A Toke of Wellness

A TOKE OF WELLNESS BY ANNA WILDER  Over the past two decades, wellness and self-care have significantly evolved. It is astonishing how many products and practices are available to us in the modern era, including plant medicineslike psychedelics and Cannabis! It might also seem a little … overwhelming? Confusing? Dare we say, sometimes, suspect? Which ultimately begs […]

Cannabis and the Nervous System

By Dr. Pepper Hernandez ND, Ph.D., CTC, CNHP, NHC Board Certified and Award-Winning Holistic Health Practitioner When discussing the relief can have on the nervous system we need to first begin with how the nervous system works and how cannabis can affect that. To begin with, electrical impulses and neurotransmitters are used by neurons in […]

Thin Green Line

Thin Green Line By Charles “Uncle Chuck” Duncan The difference between Recreational and Medicinal Cannabis is a topic that brings much debate. Personally, I think the only difference is Tax Rate and Accessibility. Some say it’s all Recreational. Others say it’s all Medicinal. I tend to follow the philosophy that to have a healthy smile […]

Infused BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Sammies with Medicated Broccoli Slaw

by Anna Ervin & Dondi Cobb It’s that time of year again, either a vegan’s worst nightmare or the season they’ve been most looking forward to. I personally fall into the second category, but not for a lack of many, many awkward backyard bar-b-que’s spent picking through a side salad and, if I was lucky, […]

Hey Sick Person

by Tab Moura   This goes out to the newest members of the chronic illness community.   I am a cannabis educator and wellness coach. Over the last year I’ve done a lot of listening. Do you know what people fear more than dying from Covid? They fear getting sick with Covid and never *fully* […]


by Tab Moura We are a neurodivergent household. My husband and 2 of my daughters are autistic, we have— shall I say, significant differences in our food preferences. To be clear, I genuinely respect the differences between my husband and I, but this is an area we have had strong differences in. We were married […]

Romance and Strong Character

By Tab Moura My memories that come to mind, when I reflect on my rougher chronic illness years, are often bitter sweet. Early in my marriage my husband and I endured incredibly painful seasons of debt, unemployment, the push-and-pull of checking out, and angry words shared… but these were years that truly taught us to […]

Foraging in Tulsa with Justin Hope

by Anna Ervin When I was younger, I used to think Oklahoma’s landscapes were so bland. My family traveled a lot through the years, and I remember visiting states with clear blue ocean waters, or mountains blanketed in aspens and evergreens. I would think, why can’t I live somewhere like this. Somewhere that flaunts such […]

Bee Responsible, Grow Weed

By Tab Moura There’s been a lot of buzz around Cannabis lately, and I’m not just talking about legalization. So we know that Cannabis is beneficial, it’s been known to treat numerous health conditions, head to toe, from Glaucoma to Plantar Fasciitis… but what if our beloved Devil’s Lettuce is also capable of saving the […]

Weed Like to Talk About Dandelions

by Tab Moura Spring is here! I’ve been watching the landscape closely over the last few weeks; the weeds are coming and the bees aren’t the only ones happy to see them.  One of the most common weeds that I come across locally is the dandelion. Far from being the only wildflower native to Oklahoma, […]

Show the TV Who’s Boss

by Micah McKamie During all of the time I had to meditate during quarantine, I had a huge realization about my fitness ideals. Before I became a runner, I had always wondered how people made time for staying in shape.  How was it that people prioritized the gym over spending time with friends or making […]

Plant Medicine for Spring

by Tab Moura This may not come as a surprise to you, but I’ve become known for my creativity with natural medicine. While I do enjoy making natural choices, my use of natural products is truly out of necessity due to my health disorders.  The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that it’s not easy to […]

What is Your Cannabis Routine?

by Amy Lee | Boho Health Consulting As a Certified Cannabis Wellness Coach and owner of Boho Health Consulting, a cannabis coaching and education company, I have hosted well over one-hundred potential client wellness consultations since I opened my doors in 2019. Throughout these conversations I began to notice a pattern with my clients seeking […]

Cannabis: Crossing the Barrier

by Tab Moura Imagine being in a large facility, you know that it contains a wealth of knowledge, riches, and untold technological advancements… but you don’t have electricity in all of the rooms. So, you know what’s there, you just cannot analyze it. This is my experience with Epilepsy. My seizures affect my ability to […]

