Give Me Some Sugar

By James Bridges

Some friends told me that I should go check out Sugar Cannabis in Shawnee, OK. I thought I would give the new place a shot.

As I walked into Sugar Cannabis I was greeted by a few people behind the counter. I was very pleased to see the happy faces. I was curious about the products they were currently offering. I started asking about the flower. 

A man with a large smile stood up from a chair. He hadn’t said much as I walked through, but once he knew I was there to look deeply, it seemed to catch his interest. As he firmly shook my hand, I noticed that the smile never left his face. He seemed authentically happy that he was where he was.

I quickly discovered that the man shaking my hand was the owner, Tony. He introduced me to his team as if they were family. It turns out they were actually family.

Sugar Cannabis is a family owned and operated dispensary in Shawnee, OK. They have a fun, clean, and vibrant atmosphere inside of the shop as well as portrayed consistently by the “family” oriented employees. Sugar Cannabis has long term ambitions to offer clean and affordable products to their patrons.

Come experience their Grand Opening celebration on September 10th with plenty of Cuban influenced food, entertainment, and deals that are meant to clear off the shelfs to make room for more!

“Happy Birthday T! I love you my son.”

Sugar Cannabis – 1528 N Harrison St – Shawnee, OK 74804