The Creative Creature Collection

by Alex Marie Thorn


“Knock-Knock”, whose there? It’s me Alex Marie coming at you with a pretty rad idea I had the other day, while I was waken n’ Baken. I want to find the Creative Creatures of this state and show them off! Who’s the first? Well, it is I. It was a must, to cover myself as the first artist in this series. I wanted not only to show my fellow artists I hope to interview my soul, but to also take the time to show myself some love. Some will call me narcissist, others vain, but I believe we should complement ourselves. We should be our biggest hype person. In the end it can be hard to see our beauty, so when we do. Celebrate it!

Shower yourselves in flattery and express your beauty.


I introduce you to my heart! I mean art, well same thing really. “The Goddess” is one of my favorite pieces. Using Naturally sourced organic material, Acrylic paints, and glitter. I wanted to use the skull of a female cow who (I assume died from natural causes, don’t @ me.) and a color pallet that reflected the lux shimmer of the full moon in all of her glory. A reflection on many symbols to represent the divine feminine.


Next another favorite was created for a dear friend.  Lying in a Garden Smoking as one does to be inspired. Do you see a trend? Said friend asked, How would a fairy look? For this I wanted to keep myself whimsical. To show not only my playfulness as an artist but also the almost floating light heartedness of my Fae queen “Iris”.

Inspired by creatures from Alice in wonderland and Spiderwick.


” Gilded storms” when I think of the world today, the ideals that we hold true to our hearts. What is beauty? If it’s in the eye of the beholder then the only person we should be asking is ourselves. This piece is about taking what little we have to channel our creativity and creating something unique and gorgeous and unperfect. I love this piece. One could say it’s my favorite, but Truly they all are. This is me Alex Marie, stay sexy stoners!



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