Headband Cookies: A Red Dirt Sungrown Review


Written By: Brittiany Ralls

It’s always exciting for me to get to try a strain that I haven’t had before, especially if it’s from a grow I haven’t tried before, too. When I set out to find some flower from Red Dirt Sungrown the first thing I did was go to their website to see if it happens to list the dispensaries that their flower is sold in. Low and behold it does, which I find to be so convenient when a grow helps us, patients, out like that. I found two dispensaries within twenty minutes of me. So I reached out to both of them and sadly, both were out of all their Red Dirt Sungrown flower.

I ended up having to wait five days just to be able to pick some up. You can imagine my anticipation now that I know that this company sells out regularly each and every week with the dispensaries you can find them in! When I did get the chance to pick some up I did not hesitate. When I got to the dispensary they had five different strains from Red Dirt Sungrown to choose from. Two, in particular, stood out to me, Inzane and Headband Cookies.

Both smelled amazing, but Headband Cookies won out in the end.

Red Dirt Sungrown


Headband Cookies is an Indica dominant hybrid. Which is something you immediately take notice of upon your initial smell of the strain. Indica dominant strains typically sit lower on your nose and sativa dominant strains will sit higher when you smell them. Headband Cookies immediately hit lower and engulfed my nostrils with an earthy, diesel aroma. Aesthetically speaking, this strain is beautiful. Long red hairs with an intense, dark green that ends up looking lighter because of the number of trichomes covering these buds. This beauty came out testing at 25.6% total cannabinoids.

What is actually really great about this strain is that being from the Cookie family, it tested highest in the caryophyllene terpene. Caryophyllene is the only terpene to act as a cannabinoid within our endocannabinoid system. Which allows this terpene to connect to our CB2 receptors. This connection then allows for patients to see even greater benefits, like reduced inflammation. Which you definitely feel with the Headband Cookies.

It offered pain relief while also being euphoric and uplifting cerebrally.

Upon breaking down those beautiful green buds the room was filled with its in your face smell. With the number of trichomes I could see, I knew this strain was going to be so sticky! Joints are my jam, so my initial reaction was to roll one up. I ended up deciding on a bowl though after I realized that the strain was needing to be dried just a bit longer for me to be able to smoke through my whole joint.

I light my bowl, take in that first hit, and exhale. The exhale has a super pungent taste that you really can’t get enough of if you really love funky cannabis. Personally, the funkier the better. The pungent taste literally intensified with every toke! Headband Cookies is a strain I look forward to smoking again. Red Dirt Sungrown has grown this strain fantastically and I can’t wait to try some of their other strains.

Quality medicine really can make the difference for patients and this is, no doubt, quality medicine.

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