Gentry Leach

by Rayne Graham

You must see Gentry Leach’s breathtaking ethereal art, you are missing out. I am not telling you what to do or anything, but her Instagram is a good place to start and will have you hooked.

The first time I was able to glimpse one of her amazing creations I knew that I wanted to know more about this multi-dimensional being. The way that she introduces her lyrics of color in a seemingly spiritual stroke as well as capturing the energetic vibrations of what she is trying to convey left me breathless. I know I can’t be the only one, so I reached out to Gentry to get to know her more on a soul level. Let’s check out what she had to share with me!

                    Where does your inspiration come from?

Ever since I was a little girl, I have interpreted the world through a vivid, creative lens. There is an inherent creative spark that is embedded deep within my heart that has guided me down a path of becoming a visionary through many different mediums. Throughout my practice, I explore my emotional identity as a spiritual being having a human experience. I believe art is a crucial tool in understanding the deep inner-truths of our humanity. I create meaningful works in an effort to connect with others on the core roots of our existence. My conceptual themes often involve self-exploration, healing social injustice, and coming back home to nature. I feel an innate pull toward the dynamic world we live in and use art as my tool to communicate a message of empathy for all living things. In my works, I explore the union of representation and abstract expression. I believe these are the two fundamental archetypes that make up the framework of the universe. It is my intention as an artist, to use my creative practice as a vehicle for inspiration, reflection, and universal empathy in hopes of creating authentic connections across the globe.

What is your favorite medium to use?

This is a challenging question because I adore all mediums for different reasons. Although, the one I’m constantly drawn to is paint. I enjoy working with mixed media on some of my smaller, more intimate pieces. I love to let the variety of mediums dance together to create one strong composition of texture, color, and depth.

What is your ritual when it comes to making a new work of art?

1. Get Connected. I never rush the composition, I really meditate on my vision and allow that to come through, sometimes I feel guided if I’m working with abstract material to just surrender to the creative flow.
2. Listen to good music
3. Light an incense
4. Embrace the Flow

When did you start giving your visions life?

As long as I can remember I’ve been expressing my inner truths to the world through many modes of creativity and artistic expression. I wrote poetry and played guitar growing up, but in the last 7 years I fell in love with drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, and photography. I experimented on anything and everything I could get my hands on and just let me teenage angst explode on the surface. Years later, those intuitive creative drives have led me to an abundance of skills in the creative world and allow me to connect with my community in a meaningful way.

What do you do for creative blocks?

When I feel blocked, I accept it and let go of all expectations. I like to come back home to my heart and do some sort of self-grounding practice like yoga or running. I always tell myself, “This too shall pass.” It’s so important not to force it. It’s so important to give yourself space to step away and take the pressure off yourself. When I’m finally feeling ready to peruse the creative process again, I start with a meditative practice of uncontrolled sketching just to get the creative energy flowing.

What advice do you have for creative minds that want to get started giving their visions life?

DO IT! Let go of comparison, expectations, and ideas around what you think you are capable of. It’s an ever-evolving practice. The beautiful thing about art is that is a separate energetic force from the pressures of day to day to reality, it’s therapeutic, and it’s completely subjective to each individual viewer. You never know… something you effortlessly create may touch someone in a powerful way and provide a bridge of connection from human to human. That is the beauty of art. It is an ever-giving force.

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