How to provide for your health in the middle of a pandemic!

by Chip Paul
At this writing Oklahoma has just closed bars and restaurants.  Kansas has just made the decision to close its K-12 school system, I would guess Oklahoma’s not far behind.  Soon we may face a situation where we are all “sheltered in place”.  So what does this mean, health wise?  Do we have the tools to assist us when we do not have the “normal” resources to rely on?  The answers might surprise you!
While it seems beyond belief to some folks (kinda like this Covid virus), you have more power in your spice cabinet than your medicine chest.  At GnuPharma we have been working on something special just for Covid.  You see, herbs and spices are antibiotic, antifungal, anti inflammatory, and ANTIVIRAL.  An antiviral substance means it will help fight viruses.  There are many types of viruses and Covid is a particular type called SARS.  Would we have anything in our powerful spice cabinet that could fight a SARS type virus?  It turns out YES, you probably do!  If you have licorice in your spice cabinet you have a great antiviral medication. 
This study concluded  “The most potent inhibitor of SARS-CV replication in Vero cells was glycyrrhizin, which had a selectivity index of 67.”  Translated that means it worked better than most antiviral pharma meds!
So what about immune boosters?  Would anything in our spice cabinet help there?  If you have garlic, garlic is an excellent immune booster according to this study.
Licorice will also help boost the immune system.  Turmeric is an excellent anti-inflammatory according to this study.
All of the herbs mentioned above will synergize nicely with both CBD’s and THC’s or will work well on their own.  Good luck and stay healthy!

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