Silicone Solutions for Shaky Hands

by Sarah Thompson

When neuropathy and seizures left me dizzy and shaky, my klutzy moments no longer occasionally led to a broken glass piece. It was hard to hold onto reality, it was even harder to hold onto my bong. In the last two years, the sound of shattering interceding high pitch yowls and the rhythmic drumbeat of a glowing aura unpredictably occurred again, and again. I destroyed, chipped and obliterated glass straws, small pink and white swirling concentrate rigs, and finally my clear neon pink crystal bowl partnered in death with my birthday neon purple bong- all ending their duties in the graveyard of broken things faster than I could budget for replacements. My heart grieved for the gleaming glass aesthetic dreams of perfect pulls, but the benefits outweighed the cons as I accepted, and inhaled the one solution that delivered results- silicone.


A small teal silicone ooze dab rig, and a larger green silicone bong for my flower replaced my broken heart, with the mercy of tenacity.



  1. My budget! It’s been one year since I bought my first silicone piece, the teal ooze, doubling as a dab rig or small bong, a perfect fit for my starting needs, and it hasn’t disappointed!
  2. Durability!

I have dropped, knocked over, kicked, trembled, shook and seized holding these silicone pieces, and the only incidents are the glass bowls- no more weak sauce breaking when I’m breaking.

  1.  Medicine made dependable!

When you deal with neuro events or immune flairs you know how fast cannabis is needed and how fast it can change the situation for a medical cannabis patient. Having that dependability gives peace of body and mind.

  1. Flexibility! Unlike glass, a silicone piece has mobility and can be easier to store or conceal. In the winter my ooze fits perfectly in my pocket so I could carry it to family functions discreetly.
  2. Easy clean up! Freezing the silicone bong is a popular method for cleaning out the gunk!


Silicone Considerations:


  1. There is a gap in the market for shaky hand friendly symptomatic cannabis patient medical devices. I bought one other hybrid of silicone/glass bong, which broke tragically within one hour of its delivery- I was reassured it would be a good fit.
  2. The ooze is a hybrid of glass/silicone however it’s smaller size allows for the glass chamber to be engulfed by the silicone-I’ve dropped it many times and the resilient one knows how to hang on!
  3. Is everything silicone or unbreakable? No, I use a glass dab straw and my bong bowls are still glass- I keep two or three backups of glass items.
  4. I have needed faster or easier methods of delivery for cannabis as I was not able to flick a lighter, or inhale the same due to symptoms. Methods like vaporizers and cannabis oil provided me with swift control for those times so in no means is one delivery method a blank all answer.


Shaky Hands? Contact me!

I would love to know- how do you prefer to medicate? What are struggles you have in the delivery of your medicine due to symptoms? Do you have a great delivery hack for medical cannabis? please send me a note at sarahsippin@gmail.com


Stay Cool,