I have always had a vision of what a father was
in my head. He’s the superhero. He is stronger
than anything. God-like. It’s funny to think about
those things now. I continue and probably always
will continue to have that vision in my mind.

The one thing that really has opened my eyes is being a father myself. I know what it feels like when you imagine something wanting to harm your child.
I know what it feels like to get a totally un-
solicited “I love you dad.” I keep in mind
that superhero that I assume my own chil-
dren believe in like I did. I try to become it.

That’s when real fatherhood reveals itself. Noth-
ing, has ever felt more rewarding in my life as
that moment when I finally realized that the
real superhero lies in the hearts of my children.
you are simply wisdom. ~James Bridges

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