Hilltop Gardens Hash Camp

Hilltop Gardens Hash Camp

On The Hunt For Hash Rosin

Hash Camp 22’
By Brook Miller

Quality rosin are certainly synonymous terms
when I describe my opinion of Hilltop Gardens.
Connor and Jono, founders of the Hash Camp,
also know how to host a great event.

I had the opportunity to attend Hash Camp 22. It
was full of good vibes, good food, and amazing
people. We were given specific GPS coordinates
to navigate to the event. This was an added touch
to keep the location discreet. That was a pretty
cool experience in itself. Between GPS
coordinates and camping under the stars…the
vibes were set.

Upon arriving I ran into some familiar faces and
connected with everyone there. The rosin that
was entered into the contest. This was certainly
the first thing on the menu for me. There were
seven different entries into the Hash Camp
competition. The Holy Goat, Evok, Chrome6,
Nature’s Kiss, Live Source Labs, Kanati and High
Rise. This, in my opinion, was an incredible line-up
of some of Oklahoma’s top brands offering hash

The entire evening was full of incredible hash,and
authentic homemade tamales to top it off. “Some
of us” were able to get our camping areas set up
before the rosin kicked in.

The winners were announced after we ate and had a
change to try. I have to say, they were all on point.

3rd – Chrome6 – with an amazing King’s Hawaii packed
full of all the “Terple terps” you could handle.
2nd – The Holy Goat – with a very smooth Brandy Wine
that carried some serious weight with floral, citrus gas
1st – Nature’s Kiss – with their Chem-D that packed an
extreme punch of diesel and citrus.

All of the entries were top tier in my book. My personal
favorite was The Holy Goat’s Brandy Wine. Definitely a
contender against the Chem D that Nature’s Kiss put up.
Cheers to everyone that brought the heat to Hash Camp
and helped continue the vibes into the evening. I am
super grateful we set the tent up before we started
playing merry-go-round with the hash rosin.

We all had a great time with some talented, incredible
people. At one point we were all around the fire taking in
the experience we had been a part of throughout the
day. Picture all of us by the fire with full bellies, laughing
and having fun. Smoking hash, listening to great music
and enjoying each other’s company by the campfire. It
was the best vibe. I am already looking forward to Hash
Camp next year and what’s in the future from Hilltop gardens!