Bono Ape Cannabis Co.

There is a new cannabis company in Oklahoma City and it’s turning medical marijuana on its head! Bono-Ape is a multi-state operator opening a brand new, state of the art extraction facility. The extraction facility is modeled after Bono-Ape’s state of the art indoor grow. It is clear that they are serious about bringing professionalism to the cannabis industry. The new facility is sure to be a game changer in the Oklahoma medical marijuana market, and patients have been benefiting from the high quality products that they are able to produce. Bono-Ape has been a part of Oklahoma’s cannabis scene for the last year and has been in the cannabis space outside of Oklahoma for the last 7 years. There is a lot of experience behind the brand and it shows in their world class cannabis. The new lab will be a much-welcomed addition to the medical marijuana community in Oklahoma, and Bono-Ape is proud to be able to offer quality extracts to their patients. With their commitment to quality and affordability, they are sure to make a positive impact on the lives of many and be a valuable resource for the community and take the cannabis industry by storm.

Despite its rapid growth, Bono-Ape prides itself on bringing a high level of professionalism to the cannabis industry. Every part of their grow and lab have been carefully thought out and planned way before construction began, evey machine and tool was hand selected to cultivate the best cannabis, and every step in the process has been planned and engineered to the same expectation of perfection. Visiting the Bono-Ape grow is reminiscent of watching a Porsche engine rev. Though the location of the farm and extraction lab is a carefully guarded secret and you may not be able to visit the lab or farm in person, you can get your hands on what it’s all about at your favorite dispensary and give it the pepsi challenge and see for yourself what a difference it makes when you know every single thing that went into that smoke expected the same quality you know you can rely on from Bono-Ape.

Bono-Ape is led by Sean Suh. Meeting Sean is an experience all in itself. Sean is tattooed head to toe with a strong demeanor. Despite his outward appearance, there are few people as willing as Sean to share what they know and as willing to go above and beyond for his employees and the people around him. After the first few minutes spent talking with Sean, it’s obvious that Sean is incredibly passionate about Bono-Ape’s product, patients and people. Sean’s personal life experience is a real underdog story. He went from sleeping in a bus stop to being fully financially prepared to open and operate multiple businesses by 25, all through hard work and determination. Sean’s understanding of the needs of medical marijuana patients and his unique background led to the creation of Bono-Ape and ultimately the grand opening of the new Bono-Ape extraction lab.

Bono-Ape comes from a background and base in serving adults with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities as a lifelong passion. Tragically, Sean’s grandmother was killed in an assisted living home. Sean made it his personal goal to change and affect the world in a positive way so as to never let something like that happen to anyone. Over the years, care home after care home opened up led by Sean based on founding principles that value the client over everything. These same principles have applied throughout the medical marijuana farm, Bono-Ape’s new extraction lab, and for serving patients for all medical marijuana needs – growing and crafting the most fire weed and extract on the planet!

Bono-Ape is proud to open its new extraction lab and give the best quality extracts at the most affordable prices for all of Oklahoma’s medical marijuana patients.  If you or someone you know is in need of medical marijuana, be sure to check out Bono-Ape and their new extracts. Bono-Ape is a reliable company that puts their patients first. This Oklahoma-based company has built a reputation for being a top-notch operator in the cannabis industry, thanks to its commitment to quality and affordability. The company’s newest extract laboratory blends professionalism, follow-through and consistency in a refreshing way that appeals to patients. This company’s commitment to quality has encouraged new ventures, contributed to a customer base that is rapidly growing, and solidified its position as a leading operator in the cannabis industry. That’s why If you’re looking for remarkable cannabis products and services, look no further than Bono-Ape! The company’s dedication to its patients and its attentiveness to excellence are unmatched. Ask your favorite dispensary if they carry Bono-Ape today to get your hands on quality and excellence distilled into flower or concentrates.