Half Baked News

by Brittney Graham

The DEA Has Approved Cannabis Research Application

It has been 4 years for researchers anticipating the approval of their applications to the Drug Enforcement Administration to grow Marijuana for medical research. Finally, the DEA has announced that they will evaluate 37 applications and also proposed new ruled for the prospective growers that outlined how the program would work. Because it wouldn’t be big brother if there wasn’t a booklet of outlines! But in all seriousness, this could possibly open up the path for traditional drug development in the United States so that’s a win.

Move Over Toilet Paper Cannabis is Being Added to the Stockpile

As COVID-19 lands on the United States, everyone is stockpiling for social distancing, isolation, and quarantine. We all know that toilet paper is at the top of that list but guess what other industry has experienced an unprecedented boom? Yep, the Cannabis Industry. According to Politico, almost all of the 33 states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana have classified marijuana-related business as essential, thereby allowing them to remain open and operational.  The report also boasts that some states are witnessing a surge in sales up to 20%.

The portal American Marijuana conducted a survey on 990 US Marijuana consumers and almost half of the respondents stated that they had ensured supplies of cannabis to face the lockdown and the pandemic. Although 95% reported that in light of the situation, their priority went to food, toilet paper, and hand sanitizers, 28% of them claimed that they considered marijuana to be more important than face masks. Move over normal self- care supplies, cannabis is coming through!

When Your Special Delivery is Sent to the Wrong Place

Last month the Staff at the Governor Calvert House in Maryland received a package that wasn’t addressed to anyone staying or working there. When they got a call form a man who said he needed to pick the package up from a blocked number, the staff thought it might be a good idea to call the police. Because people always get their mail delivered to places that they have never stayed right?  Come to find out, the brown cardboard box was allegedly packed with over 14 pounds of marijuana and approximately 1,000 grams of concentrate from California.

Greg Harris, the alias used by the subject showed up to collect his bounty and was greeted by two police officers and arrested under his real name Michael Clayton Kenney.  The 24-year-old was charged with importing between 5 and 45 kilograms of Marijuana into Maryland, possession with intent to distribute drugs and possession of more than 10 grams of marijuana- 6,554 grams, to be exact, all stated by court records.

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