We are excited to announce that Hopper has joined the Herbage family. He recently relocated to Oklahoma from his native California to start a family and continue his cannabis career which has spanned 30 years and includes nearly all facets of the industry-Growing, music, solventless extractions, media (print and radio), founding and running […]

Cosmic Cannabis

by Daniel Dellumo IG: the_whopo I discovered Cosmic Cannabis about 6 months ago. I had already worked with some amazing farms, although I reached out to Cosmic because they were a notch above the rest. What first got my attention was the trichome smothered Strawberries and Crème strain that was pheno hunted from several ExoticMikegenetic […]

Strain Of The Month

 Strain Of The Month By James Bridges   It was hot as hell and I needed a break from it.   I had been awake the entire night before. I thought I could figure out what the hell went wrong with society. Eventually I realized… I just wasted the entire night trying to figure out […]

Ouroboros Still Starving

by James Bridges HERBAGE MAGAZINE Mush. I needed my brain to be stopped. I was driving through the backroads and I had about 30 minutes left to get home. Here’s the plan: Close the garage, strip off all unnecessaries, zip, twist, burn, movie, darkness… First I needed the right fuel. Immediately I thought of Hermetic […]

Strain of the Month: March 2021

by James Bridges | Herbage Magazine   SLYMER Sativa Dominant Hybrid 2.79%   Terp 20.98% THC   Effects: Uplifted Hyper Awareness Appetite Suppressant   Bored.  Sometimes I get that way with my meds.  Just boring ole meh, yeah it works, medicine. So it’s time to hunt. Shuffling through the lists of strains to try can get […]

Dip Devices

The EVRI Device by Anna Ervin When the boss man invited me to write a product review over the EVRI device, I was thrilled. I’m not going to pretend that I’m the most experienced concentrate user in the industry, but your girl does love dabs. Why? Because they’re convenient, depending on the quality of product they can taste a lot better, and if I catch them […]

Get in the sandbox

by James Bridges Glamorized is the place that many call a curse.  It’s a curse for those of us who can’t help it.  It’s a curse for those that enjoy it too much.  Take the cliche’ out of it and the edge is pretty damn mesmerizing. Failing more than not I’ve let the edge take […]

Parker’s Pre-Rolls

~Bridges I wake up in the morning, sometimes so early I wonder if I even slept… but hey, I wake up at least. When I do I always have to self inventory. Where am I? How do I feel physically, mentally, and spiritually? What are my goals for the day, etc… Then it’s time to […]

Finding Zen

by Rayne Graham Zen Cannabis started out as an idea of bringing high quality cannabis products at a value price to the Oklahoma consumer. Although Zen is run by a collective that brings over a decade of cannabis experience to the table, the primary owners are Oklahoma born and raised, hailing from OU to be […]

The black tie

~ James Bridges There it was.  Right there on the bicycle rider.   Flashes of jarred memories scream past.   His skin was burnt.  Greasy hair flipped to one side, bluejeans, a white t-shirt, and that damn red backpack.  It stuck out like a freshly healed thumb.   What was inside of it?  I imagined his smalls that […]

Kayla’s Pick for September 2019

Tangie by Kayla Johnson There are now hundreds of cannabis strains, with new ones being created by growers across the country almost daily. Some are visual showstoppers, while others immediately grab your attention by your nostrils the moment you open the jar, and Tangie is one strain that combines both great looks and a killer […]