From the Front Lines – March 2020

by Chip Paul

As our industry matures it will be important that we guard the progress and the strides we have made both in our law and within the Oklahoma commercial medical marijuana industry.  We have the best law in the country and the best regulatory environment, how do we ensure it is protected and safe?  How do we ensure our message is heard by lawmakers?  How do we speak with “one voice”?  How do we combine and unify our efforts?  How do we guard against overreach by cities?  How do we ensure proper regulations and patient protections?  How do we ensure product and consumer safeguards?

These are not new questions.  Almost every regulated industry has faced these questions and corresponding challenges. 

How did they do it? 

With a trade organization. 

A PROPER trade organization…

#itstime for industry to support real lobby efforts.  The industry needs real lobbying on a daily basis.  While it is important to have rallys, they make very little impact on lawmakers.  While lawmakers enjoy talking to activists, again, activist make very little impact on proposed laws.  Most proposed laws are decided well in advance of any voting. 

#itstime for the industry to support attorneys who are both reviewing and suggested regulations that will help the industry.  This needs to be done by reviewing and suggesting laws, OMMA regulations, OBN regulations, OML regulations, and any other entities which touch our commercial businesses.

#itstime we helped struggling businesses with better practices, procedures, employment guidelines, and education.

#itstime for a certification and a quality standard in the medical marijuana commercial community.

#itstime for a hub to keep patients and industry better informed of all things medical cannabis in the state.

#itstime to unify and come together as a patient and commercial business community.  We are 250,000 strong.

#itstime everyone knew about their endocannabinoid system

On March 28th, several of the non-profits from around the State, along with some names you know, will be combining forces to announce something special for both patient and commercial marijauna license holders.


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