From the Front Lines – February 2020

As of this writing there are well over 250,000 patient licenses in Oklahoma.  Oklahoma’s current population is about 3,980,000.  This means that 6.2% of our Oklahoma residents are now medical card holders.  WOW!  To illustrate how stunning this is, let’s compare Oklahoma to some other states.  Guess how many states have 5% of their population as medical marijuana states?  ZERO!  guess how many have 4%?  ZERO!  Guess how many have 3% of their residents as medical marijuana patients?  Three.  California at 3.4%, Maine at 3.4%, and Montana at 3.2%.
Soon, we will be at double the patients counts of every other state.  This is overwhelming and should indicate to us all how special our situation is here in Oklahoma.  We have an open access medical program, which no other state has.  We have a commercial license structure that almost any Oklahoma could access if they wanted to become a business owner.  Talk to the farmers and you will quickly learn how good of a spot Oklahoma is to grow hemp or marijuana.  Of course we knew that and why Oklahoma is the only state that will allow exporting under our medical marijuana law.  Yes, we put that in there!
While no one could have called the rapid growth here in Oklahoma, the law was designed to create open patient access and rapid commercial growth…and that is exactly what is happening.
#wethepeople made this happen.  #wethepeople guard this issue.  #wethepeople need to stay strong and Unified and not let others wreck our great program.

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