Spirit Fair

by Anna Ervin

I first began visiting Spirit Fairs in 2013 when a counselor of mine invited me. It was Father’s Day, and I was told I might receive an “angel billet” from my dad. He had passed away just a year before, completely flipping my world upside down and forcing me to face a lot of big questions about life and death.

Those questions lead me to a counselor who encouraged me to explore spirituality and divination, and who invited me to the fairs. All of it was so new to me at the time, and I was skeptical, but also curious. I had long been a fan of astrology, and counseling had introduced me to divinatory tools and intuitive awareness, so I had at least become familiar with those topics.

When I arrived, I joined a room packed full of about 50 people and was handed a small piece of paper with a prayer printed at the top. Cyndy Green, the host of the spirit fair, stood at the front of the room instructing us to write a letter to our loved ones, God, the universe, or our angels and spirit guides. I wrote to my dad, simply telling him how much I loved and missed him, and asking if it was him showing up in my dreams lately or if that was just my brain stirring up old memories.

Cyndy asked us to hold our papers close to our hearts as she guided us in a prayer. We were told to close our eyes and imagine beautiful God love and white light shining down on us, then to envision this love and light flowing through us, into the rest of the room and expanding to blanket the whole state, country and eventually the world.

As she guided us in prayer, we sent light to our loved ones, asking them to show up and deliver a message. We prayed for the words in our highest and best interest to be delivered by our angels and spirit guides.

Once we were had finished praying, I looked up to see Cyndy standing before us with a blindfold over her eyes. She signaled for someone in the room to play the song Angels Among Us by Alabama on a small CD player, and the majority of the room echoed the song’s lyrics. A few helpers walked around the room collecting our letters and delivering them to a wooden box placed on a podium in front of Cyndy.

She began picking up the papers, rubbing them against her forehead and heart, rustling them between her fingers. The whole room fell silent as the song ended and she began sharing her visions.

We had been told that it worked like charades, our ancestors and angels would appear as vague entities and use the alphabet, objects, and faces familiar to Cyndy to help her identify their message. We were supposed to speak up if any of that information resonated with us so through hearing our voice, Cyndy could determine if the message was for us.


My dad’s name was Barry Cobb and I grew up in a small town called Corn (I can’t make this stuff up). So when she said she saw an older man humming to Barry Manilow and eating corn on the cob, I knew it was him. I told her my name and as she began to share my message I couldn’t help but feel like he was standing right there with me.

She told me that he wanted to say thank you for the father’s day tribute (I had worn a dress he had bought for me), and to let me know that it was him in my dreams, that he had been showing up to offer comfort and guidance. He also had a few sentiments to share with my mom, who was there with me.

As tears flowed down my cheeks I felt like my breath had been stolen from me. How could she have known exactly what I wrote to my dad? The words she had relayed felt like my dad’s words, and I knew in my heart that he would have wanted me to hear them.

My reading had been one of the first, so I watched in awe as the majority of the room tearfully and joyously received blessings from their loved ones, angels and spirit guides over the following two hours.

Energy surrounds and flows through each one of us. We are literally made of energy. So when we leave this earth, what happens to it? Energy doesn’t just stop existing, so I believe that it remains on the earth realm, lingering around each place and person it’s ever impacted.

My dad’s energy will always be with me in the form of his wisdom, legacy, and the mark he left on my life because I choose to honor his memory. And when someone like Cyndy is sensitive enough to tap into that energy, his spirit is brought back to life for a few moments.

Once the angel billets were over I decided to explore the rest of the fair, where an array of tarot readers, astrologists, reiki practitioners and healers of all sorts had gathered to share their services. Crystals, books, aromatherapy and divination tools were all available to purchase from various vendors.

I’ve been going back ever since, and my world views have shifted for the better through the experiences I’ve shared with this community. Now I understand what people mean when they say a lost loved one will always be with you. I also understand that the universe and our angels are constantly placing messages of love and guidance in our paths, through our everyday challenges, the things we find joy in, and the people we love.

Attending these events has helped me make some of the biggest decisions of my life, including accepting jobs, going to school, and moving to a new state. Looking back, I know that I was being directed by something divine to make those choices.

Over the years I’ve watched this community grow as countless people open their hearts to Cyndy’s angel billets, and it never gets old seeing someone new to the community receive their first message. My favorite part is looking around the room to see everyone smiling for this person, fully understanding how special it is to receive those loving vibrations from Spirit.

Cyndy always closes her events by saying that each one of us can tap into the same psychic awareness through practices like meditation. She offers a variety of virtual and group classes on divination practices, and services like acupuncture and reiki from her office in OKC. I personally have found a lot of clarity and peace through attending her tarot class a few years ago.

The next Spirit Fair in OKC is November 28th and 29th at the Wyndham Garden Airport Hotel. You can find out more about it here.