A Toke of Wellness

A TOKE OF WELLNESS BY ANNA WILDER  Over the past two decades, wellness and self-care have significantly evolved. It is astonishing how many products and practices are available to us in the modern era, including plant medicineslike psychedelics and Cannabis! It might also seem a little … overwhelming? Confusing? Dare we say, sometimes, suspect? Which ultimately begs […]

Canadian Cultivator in Oklahoma Committed to Producing only Top Shelf Medicine: Canokie Buds

Canadian Cultivator in Oklahoma Committed to Producing only Top Shelf Medicine: Canokie Buds Feminine Divine by Veronica Castillo   “It took just diving in and putting myself out there to find out.” From northern Ontario to the southern region of the United States (though, in cannabis, Oklahoma is considered the wild west), Holly Mills with […]

The Feminine Divine Highlights, Woman Owned and Operated: Pro Gro Farms

The Feminine Divine Highlights, Woman Owned and Operated: Pro Gro Farms by Veronica Castillo “Maintaining a small-batch standard by taking extra measures at each step to preserve quality and isolated control on a plant by plant basis.” Founded by woman, operated by woman, cannabis grown by woman, Pro Gro Farms is an indoor cultivation growing […]

Hot Flash!

by Dondi Cobb  | Two Twisted Girls Just a few months ago, the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) released exciting results from a new study of menopausal women and their treatment of choice for their worse symptoms. It seems women today are choosing, more often, to relieve the harsh symptoms of menopause with cannabis than […]

My Road To 40

by Tab Moura I read once that 40 years old is when most women truly reach a point in their lives where they don’t care as much what other people think. It’s when they begin living more authentically and surround themselves with friendships that are more energizing. In 2021 I will be turning 32, and […]

Sophia Massad

by Anna Ervin If you have yet to tune into the locally produced Play It Loud series by award-winning independent filmmaker Adam Hampton, it’s time to indulge. Play It Loud is sponsored by our friends at Grand Casino and was the topic of discussion between my boss and I when the name Sophia Massad came […]

Plant Medicine for Spring

by Tab Moura This may not come as a surprise to you, but I’ve become known for my creativity with natural medicine. While I do enjoy making natural choices, my use of natural products is truly out of necessity due to my health disorders.  The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that it’s not easy to […]

Cannabis: Crossing the Barrier

by Tab Moura Imagine being in a large facility, you know that it contains a wealth of knowledge, riches, and untold technological advancements… but you don’t have electricity in all of the rooms. So, you know what’s there, you just cannot analyze it. This is my experience with Epilepsy. My seizures affect my ability to […]

Lotus Letters

Getting Played by Lady Luck? Take Your Power Back! by Kathy Long-Barker Wake up Starseed…The matrix is breaking. “It seems to me you have all the information. Why ask me?” Inquired the cat cheerily, before taking a slow gratifying sip of tea. The scent of bergamot whirled through the dimly lit space as she awaited […]

Medicated Lip Balm

5 Medicated Lip Balms + DIY Lip Scrub Recipe Note: This article originally stated that Simply Bare’s Feel This Lip Balm was 10mg, but has since been updated to reflect the correct dosage. Feel This Lip Balm contains 50mg of THC, and 50mg of Hemp Fat.  by Anna Ervin Two years ago, I was doing […]

Whimsical Imaginations

Whimsical Imaginations Cover Artist, Kathy Long by James Bridges | Herbage Magazine “A lot of my inspiration early on was escaping. I dealt with a lot of trauma as a child. I was always interested in the Whimsical types of things. I’ve always loved fairies and dragons and stuff like that.”  Kathy looked through her […]

Welcome to 2021!

by Amy Lee Congratulations! You made it through one of the craziest, toughest years in history, thus far. Whether you felt it physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, or spiritually, you’re still here and for that I am grateful. While 2020 may not have been your year, 2021 is your response. How will you bounce back from […]

Diagnosed with Depression

How Cannabis Created a Safe Space for Healing by Tab Moura I still remember how that library smelled; stale, cheap floral- mixed with books. You know the type, perhaps one too many glade plug ins. I sat there sweating through my blouse as I read the questionnaire. “Experiences little interest in doing things they once […]

Habit Change

Are You Ready? by Amy Lee Well, we made it to December 2020. Most of us just barely hanging on by a thread, but here we are still standing, still breathing, and still fighting. That my friend is a celebration in itself. I can honestly say that 2020 has simultaneously been one of the worst […]

Women in the Industry – Sabrina Farias

by Kayla Johnson Part of what makes the cannabis industry and those who work within it unique is the passion that drives just about everyone involved. While there are always those who are out to make a quick buck, a vast majority of people who work with cannabis are there because they believe in cannabis […]

Women in the Industry – Chelle Cook

by Kayla Johnson Since the state passed 788 last summer, there have been a large number of people who have changed their minds about cannabis’ use as medicine, whether it’s because they’ve tried it for themselves, they witnessed how it helps a loved one, or they’ve simply done some research for themselves. Others took the […]

High Maintenance Productions

by Kayla Johnson Cannabis has a unique ability to bring people together from different walks of life. No matter where you come from, what you do, who you are, what gender you are or the color of your skin, there’s a place for you in cannabis. For many women especially, who  generally have pushed for […]

Women in the Industry – Cynthia Paul

by Kayla Johnson People turn to cannabis for different reasons, at different times in their lives. For some, it became a weapon in the fight against a horrible disease, while others may have found immense relief from their severe depression or anxiety. For others, like Cynthia Paul, it became the lifesaver that kept them from […]

Women in the Industry – Shelley Free

by Kayla Johnson The times are certainly changing in Oklahoma. The new opportunities brought by a booming cannabis industry have undoubtedly changed thousands of lives, both for patients and for industry members. For some, those changes began a few years ago, when the movement to get medical cannabis legalized here was in its early stages, […]

Sweet Sisters

by Kayla Johnson The Oklahoma Women’s Cannabis Association has been helping children in need get their physician’s recommendations and license fees paid for when their families are unable to due to high medical bills or other severely straining circumstances. Little Buds was founded when they saw a need, and as they began to help their […]

Women in the Industry – Kelsey Gibson

by Kayla Johnson One of the most common ways that people describe how cannabis has helped them is something along the lines of ‘It’s given me a whole new life.’ This sentiment is almost a core value of the Oklahoma cannabis industry, with businesses across the state breathing new, much needed economic life into some […]

Women in the industry – April 2019

Dr. Gina Caravaglia by Kayla Johnson It’s becoming pretty clear that Oklahoma is going to establish itself within the first year as a major powerhouse of cannabis in the United States. As of March 26, there are 1,193 dispensary licenses approved in the state, along with 2,161 growers and 605 processors to serve over 74,000 […]

Women Cann

by Kayla Johnson The Oklahoma medical marijuana industry is off to a booming start. As of October 15, a total of 1,941 business applications have been received with 589 dispensaries, 925 growers, and 248 processors approved so far.  That’s a large number of new businesses in a very short time but, with nearly eight thousand […]