Chad Watson


Chad Watson

by Brittiany Ralls

When music is your passion it’s hard to do anything else. As a musical artist, Chad Watson would be no exception. Creating and composing all his own music, Chad Watson does what he loves. Staying true to what he cares for and where his roots are is what has helped him rise to where he is now and will help him continue his journey towards his goals and dreams. With a little help from some friends and the support of his team, it’s a new world out there for him.  With performances coming up soon in the Oklahoma and Texas area, we will have our chances to see him face to face.

Growing up in California, Los Angeles specifically, Chad developed a love for music,  but didn’t decide till he was in his twenties that he would want to pursue a career in music professionally. Chad told me, “Music is my passion and the only thing keeping my head above water, often times. This life is a cut throat one, so diving head first into my craft deafens a lot of the chaos, and depression.” What better escape can an artist ask for than their craft.

The cannabis community has really brought to light some of these great artists. With support from the entire industry around the United States, we get to see artists like Chad Watson at our cannabis events and have the opportunity to experience something amazing. Freely experiencing cannabis and what it can do for musical artists and lovers of music alike is a feeling like no other. Creatively letting cannabis just fuel that passion, being a part of it in any capacity is a feeling all of us love once experiencing.

Hoping to inspire others with his music in the same way he has been inspired by Andre 3000 and Kendrick Lamar, Chad Watson hopes to show many the beauty that creating art can bring to your life. Be on the lookout for Chad Watson and make sure to show up and support him. Did I mention he models too!?! Oh, well he does.

Is it hot in here….

Chad not only hopes to inspire others only with his music but also through his philanthropic causes. By partnering with “Gaia Provides” to raise funds to donate to 3 hand chosen Animal Rescues: Hounds and Heroes, Lend-A-bone, and House of Deliverance. Giving back to his community and being an animal lover is just a day in the life of Chad.  Living a life of inspiration, of the goodness you can give to this world is what Chad Watson had dedicated his life to. Speaking of animals, when I asked what animal he wanted to be he said, Cliche but I’d be a Lion. It’s the king of the jungle and I feel like I’m a very alpha male type of individual. I even have a song lyric saying “I’m a Lion… In the lion’s lair. Lion’s king of the jungle so I lion everywhere”. That’s the opening of “can’t shyt get”.”

You can find this song and all the rest of his body of work on all digital platforms, Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify, Tidal and Google.