Gun rumors = low MMJ license holders


by James Bridges

“From what I gather, the OSBI says they are not interested in confiscating guns because of obtaining an Oklahoma medical marijuana license.”

Representative Jon Echols, Majority Floor Leader and co-leader of the state’s medical marijuana legislative working group, wants to encourage those in need to apply for your state MMJ license.  He also wants you to know that Oklahoma backs them.

“Let me start with saying, YES, there is a memorandum where the Department of Justice has stated that it is against federal law for anyone to have a medical marijuana card and a firearm.  However, it is my intention next year to file legislation directing Oklahoma law enforcement to not enforce that federal direction. This should protect Oklahoma citizens second amendment rights. I anticipate strong bipartisan support for this bill.”

“I really believe that this bill will fly through with very little opposition from all sides and this will happen early in the next session.”

Echols went on to say that the buzz that we have been hearing from the start about the seizing of guns and gun licenses are essentially “urban legends”.

“We are the 30th state to legalize this.  I have heard of ZERO cases where federal law enforcement have seized weapons.  ZERO.”  He went on to say that if anyone has information on a case in which guns or permits have been confiscated he would like to know about the case and investigate it himself.

Echols also wanted to stress that a doctor ABSOLUTELY does NOT have the authority to seize gun licenses or permits at the time of giving a MMJ recommendation.

“Those involved in the creation of SQ788 wanted the new law to allow for licensed patients to legally possess firearms.”

Echols did warn of those citizens that actually work for a federal contractor or hold federally mandated licenses like a CDL.  “Those are the real issues that could affect lives greatly.  I want everyone involved in the MMJ industry to proceed with caution.  Be aware of the laws.  But also remember, on the federal level, marijuana ultimately is still illegal.  We want to pass this new bill to protect our Oklahoma citizens 2nd amendment rights.”

Bottom line…can they?  Sure.  Will they?  Probably not…

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