R & R

R & R

R & R

by James Bridges


My month had gotten away from me.  Again… The pressures of a deadline are there for a reason.  It’s to keep me on my toes. I tend to use them as crutches at times.  I have manipulated a deadline or two into becoming a symbol of inspiration in my career.  It’s not the most preferred method.

I’ve locked myself away for days to write and that’s what I intend to do this time. Hempton Heights in Vinita, Oklahoma was calling my name. The bats in the belfry were just about to start bickering. It was time.

Hempton Heights on paper is a getaway for those wanting peace and quiet. For me, it’s a peace and quiet in a, ‘I’ve got to get out of this hustle and bustle before I snap’, kind of way. However, it is way more than that.

I live about 2.5 hours away from this luxury cannabis destination according to the “shortest” route on my maps.  I did what I usually do and chose the longer and hopefully more adventurous route. The journey truly does come into play.

Lost are the souls that can actually sway with the melody and may you receive guidance from those that create it.

The music kicks in and I become entranced.  This is a perfect opportunity to get the “real” work done.  I start to grind.

I remembered the first time I visited Hempton Heights.  It was the first season they were open and I was so interested in this new venture for the couple of thoughtful folks that took the leap to start it.  

Nicole Holt and Jeff Lipe wanted to create a safe and relaxing place for others to go without any kind of fear of judgment while medicating in peace. Nicole is a pancreatic patient herself.  She has taken charge of her health and was able to stop taking several prescriptions by replacing them with cannabis. This gave Nicole her life back.  Both Nicole and Jeff missed traveling and the people they would meet. Creating Hempton Heights has given them both the opportunity to serve as well as live their dreams in peace.

Jeff sat down with me on the morning of my first visit a few years ago.  He was able to open his heart enough for me to know that, indeed, it was in the right place. There’s a special place for those that mimic the actions of Nicole and Jeff. 

I drove on.

The final trek of the now 3.5 hour journey was closing in.  I had somehow managed to occupy my headspace with none other than my own thoughts for the final two. The scenery reminds me of when I travel into places that I can’t stand. I can’t stand the jealousy that I feel knowing that at some point I will have to leave. It’s beautiful. Rivers, lakes, trees, and hills.  There was even a kick ass area for Jeeps to go off and play.  An adult playground.  All I needed was weed.

I could literally throw a stone and hit the dispensary close to the resort.  My shoulder would most likely be in some pain.  I may need to see someone soon after for medical advice.  But it’s so close, you get the jist. 

When I enter the cabin I can hardly believe the sensation.  Mere seconds ago I was wondering if I was going to be able to swim through the humidity just to reach the front door.  Once inside I was actually a bit cold.

Here’s a great example of how generous and thoughtful the owners are and why I will and I encourage you to visit frequently.  Remember, these are the owners of the very first cannabis friendly resort in Oklahoma. It is sold out on a regular basis. It has ratings through the roof. 

I was scheduled to stay inside of a yurt for 3 days.  This was eating at me a little as I wondered how in the world I was going to manage writing on my laptop while I was under water. It was the only way I could calculate that I was going to be able to survive. Then I received a text.  It informed me that Nicole and Jeff insisted that I stay in a cabin at no additional cost and that it would be ready for me when I arrived.

I’ve not once felt as if I were unwelcome at Hempton Heights.  I have experienced wonderful dishes from a couple of private chefs in our Oklahoma group of badass cannabis chefs.  I’ve swam in the amazing swimming pool and felt like a million bucks.  I’ve walked the grounds and experienced the soft lush grass with my bare feet and gazed at the trees and the moon.  I’ve sat at one of the comfortable fire pits and watched a dancer with glow streamers dazzle my imagination.  I’ve sat inside the beautiful event barn and witnessed a small glimpse of the opportunities that await. I have done so many things that I have done in so many cabins or hotel stays around the country.  But the most special part is when you feel like you are really staying somewhere that honestly cares about themselves, the land, the buildings, the community, and you.

Back to my month.

My intentions were there.  I was motivated to get things done.  I needed to write.  I was finally in a place of peace.  So much so that I was literally forced to stay away from the internet.  Thank’s At&t for having very poor services in areas that I frequent. Well, maybe just this time…

Here’s my point.  I was in a good place.  Headspace was ready to flow onto paper. I sat and relaxed for a minute as I was finally able to breathe.  I took a drink of water.  I noticed the “only smoke cannabis” sign in the room.  So.  You know…

I looked over at my phone.  It was 7:00 AM the next day.  Maybe I didn’t need to write…