Electrolytes for Balanced Health

by Tab Moura These cold weeks always make me pensive… perhaps the cold weather atmosphere makes time feel slower, perhaps it’s all in my imagination. What I know for sure is winter puts things in perspective for me like no other time of the year. As a mother, I have experienced such a rollercoaster of […]

A Bowl of Autumn Gold

by Chef Sebastian Carosi Generally, around late August we start to see the plethora of winter squash ripening. Then over the next few months, you will see everything from curry to hubbard, and buttercup to delicata. Winter squash are some of the most delicious, nutritious, and versatile ingredients of the autumn season. Unlike their summer […]

Training Through Terps pt. 1

by Micah McKamie Over the last 20 years, workout supplements have come and gone. Companies produced products like Creatin, Plasma Jet, Hydroxycut, etc. without regard for the safety of the consumer. Within the FDA it is known that a product could stay on the shelves for years before it can legally be taken down, regardless […]

Diagnosed with Depression

How Cannabis Created a Safe Space for Healing by Tab Moura I still remember how that library smelled; stale, cheap floral- mixed with books. You know the type, perhaps one too many glade plug ins. I sat there sweating through my blouse as I read the questionnaire. “Experiences little interest in doing things they once […]

Training through Terps

by Micah McKamie Why Not? Has anyone ever told you that you can’t smoke weed and workout? Oh, that’s because no one ever asked? All through-out history there are instances where if people didn’t just ask “why not?” then we wouldn’t have such great inventions like the telephone or TikTok. Now I am in no […]

Family Connection

by Tab Moura This month is the one year anniversary of when my daughters got their medical cannabis cards. I want to share a snapshot with you, but the snapshot is really just a byproduct of what I want to share today. I came to cannabis therapy by way of an Epilepsy diagnosis. Finding relief, […]

From the Front Lines

by Chip Paul | Chief Innovator GnuPharma At this writing we are a few weeks away from perhaps the most important election in our history. Further, it seems our world is upside. Covid, corruption, rioting in US cities. What to make of it all? I tend to take the optimistic view. How do you create […]

Visual Meditation

by Tab Moura When seasonal depression first reared its head in my life, it consumed me… it tipped the scale and I fell into a cycle of depression that took a few years to learn to manage. Through counseling, diet and supplementing, and of course cannabis, I’ve found a lot relief through the years. Between […]

Winter Wellness

by Amy Lee Managing mental wellness is a daily struggle for many people, in fact, it is said that approximately 43.8 million adults in the United States identify with at least one mental illness. The most common mental illnesses throughout the United States include anxiety, depression, substance abuse disorder (alcohol included), bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, eating […]

Sowing the Seed

by Chet Tucker Sowing the Seed is a monthly column dedicated to spreading knowledge and thought provoking pieces around the medicinal benefits of cannabis, its components, and products. The goal of each piece is to underscore the power of the plant while stripping away the stigma of cannabis. Herbage Magazine feels very strongly that Chet […]

5 Ways Hemp-CBD Can Bring Balance to the Home During the Covid Pandemic

by Veronica Castillo It’s obvious and clear in many homes that this pandemic has shifted, and balance within many homes is no longer. Nearly 93% of homes with school-age children report some form of distance learning during COVID-19. Parents and kids are at home at the same time, going to school, and going to work. […]

Smart Eating for Munchies Series Part 1, Breakfast and Morning Snacks

  by Veronica Castillo   5 Breakfast and Morning Snack Options Focused on Health There are some Cannabis strains out there that will increase, enhance, uplift- truly create what many call “the munchies. These strains carry a terpene profile that work in the body to create appetite. This is magical for some, but for others, […]

The Terp Series: Linalool, the Memory

by Brittiany Ralls Remembering smells of lavender when I was younger, reminds me of my grandparents. Lavender was regularly used in lotions, candles and bath salts in my grandparents house. I remember always feeling calmer at their home. Makes sense, since lavender is supposed to offer effects of relaxation. Which is one of the many […]

When Cannabis and Chamomile Meet- The Medicinal Benefits

by Veronica Castillo   Many people know about the benefits of plants medicines, but those same many aren’t aware that pairing medicinal plants have even more benefits. In this series, I discussed the pairing of Cannabis and lavender, Cannabis and peppermint, and now- Cannabis and chamomile. All of these pairings have hundreds of benefits- many unrealized, […]