Bud, Bath & Beyond: A review of Green Bath Bombs


by: Alex Marie

Well hello all my handsome he’s, stunning she’s, and insatiable its! Alex here with a product review just for you! In my THC & TLC post, I gave you the challenge of taking time for yourself to unwind, suggesting you do so with an infused bath bomb and a spliff.

When it comes to infused bath bombs, there are so many options: Hemp, CBD, THC. Which one do we choose?

Well, let’s break down these beauty products! Hemp seed oil infused products do little medically, but are good for providing moisture back to the skin and leaving a glow. I sought out the most accessible product and found an infused bath bomb by ME!  Their $3 5 oz Pure Hemp Bath Bomb, like most bath bombs, dissolved quickly with the sweet scent of pomegranate mixed with a chemical element I couldn’t place. Moisture is the main component for this bubbly ball giving it the place of 3rd in the ranking.

Bath Bomb

Moving on, I came across a product by a company called Colorado Cures, sold at CBD+USA that has multiple locations throughout Oklahoma. CBD+USA’s 6oz infused bath bomb with 100mg of CBD was a wonderful feeling with the sweet scent of lemongrass. My aches and pains dulled and my skin felt soft to the touch. With very little info on the product itself due to its packaging, it gets the place of 2nd.


I bring you our 1st place product in this comparison! This infused bath bomb left me feeling as if I had become one with the bubbles that surrounded me. As I soaked, my pains and aches became fantasy and i relaxed until the water began to cool. The effect from FloraGoddesse’s 50 Mg THC infused bath bomb lasted well into the night and i complemented it with a a bowl. Infused bath bombs have many amazing attributes to offer. Some help with the skin and some sink deeper. Whether you’re a civilian whose wanting to relax after a long day, or a medical patient like myself looking to alleviate chronic pain, bath bombs are definantly for a full spectrum of human beings!



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