Cannabis – Make it last

by Kayla Johnson

The cannabis floodgates are opening in Oklahoma, slowly but surely. Dispensaries, grow facilities and processors are popping up across the state. As the market continues to expand, more product will be available on the shelves. Even with what will hopefully be an abundance of quality medicine within our reach, the reality of life often swings back into view, and sometimes, things happen. Emergencies come up and throw personal budgets into upheaval. Businesses encounter setbacks… For any number of reasons, you could find yourself lacking in the cannabis department. It is very important to make each purchase last as long as possible for people who live in a more rural community and don’t often make it into one of the major metro areas that are rapidly turning green.

Looking for a reason to take steps to make your bud stash last longer? Consider it a good practice in self-control that can also benefit your tolerance level. Noticed it takes more of your flower or even your concentrates to get the same effect or relief that you need? Then it may be worth your time to take a tolerance break. Or at least help yourself dial it back by really limiting what you use each day. Your wallet will thank you, too.

To help you keep a better eye on how much you’re consuming each day, and to help you manage your dosages better, consider any of the tips below.

  • Invest in a one-hitter

    • Running anywhere from $5 to $10 each, a one-hitter is one of the quickest ways to cut back on smoking more than you should when you’re trying to keep your supply full for longer. Only one small hit fits in at a time in these small pieces. It may surprise you how little you need to get quality relief.
  • Get a grinder

    • Using a manual grinder to grind up your bud gives you a consistent product for smoking or vaping that burns easily and fully. This means all the little corners of each bowl or hit are fully combusted, leaving no scraps in the bowl and no green wasted. For those that prefer joints, cannabis that’s been ground evenly provides better airflow.
  • Get an organizer

    • In most pharmacies or pharmacy sections in stores, you can find weekly or monthly pill organizers. If you’re really determined to limit how much you consume, or you want to be as precise as possible with your doses, these can be a cheap and extremely useful tool. Just fill them with the amount of cannabis you want to use within the timeframe it contains. It also acts as an extra seal to keep your cannabis fresh.
  • Consider vaping

    • If you haven’t already tried it, vaping can be a great way to medicate. There are dozens of options available, from portable dry herbs or dab ribs to tabletop vapes that fill bags. Most people find it takes far less cannabis to get the effects or relief they’re wanting with a vape. And as a bonus, for dry herb vapes, you can save your AVB (already vaped bud) for a dry day, or even use for edibles.
  • Try mangoes

    • It may sound outlandish, but there’s a strong belief that eating a mango before you consume makes the effects stronger or last longer. Also, Mangoes contain terpenes. Eating them helps the THC in cannabis cross the blood-brain barrier much more effectively, meaning it happens quicker, and lasts longer.
  • Just take a break

    • I know. It’s unpleasant to talk about… If your tolerance is sky high, or you are on the verge of running out when you can’t get more, taking just two or three days off from consuming. This will also do wonders for your tolerance. As a result, the longer you go, the lower your tolerance will get. Even just drastically reducing to one hit a day could help you stretch what you have just enough.
  • Don’t forget your kief

    • If you’re using a grinder, chances are, it’s been collecting the kief (trichome crystals) in the bottom portion. This sandy, sticky powder can be a powerful boost in effects, and added to a small bowl can help your flower go a little bit further.
  • The old rainy day fund

    • When you have access to plenty of cannabis, consider tucking a small portion back now and then. Embrace the ‘set it and forget it’ mentality. Leave it for when you’re running low. Also, it’s important to remember that you should never leave cannabis where any children could have access to it. If you can lock it away securely out of sight it will help it to be out of your mind until you really need it.
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