Half Baked News – November 2019

by Brittney Graham

Acres of Hemp…nope.

The Kern County Sheriffs Office in Arvin, California have seized 10 million, yes you read that right MILLION marijuana plants in 11 hemp fields in a joint effort with the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Apparently, they were tipped off that the hemp fields in the area were not actually hemp fields at all, it was 459 acres of cannabis plants. The estimated value of the plants is $1 billion with a B.  The sheriff’s office wanted to be clear that preliminary testing showed the plants were well over the legal limit for industrial hemp production, which means they were ganja plants! Also, it is being reported that the plants have been destroyed but one has to wonder with all those plants on fire and with all this wind lately, wouldn’t we have gotten a little whiff of something?

Why Doesn’t the Federal Government?

The Hill has recently reported that, “a survey of practicing physicians in New York State reported 71% of respondents believes that cannabis ought to be legal for medical purposes and 76% percent acknowledge having had patients who reported using marijuana for symptomatic relief at some point in their lives.” A more recent study in Minnesota of primary care physicians shows that 58% of providers agree with the following statement, “Medical cannabis is a legitimate medical therapy.”  The Oklahoma Cannabis community sure feels the same way about these statements as well. There is a lot of support throughout the states for the benefits of this amazing medicinal plant, but the question remains why doesn’t the federal government support this?

Cannabis is Helping Sell Luxury Homes

Real estate agents in Hollywood hills are trading in open house wine and snacks for vapes and edibles. Wall Street Journal has reported that gone are the days of tie dye bongs and VW Bugs and here are the days of smoking for creativity and health. For this reason, real estate agents are cashing in on the high-end cannabis market and all the modern products that are now coming into it. We’re talking 9.5 million-dollar homes that have puff puff pass circles on the patio of the open house with 7 different vape flavors to choose from. Of course, all vapes are bought from legal dispensaries because black market vapes, and million-dollar listings do not seem to go well together. Who would have guessed?

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