5 Cannabis Creative things to do While Trapped Inside

Ah yes, the Corona Virus has us in isolation from the outside world. The real challenge is not driving ourselves, or anyone else we might be at home with, crazy during this trying time. Sure, laying on the couch without having to worry about meetings and snacking while I watch my third Netflix show binge sounds amazing. But let’s be honest, stir crazy is a real label and a few days in you could paint it all over my forehead but it’s not needed since the pen I lost yesterday is still stuck in my hair and has turned into a flashing sign of how much I have lost my mind. There is good news though! Cannabis users have been known for their eye for fun ideas so let’s talk about 5 Cannabis creative things we can do while we are stuck inside our homes.


Stoner Crafts

Taking our minds completely off the situation can really help with stress and that feeling of wanting to pace around the house with all our pint up energy. What better way to do that then Cannabis Creative coloring? If you head over to Pinterest and type in cannabis coloring pages, you can find really great ones like this to take up hours of your time while stuck inside.


Cannabis Meditation Candles

cannabis creative

Becoming more in tune with our inner selves is a great way to pass the time and making our own cannabis meditation candles can help us get into the right mindset to do it. Not to mention it passes the time creating one or 20! All you need are the following items and to follow the directions HERE and you will be on your way to divine bliss.

  • 1 lb. Soy Candle Wax
  • Hemp Wick
  • 14 oz. Mason Jar
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 1 Piece Card Stock
  • A Double Boiler
  • Food Thermometer
  • Oven Mitts
  • 1 oz. Hemp Seed Oil

Cards Anyone?


Cannabis Creative

since the beginning of cards, humans have used them as a past time in some of the most boring situations. I mean, solitaire hello? Anywhoo, even though personal shopping is a no no right now, online shopping is still in full swing. With that being said, grab a pothead against sanity deck HERE and enjoy some cannabis creative card game fun with your quarantine housemates.

Create Home Decor

Cannabis Creative

If you are anything like me and have random paint lying around the house, creating home decor to hang is the perfect way to pass the isolation time! Grab a sign you already have hanging up and use the back or paint it all black or white for a blank slate. Check out some cannabis creative ideas for your toking chill room sign HERE.

Give Your Lighter a Makeover

Cannabis Creative

You know that stash of BIC lighters you have lying around? Check out this DIY tutorial on giving them a facelift and give yourself a chance to show off your creative side. Plus, it will be really easy to spot your lighter at a sesh when it is safe to socialize again.

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