A Face of a Million Faces

By Michael Kinney   Trying to pin Andrew Martin down on a simple answer can seem like trying to drink water out of a thimble. The co-founder of Sherweed Forest admits it is a problem, especially when trying to explain what his company is.  Martin sees what Sherweed Forest is, but also what it can become.  […]

GOT YOUR SIX By Michael Kinney Adam Grover knows what it means to live in some dark places. After doing eight years in the United States Marine Corps and returning to the real world, he often found himself delving into some scary thoughts and feelings.    Nothing Grover tried helped him until he discovered medicinal […]

The Gaffney

The Gaffney By Michael Kinney From 2015-20 one of the hottest television shows was “Empire,” the fictional drama focused on the Lyon family, which had started from the ground up to build an empire in the music industry. While the show featured banging music and eye-catching fashion, the core of the show was about a […]

How To Entertain A Cannabis Cowboy

How To Entertain A Cannabis Cowboy By Michael Kinney  It’s no secret that cannabis and music go hand in hand. It has been that way since before groups like the Grateful Dead and Snoop Dogg became synonymous with the magical plant.   “It absolutely does, and it has for years, right? You sit back, you […]

Changing The Law

Changing the law By Michael Kinney   Like many people across the country, Cheri Cowan sees the federal laws concerning marijuana as antiquated. As a 31-year-old single mother in Norman who makes her living in Oklahoma’s cannabis industry, she watched her home state thrive when medical marijuana became legal in 2018. Cowan said she wants […]

Red Tape in Ponca City

by Michael Kinney  All Sergio Villarruel wanted to do was open a marijuana dispensary in his hometown. He was one of the first people in Ponca City to apply for a license when SQ 788 was passed. At that point, it looked like it would be clear sailings and he and his wife Candace would […]

Buckle Up

By Michael Kinney In 2016 Daniel Lewis took a trip to Santa Rosa, Calif. While the views of Sonoma County are amazing and touring the wineries can be enjoyable, that’s not why he took the 1,600 mile trip to the West Coast. Lewis was attending the Emerald Cup, which he describes as the biggest Cannabis […]

Art of Design

Cover Artist Tim Jessell by Michael Kinney When cover artist Tim Jessell explains to school students his most famous work of art, they often look at with a quizzical look. Trying to explain the connection between NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley and Godzilla often garners him confused stares.    In the late 1990s Jessell […]