If Your Thanksgiving Spread Was Cannabis Strains Instead of Food

by Brittney Graham

   Thanksgiving is a time where we are grateful for what we have, and the medical marijuana patients of Oklahoma will be giving thanks for SQ788 and all the fruition it has brought to the local cannabis community. Not to mention the financial help it has given the Oklahoma community in general non cannabis related as well. While we do so, we thought it would be fun to think of being grateful over a meal of Cannabis strains rather than a meal of food, a Danksgiving if you will.  Of course, we will not be giving up the turkey any time soon but the aspects of how good that green bean casserole will taste with the munchies is just too good to pass up!

Starting off our Danksgiving meal will be the salad, which in this case is the CBD potent Hybrid Cherry Wine. We thought starting off the meal with a less than 1% THC strain was a smashing idea since we MUST make it to the turkey, right? Sweet cherry notes and hints of black pepper will have everyone ready to start the festivities and the meal. Since this strain is both calming and energizing it will also make being around all your extended family more enjoyable as well. 

Next, we have our sides. Although the sides for a normal Thanksgiving are vast, when it comes to strains, we have found trying to many options at once might not be the best for the middle of the meal. So, we have the energizing hybrid Blue Dream to represent our sides for this lovely turkey day. This strain will have you feeling happy, euphoric, and levelheaded so you can enjoy the company of those you love without getting a couch lock before dessert.

  The star of the table is up next! Representing our Turkey will be 9 Pound Hammer because we must have a strain that mimics how delightfully full and tired that turkey makes us. The relaxing effects of this couch lock Indica will have you hitting the pause button before dessert. In our opinion, this will give you time to really savor the meal you just had and be ready to enjoy the munchies that are inevitably about to set in once this strain takes hold of you.

It is finally time for dessert and at the end of this Danksgiving meal, we think it is best to end on a Sativa note. I mean, we still must be able to make it home at some point, or the couch to say the least. Chocolope is the perfect Sativa for this job! Not only does it mimic the sound of a mouthwatering slice of pie it also produces a strong euphoric mental shift. Creativeness and energy are also to be expected once this strain is consumed. Helping with the stress of that entire meal of family questions and the depression of that amazing meal coming to an end this strain is the perfect way to end the first Thanksgiving after the passing of SQ788.

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