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Photo Credit: Miranda Cummings | Words by Anna Ervin

When asked what drives the Noble Nectar team, founder and co-owner Preston Anderson, told me that “providing quality cannabis products for patients is the foundation and objective of Noble Nectar.”

“We come from cannabis marketing, sales, and retail experience,” Preston explained. “We learned many lessons from other cannabis markets and realized that a lot of brands simply were not putting the patients first. The more we became educated about the versatility and vast benefits of cannabis, the closer we wanted to be to the product development side of things.”

Looking back at their first year of business, I asked Preston what advice he would give to himself when they first started operating. His response, “just stay true to the mission and trust the process and the rest will fall into place exactly how it’s supposed to! 2020 was a scary year to be in your first year of business, I wish I could have shown myself then just how far this team has come now.”

2020 was a dumpster-fire of a year indeed, but this crew still managed to build something that they can be proud of amidst all the chaos. One of their biggest hurdles? “Sourcing top quality material,” Preston reports. “With over 6000 cultivation licenses in the state of Oklahoma, we have the opportunity to be really selective on what we use for our concentrates. This has also driven us to grow our own material that is up to our standards.”

Noble Nectar has been in business since mid-2019, but it was not until January of last year that they began to really grow as a brand. Just a short year later, with new products expected to hit the market and a 1st place Cowboy Cup buckle literally under their belt, Herbage wanted to catch up with the Nectar crew. Still reeling over their award-winning product, Preston and marketing director Miranda Cummings were excited to share a little insight into what’s been going on behind the scenes at the Nectar headquarters.

White Cherry Wedding Cake Live THCa Diamonds – Macro Shot Photographed by Daniel Hays @replaymediaok

Tell me a little bit about the different product lines you offer.

PA: Our current roster consists of our Live THCa diamonds and plasma, which is a combination of live THCa diamonds and terpenes. Both consistencies are featured in our Flawless (single source) line and our VVS line which features starting material sourced from talented Oklahoma cultivators across the state. We also produce high-quality Live Resin Cartridges, and a dosable dab product through our exclusive partnership with Dab Tabs.

Let’s talk about your collaboration with Dab Tabs. I think these little stones are one of the coolest inventions in the history of cannabis, but for those who have yet to try them, can you explain?

PA: Sure! We certainly can’t take credit for the invention, but we immediately knew these were going to be a game-changer in the industry.  DabTabs, or “dablets,” were created by ilo Research out of Oregon and are measured portions of cannabis concentrate encased in a natural mineral-based ceramic that is dosed at precisely 50mg. Cold starting this pre-dosed ‘dablet’ allows the user to get a consistently measured flavorful dab at a low temperature. On a personal note, cold starting three of these in a banger is one of my favorite ways to dab currently.

Innovative Dab Tabs Dablet in action with the Shatterizer vape tech – Photographed by Rachel Roller

You guys just released your new Live Resin Carts in September, tell me a little more about those and why you think more cannabis users are ditching the distillate.

PA: I think more cannabis users are ditching the distillate because I believe consumers are looking for a better experience out of their cartridges. Although distillate is the more affordable option for cartridge production, the distillate carts just don’t satisfy me with the taste or the quality of high – and I think many other patients would agree.

MC: We wanted to develop a product that honestly felt like a dab on the go and, according to our beta testers and our patients, we’ve accomplished that. We also have had a lot of fun with creating ‘flights’ with our cartridges to provide different and interesting combos of two different strain options in one purchase for our Oklahoma patients.

Congratulations on taking home first place in the Liquid BHO category at the Cowboy Cup, when choosing your entry, what made you decide to go with Wedding Crasher Diamonds?

PA: Thank you so much! We knew entering one of our THCa diamonds from our newly released Flawless (single source) line was a no brainer. Our team has been working really hard in the lab and in the grow with some pretty amazing genetics from the best breeders around. It was a hard decision between the eleven single source strains we just released, but when my extractors and I tried the Wedding Crasher we knew this had to be an entry. The taste and high were so on point.

MC: Aesthetically speaking, the Wedding Crasher diamonds were my favorite to take photos of. The size, the way they sparkled in the light, and just the way they looked after terpenes were drizzled over them I knew made them award-worthy. Echoing Preston, the taste was simply irresistible and the high was the perfect balance of tingly and focused/uplifting.

Cowboy Cup 1st place award winning Wedding Crasher Live THCa Diamonds – Photographed by Miranda Cummings

What changes are you looking forward to seeing the Oklahoma Cannabis Industry make in the coming years?

PA: Our team believes there is a need for more robust consumer education programs. Educating the public on the versatility of cannabis, how to use a variety of products, and the proper techniques that go along with those products is something we would love to play a larger role in, come 2021. Overall, I am really looking forward to any and all positive changes and improvements to the medical market that are coming in the new year.

What’s next for Noble Nectar?

PA: We are deep in the process of releasing five new product lines within the next quarter and adding educational programs to better benefit budtenders and consumers. Lots of big things in the works for Noble Nectar that we are excited to announce when the time is right!

MC: We are also getting ready to graduate our first semester of The Nectar Collective and select our next ten members for our six-month beta testing class! We’ve been receiving feedback on all of our products from our current ten amazing individuals since August and were able to provide them with our favorite tools and accessories to medicate with, in return! It’s been a really amazing program for us and getting to give such cool products and gear to deserving patients in Oklahoma has definitely been one of the highlights of our year.

Can we look forward to an announcement about another Noble Cup soon?

MC: We’ve been in serious planning mode when it comes to what the 2021 Noble Cup will look like, and we are very excited to be able to share those plans with Oklahoma as soon as we are able to 🙂


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