Cosmic Cannabis


by Daniel Dellumo

IG: the_whopo

I discovered Cosmic Cannabis about 6 months ago. I had already worked with some amazing farms, although I reached out to Cosmic because they were a notch above the rest. What first got my attention was the trichome smothered Strawberries and Crème strain that was pheno hunted from several ExoticMikegenetic packs.  Not only does this strain have some serious bag appeal, its equally elevating hybrid effects are sure to leave you in a hazy euphoric state.

This farm’s owner and cultivator; William, has also been very informative regarding growing methods. He used a mix medium of peat, soil, and cocoa while feeding the ladies nothing but organic amendments. Everything is from seed and he is active with pheno hunts.

William’s recent small batch harvests were newly available strains like tropical runtz and red runtz which is available at Starbuds, Silverleaf, and Likewise dispensary.

William has some new phenos of the strawberry & creme this upcoming month as well as some Gary Peyton.

The “Runtz smoothie” were impressive and affordable. A nicely rolled mix of strains small nug runtz strains. (Red Runtz, Strawberries & Crème, Tropical Runtz. Happy Root 420 and Cannatonic dispensaries both have the runtz smoothie prerolls for Oklahoma patients. They are now available at Cannatonic, Happy Root 420 and The Herb Apothecary.

I look forward to sharing this amazing flower with you soon!