Your August 2020 horoscope and what Cannabis strain will help you get through it!

Rayne Graham

Aries: You have a lot going on this month Aries! From wanting to be more social with your friends, to paying attention to your budget, to focusing on exactly how you want your life to look like. Whew!  When it’s time to relax and be in a state of chill grab the Hybrid Peanut Butter Breath to calm you down.

Taurus:  August is all about work, work, work for you Taurus. Not so much that you will be working a lot but that you will be focused on where you see your career going in the long run. That includes all the path options it takes to get there. Settle down from the hustle by picking up the hybrid Bubba 76.

Gemini:  You have been in somewhat of a rut for a little while now Gemini, a sort of is what it is attitude if you will. That is over this month, you will find yourself searching for more freedom and pursuing your passion in a strategic matter.  Keep your mind in euphoric bliss as you navigate your newfound freedom with the hybrid Purps OG.

Cancer:  August brings a boost of confidence for you dear Cancer to help get all the things done! Also, it seems as though a big announcement from your bestie is coming up in the lane of a proposal, pregnancy, job promotion, etc. Stay in a physical state of relaxation after you deal with all the things with the Hybrid Ceasar.

Leo:  The beginning of this month will be spent living it up and having a great time Leo. Around mid-month however you will start to buckle down again and focus on money and career goals. Keep balance and mellow after the switch up with the Hybrid Golden Strawberry.

Virgo: It is time to clear your physical space Virgo and that means tidying up a bit. It may not be the most exciting thing, but you will feel so much better and ready for the second half of the month. Which has knowledge and education expanding your mind and filling the void. Stay on top of It all with the hybrid It’s It.

Libra: The beginning of the month will have you focused on what your reputation is at work dear Libra. Are you slacking or are you getting stuff done? Towards the middle of the month you will be privy to some juicy gossip that you are being urged to keep to yourself. Keep yourself in a state of mental and physical bliss as you smash your goals with the Hybrid Animal Face.

Scorpio:  This month will have you in dreamland waltzing down memory lane. Don’t worry dear Scorpio, this won’t be a negative experience, in fact you will enjoy visiting old memories of the good old days. Stay in your state of memory bliss with the sativa Lucid Blue.

Sagittarius: This month will have you wanting to do all the things Sagittarius!  Your creative ideas are at an all-time high and you should shoot for all of them! Nothing is too grand or too small for that mind of yours, make it happen. Keep the euphoria going with the Hybrid Bubble Bomb.

Capricorn: August will have you focusing on the money Capricorn. There is so much of it out there, why not have some more for yourself? You will be spending this month focused on how to improve your cashflow but don’t get to obsessive remember to stick with practical goals. Keep focused but relaxed by grabbing the Sativa Bay Platinum Cookies.

Aquarius:  It is time to just do you Aquarius. Follow the things that make your soul happy and do not focus on what other people around you have to say about it. It is self-care time from the inside out! Grab the Hybrid Sour Sorbet to help maintain that cheery attitude throughout the entire month.

Pisces:  Life has been intense for you lately dear Pisces; August has arrived just in time to give you the much-needed rest and relaxation you need. Take a few naps (your favorite) or bubble baths and enjoy your own company for a while. Grab the Hybrid Daywalker to help keep you in a state of relaxation and bliss.


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