Growing the Cannabis Community One Mind at a Time


Lucky’s Grow Supply

by Brittney Graham

Lucky’s Grow Supply, 7507 Broadway Extension, is much more than just a cannabis growing supply store. It is a place where the Oklahoma cannabis community can grow, gather, learn, and empower each other. John Degerness, the owner of Lucky’s, dreamed up what his ideal store would look like when SQ788 passed and it involved art, music, nightlife, culture, as well as grow equipment. When John and his partner came up with their business model, they really wanted to stand behind the idea of building a cannabis community here in Oklahoma. John is from the Pacific Northwest and going through the cannabis industry in Seattle was a learning experience due to the industry falling apart rapidly.” It had an opportunity to make a really big impact but it became constant insiding”, he states during our interview. His history with the industry became one of his main drives when growing his business here in the Sooner state. 

 “You know, Oklahoma is filled with strong people, “John explains, “strong willed, people that really kind of want to stay within the state.” 

When we think of community, we think of the banding together of people pushing towards a common interest or goal. But, what does a cannabis community involve and push towards? “A cannabis community is more about banding a state around a movement and doing our best to build an economy that is going to support us”, John explains. Thus, Lucky’s Grow Supply was born! Since the beginning of November, Lucky’s has been laying the foundation of education for growers, patients, and creatives. John likes to call it part grow shop and part community center where events are thrown to hit different aspects of cannabis and its medicinal use. 

Believe it or not, John has gotten a warm reception from conservative neighbors and friends alike. “Infact, I haven’t received any negative feedback on opening my store from anyone that I know, “John states. Which means, there have been people that have stopped by Lucky’s that you would have never guessed to have been interested in growing or medical cannabis in general.

 “Oh yeah, I have had friends and neighbors who have watched the news recently and have told me how great it was that I opened my store, “John explains. “Then they share their experiences with how it has helped their grandparents, or cousins, or best friends’ sister.”

Every Saturday at 1pm anyone from the general public is free to come to their grow classes. Don’t be shy about dropping in, there isn’t a certain criteria to meet in order to attend these educational brain food sessions. In fact, elderly couples have stopped by the shop to gain some growing knowledge as well as professionals from all walks of life.  Bringing in local artists, musicians, glass blowers, and edible chefs are just some of the guests being highlighted at Lucky’s events this year.

 Last month Lucky’s hosted Canna Laugh, a laughter yoga night on Dec. 12th. It was free to attend the event but donations were welcome. Those donations went to help others who cannot afford medical marijuana recommendations. Most events will be modeled this way, free to come but donations will be welcome for a certain charity or cause. Be sure to check out their calendar on the Lucky’s grow supply website to keep up to date on the latest events. 

As far as the grow supplies? Lucky’s does not sell seeds, clones, or hydroponic growing supplies, but everything else is covered. Other than gaining really great growing knowledge and a friend within the cannabis community, John has a great deal for his customers as well! Bring in a receipt from a local dispensary where you bought your seeds or plants and receive 10% off your next purchase!