feminine Divine – Ebony Jones

Keeping the Faith; a Woman’s Story of Generational Resilience and Healing through Curated Experiences and Sweet Potato Pie by Jessi Lane, Patient Advocate Ebony Jones, of 8Twenty8, is a cannabis Pastry Chef paving the way for other people of color following her path. “Being one of the few known Black women in the Oklahoma cannabis […]


(Taking a look at Neurodivergence and Cannabis) By Kathy Barker Have you ever missed a stair in the dark? It’s like your heart stood up too fast, whilst being in the process of a dizzying white out blindness, before pulling on your lungs for support. SO. naturally, your chest tightens and you start sweating because […]

The Chronissuer – DOC FERGUSON

Time To Dab Reviewed by Hopper Written by Pamela Jayne If you would have told me 30-years-ago, 20-years-ago, 10-years-ago…hell even 5-years-ago, that I’d be setting up a cannabis grow operation with intentions of it to be tracked by law enforcement, I would have bet money that would never happen…but here we are. Fresh out of […]


JUNE/JULY 2022 Shannon Seitter worked in conjunction with “The Happy Festival” to create this month’s cover of Herbage Magazine. Shannon began a career in art at an early age self teaching to sketch..Shannon was inspired by the junior high art teacher. Shannon watched her paint across canvas and was awestruck by her ability to bring […]

The Feminine Divine

Feel This the Holy Energy Making a Planetary Impact By Jessi Lane Patient Advocate Photography by Justen Christensen Asma (“Ess-mah”) is a Palestinian Refugee, an entrepreneur, and a military spouse. She is an advocate for holistic healing and mindful living- a fierce protector of her family, of her personal goal and of our planet. She […]

Could Raw Cannabis Be The New Superfood?

Written by Dr. Pepper Hernandez ND, Ph.D., CTC Award-winning, Board Certified Holistic Health Professional So did you know that cannabis is a superfood? I have been well aware of that starting over a decade ago when I started juicing leaves for health and wellness benefits. Cannabis is an incredibly unique plant that contains over 400 […]

Heartland Farms

Where Does It End By James Bridges Photography by Justen Christensen If I were to get involved in a sporty game of “who would you rather” and the topic was: Who would you rather ride for two hours in a car with? I know my answer. The rules are simple. No tunes and the conversation […]

The House Bills of 2022

Change on the Horizon of the Oklahoma Cannabis Industry Landscape By Jessi Lane The Oklahoma cannabis industry is preparing to buckle down in light of the May 26 roll out of METRC, Oklahoma’s contracted seed-to-sale and tagging system, as well as the introduction of several new House Bills designed to tighten up our Medical Marijuana […]

Dr. Carl Hart

A Scientist on a Mission to Spread Knowledge in Support of Health and Happiness of Drug Users by Jessi Lane, Patient Advocate Jessi Lane, Patient Advocate is a writer and Oklahoma cannabis industry professional since 2018. She is a Certified Cannacian III and Trichome Institute Certified Cannabis Consultant with a “full spectrum” Postpartum Wellness background. […]

The Budtender Diaries – Building Trust

  by Anna Ervin  I think that “I don’t know” might be some of the most unappealing words you could hear come out of a budtender’s mouth. Sure, we all have to use them at times, and hopefully we follow up with a quick “but let me find out for you,” before proceeding to dig […]

Don’t Judge A Book

by Charles “Uncle Chuck” Duncan When asked to list famous cannabis users you will typically hear names like Cheech & Chong, Jeff Spicoli, Eric Foreman, Tom Petty, Snoop and Dre. There are currently many, many more celebrities (and fictional characters) that can stand in the green spotlight more comfortably(numb) than any time in recent history. […]

It’s a Brickhouse

        By Michael Kinney Driving into downtown Shawnee, the Brickhouse is kind of hard to miss. The large, red brick building stretches into the Eastern Oklahoma sky. From the day it opened in 1910 the Brickhouse has been a mainstay of the business district in Shawnee. Now, more than a century later […]

Cannabis and the Nervous System

By Dr. Pepper Hernandez ND, Ph.D., CTC, CNHP, NHC Board Certified and Award-Winning Holistic Health Practitioner When discussing the relief can have on the nervous system we need to first begin with how the nervous system works and how cannabis can affect that. To begin with, electrical impulses and neurotransmitters are used by neurons in […]

Freedom Flower

By Chet Tucker Lettuce Smoke Canna Co.     It’s a wonder how we ever got here. Cannabis is one of the highest of medicinal plant for humans. The plant gets demonized, ostracized and even criminalized. How? Why? There are plenty of theories and many are entangled. Many believe there are early big pharma moves, […]

Knowledge Enlightenment

      By James Bridges When I was a kid I often helped my dad work on the family car. We had hardly anything but love and family in those days. That seemed to be plenty. At least enough to distract from the fact that our cars were out of commission regularly. I recall being around […]

About the Cover

      A gifted young artist from Serbia is taking social media by storm with his oil pastels of leaf-munching giraffes, basking butterflies, moonlit waterlilies, poignant portraits and soulful-eyed dogs. With tens of thousands of followers and over a million “likes”, what Viktor Bevanda is accomplishing with his striking use of color is extraordinary, […]

The Cannxiety Chronicles part 3

      By Charles “Uncle Chuck” Duncan Last time I discussed how cannabis and anxiety interact. It’s something I feel so strongly about, I named an Expo after it, “Cannxiety 2022”. A pandemic of sorts is exploding as new cases of anxiety and depression arise. Both of which are woefully misunderstood and growing in […]

Lotus Letters

The Event By Kathleen Barker It’s the middle of the day and suddenly you can’t help but notice a sensation of anticipation. Something is different. Something’s headed your way and somewhere in your mind you get the strangest feeling akin to “Ah, finally.” upon opening the curtains you squint and ask yourself, “What the F***” […]

What is the Safe Banking Act and Will Congress pass it this year?

by Sarah Lee Gossett Parrish, Cannabis Lawyer What is the SAFE Banking Act? The Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act is a piece of federal legislation that was first proposed in 2017 by Representative Ed Perlmutter, a Colorado Democrat representing the 7th District in that state. It passed the United States House of Representatives […]

The Chronisseur

By Pamela Jayne  12 years and 1300 miles ago, before dabs existed and the idea of legally growing and using cannabis in Oklahoma was inconceivable, The Chronisseur debuted in Nug Magazine, a west coast cannabis lifestyle publication. At the time, Hopper was the founder of a referral-only medical cannabis collective in his hometown, San Diego, […]

A Face of a Million Faces

By Michael Kinney   Trying to pin Andrew Martin down on a simple answer can seem like trying to drink water out of a thimble. The co-founder of Sherweed Forest admits it is a problem, especially when trying to explain what his company is.  Martin sees what Sherweed Forest is, but also what it can become.  […]