New Year, New Decade, New You

by Amy Lee 

Welcome to 2020 Ya’ll! A new year, a new decade and a fresh opportunity to live your healthiest life. Over 50% of Americans polled in an Urban Plates questionnaire stated  that their New Year’s Eve resolution was to eat healthier or be more active. Statistically, only 4% of Americans will keep these resolutions throughout the year. While we start the year with high hopes for wellness, weight loss, or a thriving life without pain, anxiety or depression, why is it difficult to be successful? Why are only 4% of Americans able to successfully keep their resolutions? For many it is the lack of planning and consistency.

Think about the last vacation you took. There was probably months of planning, budgeting, and preparation to have a successful vacation. Then, while on that vacation you were hopefully having the time of your life. Enjoying everything you prepared for. Wellness requires the same attention to detail. In order to obtain that thriving life you desire, whether it be to lose weight, create healthy habits, reduce inflammation, calm your anxieties or be more mentally mindful. You need a plan, you need to budget, and most importantly you need consistent preparation towards your wellness goals.


Here are some tips to help you begin your healthiest year and decade. 

  1. Write down your goals. This can be something simple like removing soda or processed foods from your diet, lose 20lbs or reduce inflammation in your body. 
  2. Create a plan. Make it simple, a plan with too many steps gets complicated and we are more likely to quit.  
  3. Focus on one thing at a time. If you decide you want to lose 20lbs start by looking at your nutrition. Focus on removing soda and processed foods from your diet and then go to the next step on your plan.
  4. Create an environment of wellness. To obtain a healthy lifestyle it is recommended to create a healthy environment. This can be accomplished by reducing negativity in your immediate and work environments. Write affirmations on the bathroom mirror, change your lock screen to a goal photo, or place positive notes in office. All of these will boost your mental awareness motivating you to stay committed to your goals. 

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