The Terpene Series: Myrcene, The Pillar

by Brittiany Ralls

The terpene we will be discussing first is Myrcene: The Pillar. Throughout this series each terpene will be named something similar to this. Hopefully allowing you more of a reference to the terpene and what it does for the body and who it is in the world of terpenes. As we have discussed, terpenes are some of the more important aspects of the cannabis plant and have proven qualities to assist in aiding tons of ailments that attach to the human body. Myrcene is a terpene that is commonly produced in cannabis. Part of the reason it is called “The Pillar.” The second reason it is called “The Pillar” has to do with the functions it has on the body.

Myrcene has the ability to help with quite a few ailments thus making it a very sought after terpene.


This terpene smells of earth, herbal and musk. With it being found in more than just cannabis it is regularly ingested. Lemongrass and mango’s are some other options for finding Myrcene. Myrcene is found across the board, including strains like Blue Dream, OG Kush and Tangie. Now the ailments that this terpene helps with is expansive. Everything from aiding in relaxation and sleep to cancer cell reduction. Myrcene is able to help with pain and inflammation making it a go to for those that have different types of arthritis and body aches or back pains. Diabetes is another possible ailment that Myrcene could help with if given in correct doses. Myrcene also protects our bodies from DNA damage by blocking certain toxins from entering our bodies. Thus protecting our “Pillars” within our bodies, our DNA. With so many ailments that it can help with, Myrcene is probably one of the more versatile terpenes. Which is the other reason we call it “The Pillar.” Myrcene’s ability to span across the body and assist in healing in such a holistic way makes it one of the backbones of terpenes.


Some have said this is the “couch lock” terpene. Arguing that this particular terpene is more found in Indica’s, but studies have shown that is not true. Myrcene shows up almost at the exact same rate in all Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. Very common in commercial establishments. Which means a lot of you are getting Myrcene on a pretty regular basis. Too high of levels of Myrcene can have adverse effects on humans, but really we know that with anything we take into our bodies. Too much of one thing, isn’t typically a good thing. That doesn’t change just because it’s cannabis. Since this particular terpene can take on the smell of other terpenes, several of them are slightly similar in smell, it can be difficult to identify for some patients. This is why testing is so great! With the new requirements for compliance purposes, dispensaries should be getting testing done that tells you about the strains they have on the shelf including the terpenes more present.

But by knowing what each terpene is capable of helping with, you are able to pick strains based on your body’s needs.

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