Kayla’s Pick – Wedding Cake

by Kayla Johnson

Whether you’ve gotten hitched yourself or have attended the nuptials of a friend or loved one, the culinary highlight of any wedding celebration is the cake, and for good reason; cake is pretty synonymous with a good time.

While most gatherings of friends and family are on hold for the foreseeable future, our pick this month is named after the ultimate celebratory treat, to help you celebrate love at home: Wedding Cake. This indica-dominant hybrid is one truly worth celebrating; with a sky-high THC level that sits anywhere from 23-25%, Wedding Cake, which occasionally goes by Pink Cookies,  is a potent pick that will leave even veteran consumers with high tolerances feeling as giddy as a newlywed. With its indica leanings, it offers immense calming and relaxation, while sparking appetites and rapid pain relief for those who need it.

The offspring of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, like any good wedding cake, this strain tends to be a looker; with dark green buds sprinkled with bright orange hairs, it’s not uncommon to see hints of purple or even pink in the dense flower. Just as important, a thick layer of trichome frosting gives even the naked eye a good look at just how potent it is and fingers tend to end up sugary-sticky after handling it.

Like the name would suggest, even the aroma has a hint of sweetness. Fruity flavors from its Cherry Pie parent mix wonderfully with a touch of sourness, making it almost tangy without being sharp. Underlying that fruitiness is the faintest bit of peppery kick, and with both Myrcene and Caryophyllene in its terpene profile, it almost has an earthy aroma to it as well. It’s one of the most unique scent profiles I’ve encountered so far, and it’s now a favorite.

That aroma transitions to intense flavor once you light up. With that thick frosted-layer of trichomes, it’s no surprise that the smoke produced when you spark it is intense. I would venture to even call it harsh, especially if you’re not someone who smokes their flower regularly. While it does lean towards harsh, it also provides a rich flavor that is far more appealing than some, and many people find that yes, it really does taste like a cake. For those who prefer a dry-herb vaporizer, prepare for heavier vapor than many strains produce, and a clean, almost creamy flavor. And coughs. Be ready to cough.

What really makes this strain stand out from the rest is the potency; make no mistake, if you’re a novice in the cannabis world, I highly advise you to take it low and slow with Wedding Cake. With its high THC levels and smooth flavor, it’s easy to see how someone, even a more veteran consumer, could ingest far more than they meant to. While this is a hybrid that leans heavily towards indica, many patients and consumers find that they experience a sense of immense euphoria right away, along with a noted increase to their pace of thinking. It’s an intense experience, but before it can seem overwhelming, deep relaxation quickly rushes in with a pleasant, almost warm heaviness that most people feel sinking into their limbs bit by bit. Despite the almost sedating effects, I noticed that I didn’t necessarily feel foggy, or ‘tuned out’ from things; if anything, I felt relaxed enough to embrace creativity and tasks more readily.

For those who have serious medical problems, this hard-hitting strain may be a game changer. Because it offers relaxation and relief without making one feel overly groggy or tired when taken in smaller amounts, it is a viable choice for those battling depression, anxiety, stress, or physical pain who need both relief and mobility. In larger doses, especially in the evening, it’s an ideal strain for those who deal with insomnia or more pain in the evenings after a long day of functioning. More hits will take you closer to couch lock, but unlike many strains, it may only take one bowl to get you there, making it an economical choice for many as well. Cancer patients and others struggling to keep a regular appetite going can find quick stimulation from this strain; it’s a munchie-inducer, and for those who struggle to eat enough due to treatment or a medication change, it can literally be a lifesaver.

All in all, I was fairly impressed with Wedding Cake. It was much more potent than I had realized it would be, which is not a bad thing, but for those who may have a lower tolerance to cannabis than others, it could lead to an accidental early-night-on-the-couch for you, or a wicked case of the munchies. It’s a strain that I would highly recommend that just about anybody try for themselves, and while I tend to prefer sativa myself, I’ll be adding this to my regular arsenal.

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