Sweet Sisters

by Kayla Johnson

The Oklahoma Women’s Cannabis Association has been helping children in need get their physician’s recommendations and license fees paid for when their families are unable to due to high medical bills or other severely straining circumstances. Little Buds was founded when they saw a need, and as they began to help their little buds, they saw another need, one often forgotten or overlooked. 

Sweet Sisters is a charity that focuses on women who struggle with low to no income. Arcillia Miller, Secretary for the OWCA, says that the charity, which officially began operating and assisting Oklahoma women in February of this year, is helping to fill a gap that is prone to being left wide open. “For many low income women, or even women with no income, it can be extremely hard for them to find the funds to get their recommendation and license, even when they have a real or urgent medical need.” Like the sibling charity, Little Buds, Sweet Sisters works to cover the cost of the doctor’s recommendation for the patient, as well as the state licensing fee, as well as provide them with support and education about cannabis as medicine once they have their card. “We really work with our Sweet Sisters after they have their card, to make sure they understand the strains, and the types of consumption, that way they can find what really works best for them and their medical conditions.” 

While full financial support for the license is generally for no or low income women, Sweet Sisters offers much-needed help and support in a variety of other ways. “Even if a woman may not qualify to have her entire recommendation covered, we work really hard to make sure we can find them the best possible doctor at the best possible rate, even if we have to work with the doctor’s office to set up a discount for them. We want to help the people who need it most, including providing them with the best quality of car that we can. 

Sweet Sisters has been able to help 12 women so far, giving them the support and assistance they need to be able to not only receive their card, but to choose the best type of medicine or method of consumption that will truly work for them. Miller credits Pamela Street, OWCA board member, with the success of the educational portion of the program. “Pamela is a retired nurse, and she really works tirelessly to follow up with these women, and make sure they have what they really need for their conditions.”

For both charities, the main fundraising event of the year is the OWCA’s Christmas Gala, with other opportunities for fundraising and giving back throughout the year, but for those who are looking to get involved with Sweet Sisters in any way, Miller points them to the website. “On our website, at www.okwomencann.com, you can find all of our events, how to apply for assistance through the charity, find ways to get involved to volunteer, and even donate, but we can always be reached through our social media, whether you have questions about getting help as a Sweet Sister, or you want to give back.” Miller says that OWCA will have a table at the upcoming High Time’s Cannabis Cup, where they hope to share their mission with the expected crowds.

All cannabis patients deserve access to cannabis, and as Miller points out, that’s the entire goal of Sweet Sisters. “It’s important because the patients that need help the most are often the ones who just slip right through the cracks. They’re just as important as those who CAN afford to get their medical cards, and we want them to know they matter, and that they don’t have to go back to potentially risky black market medicine. We’re here to help them, and we want to be able to help as many as possible.”

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