From the Front Lines


by Chip Paul | Chief Innovator GnuPharma

At this writing it is just a little over 2 years since commercial medical marijuana licenses began being is-sued in Oklahoma. When writing SQ788, a timer was installed to ensure that the State was efficient in rolling out the program. In just two years we are now the largest medical marijuana marketplace in the nation. Expected sales in the Oklahoma medical marijuana market in 2021 will top $1 billion dollars.

We are now approaching 10% of our population as medical patients. Further, this number keeps increasing! I was at a patient drive last weekend and they had to take overflow and still had a waiting list! Almost all of our patients are registered voters.

So what does all this mean? Well let’s consider it this way. What if a new BILLION dollar industry were coming to the State? Would we be excited like we were for Tesla? Would we consider the economic impact? Would the State whole-heartedly embrace the new industry? Would the State HELP the new industry?

One would assume yes, but it is the cannabis business after all. While we may NEVER get any love from the powers that be, we know somethings. We will have INCREDIBLE influence in elections should we choose to unify. We certainly now have the commercial horsepower to guard our industry, the question is will we?

A lot yet to do! Anyone watching Psilocybin legislation? Cindy and I are. A small molecule research mecca in Oklahoma soon? If folks were smart they would be considering. Where is our cannabis research license BTW? We need that developed and available for issue soon!

We have made tremendous progress in the last 2 years. Hundreds of thousands of patients are experiencing the healing benefits of medical marijuana. Physicians are beginning to wake up and FINALLY ask for education. I am so PROUD of us! #itshappening

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