Strain Of The Month


by James Bridges

Herbage Magazine

I walked into my local shop. What do we call them now? Not watering holes.

Something more… You get my drift. I was having a bit of a day. I needed the right medicine for the tasks at hand. I felt really nothing that morning.

Sugar With Coffee & Cream by James Bridges

No motivation. Not tired. Not bored. Not mad. Nothing.

Not much of an issue unless you have a ton of greatness in front of you to witness and be a part of. I was not in a “wanna get amped up mode”. I wanted to have some emotions happening inside the old noggin as I work. So put away the Green Crack. Stop it with your diesels and poisons.

I just want to get high and move along. Simply put. This strain nosed perfect before I even met the jar.. The sweetness reminded me of opening a jar of fresh berries and I had to try. The emotions were already turning on. Once I broke the flower down it was perfectly sticky for a nicely rolled joint. I must say I was quite proud of the twist.

Half way down I knew this was the one. Come to find out there was even a little diesel fuel taste in there.

Needless to say , the rest of my day was fantastically pleasant.


Grower: Pollen Nation Cultivation

Total THC: 29.38

Total Terp: 1.94

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