The Terp Series: Pinene, the Inhaler

by Brittiany Ralls


Ah pine, I love the smell of pine around the holidays in the winter. Who doesn’t? It offers feelings of warmth and coziness, involuntarily inducing some into reminiscent states of childhood Christmas celebrations. So I’m sure you can guess the terpene we will be covering this time around… you got it, Pinene! Rarely being the dominant terpene in a strain, that doesn’t stop this one from standing out all on its own.In other words, finding strains with this one as the primary terpene will be a little difficult. But, no worries it is still a common terpene in cannabis. Pinene, being the one of the most common terpenes on the planet, can be found in basil, rosemary, and even orange peels. So even if your cannabis didn’t have it, you are still getting a lot more than you think from your food alone.

Improving cognitive function is something that pinene has the ability to do, so let’s get those minds moving.


While being known primarily for its anti inflammatory properties, pinene can actually offer even more. Pinene: The Inhaler is what I’m calling this terpene for its bronchodilating abilities, making it a great option for those needing assistance with opening their airways to breathe easier. Assisting with opening airways makes pinene a great option for quite a few illnesses that deal with breathing and being able to make that easier for those that struggle. Not being able to breathe is so scary, so finding natural remedies for this is imperative.


Pinene is very versatile allowing for many more amazing healing abilities like assisting in cancer cell reduction, helping with anxiety, aiding ulcers, and even helps with short term memory loss by inhibiting certain activities in the brain allowing you to retain more memories more efficiently. Along with the added benefit of so many terpenes helping with cancer in different ways it becomes more and more apparent that cannabis could be a cure for cancer. Those of you who have asthma or other breath restricting illnesses should be seeking out strains with Cheese in their lineage. Cheese strains have been known to do great in helping with bronchial dilation.

I know Cheese is a great option and probably one of the best strains for this from doing my own research with patients I have had.


Pinene: The Inhaler has so many great qualities, like all terpenes when offering medical benefits of all kinds. Pinene is what is used in repellents, making sense for plants as to why they produce the pine smell to repel insects that may harm them. Making pinene an even more recognizable smell to those that aren’t cannabis users as well. Cheese strains aren’t the only ones with higher amounts of pinene, Blue Dream, God’s Gift, and Harlequin are some other great options when trying to find strains with more pinene.

Just like the name suggests, inhalers are probably one of the better ways to try and use pinene terpenes for medicinal ailments like asthma. Those of you seeking help for breathing conditions can ask your local dispensary about inhalers available on the market and how well they work. If you do find some make sure to see testing to determine if the levels of pinene are one of the higher terpenes.

That way you are able to determine if pinene could be a treatment.

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